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[(BG1/BG2) Bug] Gibberling Race Errors (0709)

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited August 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: All the Gibberling CRE files have their race stats currently set to HUMAN (1). The affected files:
GIBBER        Gibberling
GIBBER02 Diseased Gibberling
GIBBER2 Diseased Gibberling
GIBBERSU Gibberling
IGIBBER Gibberling
RAY Diseased Gibberling
Corrected behaviour: These CRE files should have their race stats set to GIBBERLING (109), instead.

Games affected: BG1, BG2 (partially), BGEE.

Notes: In BG2, some gibberlings have their race set correctly, but not all.

@SethDavis - I saw you were going through the CRE files and fixing up their race stats in this thread. Have those fixes made it into 0709, or am I duplicating what you've done already? :/

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