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[(BGEE, BG2) Bug] Barb/monk movement speed/free action issues

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
edited August 2012 in Fixed
We've already touched on this one a bit already, and this is another fix in the free action vs. movement speed issues.

Background: Free action works by blocking any effects with opcode 126, movement rate bonus, which is used by spells like entangle and grease to set movement rate to 0. Unfortunately, it's also used by the kit spells that increase the inherent speed increases of monks and barbarians--meaning that a barb/monk under the influence will lose their inherent speed increase or, even worse, permanently miss their speed increase if they're under the influence of free action at level up.

BG2FP worked around this by using the identical opcode 176 for movement rate changes that is not affected by free action and patched the barb/monk speed increases to use it, like so:
// kit innate speed increases should not be prevented by free action
COPY_EXISTING ~spcl151.spl~ ~override~ // barbarian
~spcl812.spl~ ~override~ // monk i
~spcl813.spl~ ~override~ // monk ii
READ_LONG 0x64 "abil_off"
READ_SHORT 0x68 "abil_num"
READ_LONG 0x6a "fx_off"
FOR (index = 0; index < abil_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN
READ_SHORT ("%abil_off%" + 0x1e + (0x28 * "%index%")) "abil_fx_num"
READ_SHORT ("%abil_off%" + 0x20 + (0x28 * "%index%")) "abil_fx_idx"
FOR (index2 = 0; index2 < abil_fx_num; index2 = index2 + 1) BEGIN
READ_SHORT ("%fx_off%" + (0x30 * ("%abil_fx_idx%" + "%index2%"))) "opcode"
PATCH_IF ("%opcode%" = 126) BEGIN // movement rate bonus
WRITE_SHORT ("%fx_off%" + (0x30 * ("%abil_fx_idx%" + "%index2%"))) 176

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