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Captain Brage's Body

I posted this in the bug's forum because I wasn't sure if it was one, but I killed Captain Brage but I ended up being too encumbered and went back to town to sell off some stuff so I could pick up the body, but when I get back it's gone. So am I now forever unable to complete this quest? my quick save occured after I left but before I got in town (after getting way layed) and my last actual save would have me lose a couple hours of time.


  • Twilight_FoxTwilight_Fox Member Posts: 448
    Since this is an RPG, you must assume that wolfs 'diposed' of the body. And since this is a bounty and you have no proofs, no one will believe you and then you don't have to be rewarded.

    But if you want a work around, just use shadow keeper or the console to give you the correct item, is body. I don't know the exact cheat code but someone may want to help you by adding this information here.
  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    Most items disappear when left on the ground for too long, this isn't a bug. Quest items usually don't, but it should never be assumed that an item will remain where you left it. Either tell Minsc to stop carrying so many looted hobgoblin swords and sack up, or stash the body in a container until you can come back for it. Any barrel or crate will work.
  • LifatLifat Member Posts: 346
    At least that was the cluaconsole line in bg1. Not sure if it changed in bg:ee
  • ToofyToofy Member Posts: 36
    Lifat, I discovered that and it worked, and I had not had Minsc as a party member yet ( I always get too sidetracked discovering areas ) but then realized that nobody had sufficient strength to carry a body, wish this game had a portable stretcher
  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,122
    What you can do to lug a body (or any other really heavy item) off a map is to put each party member at the end of the party's line of sight and then transfer the body or item from inventory to inventory. Just look where the "fog of war" ends for each character in the chain and put the next one there.
  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    Or strip someone of everything except for the body. Maybe you don't have a character who can handle an extra hundred plus pounds, but I'm sure you have one who can handle ONLY carrying the body if someone else takes their armor and weapons.
  • MalbortusMalbortus Member Posts: 106
    1. Pick up load in excess.
    2. Press Ctrl-J to teleport.
    3. Profit.
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