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  • CastorpCastorp Member Posts: 45
    edited December 2012

    At party level, why not (and again, how is this realistic? Why would the monsters care about your level before attacking?), but it currently isn't the case.

    I cruised through Peldvale with a level 5 party without encountering a single Black Talon, and through the Firewine Bridge Dungeon while only encountering really reduced groups of kobolds (4 at most).
    Today, my now level-6 party was ambushed by a single half-ogre, attacked by a couple of xvarts, peppered with arrows by three skeletons, and chewed on by a mighty pack of two war dogs. And I have only met one winter wolf in my entire run so far (they are deadly in Vanilla).

    At the very least, the system seems broken, and the beta testers definitely missed something.
  • Sese79Sese79 Member Posts: 478
    @Aosaw I do not agree with you. This is not just a little fewer than we except. They are laughably few.
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,413
    edited December 2012
    Comment moved to end of thread, for clarification.
    Post edited by Dee on
  • Sese79Sese79 Member Posts: 478
    And also they are not consistent with AD&D, with the Forgotten Realms, with the Points-of-Light idea, with the vanilla, with the Core difficulty, with the Monstrous Manual, with all the description given in the Game's Rulebook, with all the information you get from the NPCs, etc. And also not consistent within itself, read again what @bigdogchris said: the system is not scaling with level, with party sizes, with difficulty or anything.
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,413
    As I said before (repeatedly, good god, how many times have I said it?), I've submitted it for review and it's being looked at.

    And on that note, I'm closing this thread. I feel more than a little badgered, here. If there's an issue, it will be resolved; if things are working fine as they are, it will be examined for possible improvements.
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