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[Mod] XP Cap Raiser

leeho730leeho730 Member Posts: 285
edited April 2013 in General Modding
[Mod] XP Cap Raiser

This mod raises level cap to 2950k (BG2 Cap) for most characters, with even further raised level cap for single class Mage/Sorcerer and single, dual and multi class Clerics. I've created this mod to raise level cap with least chance of messing up the character for those who want to export their PCs to BG2EE. But having said that, I believe using CoM_Solaufein's mod will likely to be fine for those who use the mod and want to export their PCs to BG2EE.

1. Warrior/Rogue/Barbarian/Monk will reach BG2 level cap. Unfortunately, maximum Monk level is also 19 so no immunity to normal weapons.

2. Single class Mage/Sorcerer can advance to level 18 for Energy Blade HLA. CAUTION At the level up and HLA selection screen, please choose Energy Blade, nothing else!

3. Single, dual and multi class Clerics (kits included) can get Mass Raise Dead and Energy Blade HLAs.

4. Single and multi class Druid can get Mass Raise Dead and Energy Blade HLAs.

5. Druid classes (kits included) will become immune to poison at level 15 as per manual (manual page 42).

6. Stalker class will receive 4x backstab modifier at level 17 as per manual (manual page 37).

7. Druid XP requirement for levels beyond 15 matches that of TOB.

8. Max XP cap is 8,000K so dual class characters can freely dual class at high levels, such as fighter 19 to cleric 22 etc. However, each class can only advance to level set by BG2 experience cap.


1. Please download from the link below:

2. Unzip the following files to override folder:
CLABDR04.2DA -> fix for Druid poison immunity at level 15
CLABRN03.2DA -> fix for Stalker backstab bonus
SPCL927.SPL -> ability files for Druid posion immunity at level 15
STARTARE.2DA -> XP cap raiser for BGEE
STARTBP.2DA -> XP cap raiser for BP
XPCAP.2DA -> XP cap raiser for classes
XPLEVEL.2DA -> XP level requirement of Druid class to match that of TOB

There is no need to restart game unless you have been using level cap remover where if your PCs have advanced to certain levels then the changes implemented by this mod will not apply.

3. Uninstallation:

Please delete the above files from the override folder.

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