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HowTo - Modding BG:EE on the iPad

mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
edited May 2013 in iPad (Archive)
With the release of the evasi0n jailbreak it is now an option for BG:EE to be played with mods on the iPad.

I realize that this would otherwise belong in the Modding section of the forum, but as iPad users have no reason to check there with the, until recently, inability to jailbreak, I would like to start a conversation here at the heart of our iPad users.

Thank you to @mlnevese for your creating/maintaining the quick links for all mods post from which I will be testing the mods.

Relevant links for jailbreaking:
For starters this is not a jailbreak support topic. If you need help, please reach out to jailbreak communities dedicated to it. You'll find many of them on Google. These links are only here for information purposes only to point you in the right direction if you don't know where to start.

If you are new to jailbreaking and need information, such as what it is, how to do it, etc, see here.

For iPad 1 users (and maybe even some iPad 2 users) if you require more memory to avoid crashing you could research installing some form of virtual memory. I have not tested any of these solutions yet, so cannot speak to them beyond the idea itself being sound. One such example is here.
How to install mods
Of the below options I would recommend the SAMBA method.

Regardless of the method you chose you will need to reinstall your mods of choice after performing a BG:EE update. Many of the mods change dialog.tlk and so does Beamdog, thus needing to reapply your mods.

How to use the scripted method:

Make sure your iPad is plugged in via USB
Download Open-SSH from Cydia on your iPad
Download the script from here and extract to anywhere in your computer.
If you have changed your SSH password from the default of 'alpine' then you need to update it in the top line of BG.BAT (open with Notepad or other text editors)
Double-click BG.BAT. A copy of your iPad BG:EE will be downloaded to your computer. The first time will take a few minutes. This copy on your computer will be your master copy and will overwrite your iPad override folder every time after purging the content of the iPads override.
Inside of the folder named with numbers and letters (3563F96B-E6AF-4E51-8CB7-DBB927EBEA57 on mine) you will find Baldur's Place your WeiDU setup files in here and run them, or your override mods in the override subdir.
Run BG.BAT again and it will upload the modified dialog.tlk and the new override folder to your iPad

Note: After updating BG:EE you will have TWO number and letter folders. Delete the old and keep the new.
Also, a big thank you to the makers of putty and itunnel, as I have included their freeware tools within to make this happen.
How to use iFunBox to install mods:

This will be properly written later.
  • Copy Baldur's from the iPad to your local computer.
  • Copy to (same folder as data, music, etc)
  • Create WeiDU will NOT do this for you.
  • Copy your mods to and run their WeiDU Setup file
  • In iFunBox delete the entire content of on you iPad and copy the content of override from PC
  • Copy from your PC to on the iPad

How to configure and use SAMBA to install WeiDU mods:
This method is by far more complicated that using iFunBox to transfer mods. It is also slower. The advantage though, is that the mods are installed 'properly' once everything has been configured. This will allow for WeiDU mods to check for conflicts rather than overwriting pieces of other mods (which would happen with conflicts with iFunBox) as well as properly uninstall mods if need be.
  • Applications to install
    1. From Cydia install SAMBA and OpenSSH. Respring as necessary.
    2. From Windows install Putty and iFunBox
  • Prepare BG:EE file structure
    1. Open iFunBox | Select your iPad | User Applications | Baldur's Gate | Right-Click 'Baldur's Gate.App' (the one with the BG icon) and select 'Copy Path'. Paste the path into notepad or similar and keep this path for future use
    2. Now open Baldur's Gate.App and hit 'New Folder' in the top left. Name this folder 'override'. To confirm, override should be in the same dir as 'data','movies','music', etc.
    3. SSH to the iPad using Putty and type cd (quote)(right-click)(quote). For example cd "//var/mobile/Applications/830D4277-A4D4-4466-9075-961CE7C711BB/Baldur's"
    4. Still in SSH, type ln ./lang/(your language)/dialog.tlk .. For example ln ./lang/en_US/dialog.tlk .
  • Configure SAMBA
    1. Open iFunBox | Select your iPad | Raw File System | etc | samba | copy smb.conf to your computer to edit.
    2. Right-click smb.conf and open with Notepad | and add the following to the file. Edit the 'path' line to point to your Baldur's that you noted earlier.[spoiler]
      path = //var/mobile/Applications/830D4277-A4D4-4466-9075-961CE7C711BB/Baldur's
      read only = no
      browsable = yes"

  • On the iPad open Settings | Select SAMBA in the left column
  • Type in new root's password and select Change password
  • Enable SAMBA
  • Installing WeiDU mod
    1. Navigate to iPad share (eg. \\\bgee)
      Optionally you can also mount that very same share as what appears to be a local directory using the command prompt. Simply type mklink /d (desired local DIR) (iPad share). ie. mklink /d C:\BGEE \\\gbee
    2. Download any mods that work with BG:EE iPad and copy them to the iPad share
    3. Double click the WeiDU install .exe as you would normally
Mod installation methods that did not work
  • For people who use iExplorer you are free to use it rather than iFunBox. That being said, as of version 3, its ability to mount a folder inside of the iPad as a drive does NOT work for WeiDU mods. Furthermore it us actually SLOWER than using a SAMBA share.
  • I tried getting creative and mounting the iPad using sshfs as a folder on the local computer using win-sshfs and itunnel. Unfortunately there were some unexpected behaviours that did not allow for WeiDU to place nice.

Mods that have been tested and work:

Anything listed here has been tested by me. If something didn't work for you please reply to the thread indicating exactly which components you tried installing.
  • Archaic for BG:EE [Beta 5.5] *Easy Installer with Customization Options
  • Mod *Finished*] Recoloured BG:EE skin V1.1
  • High Moor Shaman w/leveling Familiar ver. 1.00 Updated
  • Scion of Murder - Looking for Suggestions/Feedback
  • Isra NPC for BG:EE, BGT & TuTu released!
  • Sword Coast Stratagems now available (in beta) for BG:EE
  • WIP: Thumb Buttons for iPad
  • Pack dragon animation for BGEE
  • [Mod] Sub-races for BG:EE (Beta)
  • RR for BGEE
  • Generalized Biffing - To make this work you need to copy any tb#gen files to the\data folder. You will also need to copy over chitin.key after opening it in notepad and finding/replacing (CTRL+H) DATA with data (lower case). Thank you @nsr for this one!
These mods were confirmed as working by other users.
  • [Mod] Drizzt Tweak
  • [Mod] TeamBG's Armor/Weapon Pack for BG:EE, BGT & TuTu

Mods that have been tested and do not work:

Anything listed here has been tested by me. If something did work for you please reply to the thread indicating exactly what you did to make it work. If something works partially, please indicate that as well.
  • Sun Soul Monk Kit
  • BG:EE Kitpack V1.61 26/1/13 - all the kits seem to work when installed individually. It is en masse that problems occur. Just install the kits that you plan on using and you should be fine.
  • BPSeries Party AI Goes WeiDu! - this installs without issues but has not been confirmed whether a bluetooht keyboard and/or USB keyboard can control the scripts.

How to install character portraits and soundsets:

Character portraits:

Character soundsets:

If you want to use anything beyond the out of box soundsets you do need to purchase the $1.99 additional soundset upgrade. Once you do this you are free to transfer additional soundsets to your device. The href="" >SorcerersPlace has quite a few to pick from.
  1. Using iFunBox: Click on your iPad | User Applications | Baldur's Gate | Baldur's Gate.APP (the one with the BG icon) | lang | en_us (or whatever language you use) | sounds. Just paste the .WAV files from any soundsets that you download here.
  2. Using SAMBA: Open your iPad share | lang | en_us (or whatever language you use) | sounds. Paste the .WAV files from any soundsets that you download here.
Regardless of the copy method that you use, do not place the soundsets in subdirectories as they will not work.

Other things that a jailbreak lets you do:
  1. Thank you @migal for introducing the idea of using a mouse with the iPad version.
  2. Thank you again @migal for writing up how to change the dialog languages.

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  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,369
    Holy crap, this is huge. Time to jailbreak! And then time to actually play BG on my iPad!

    Question: will this expose the app to Near Infinity, for smaller modding/edits? (I like to change some things by hand after the WeiDu mods go in.)

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    edited February 2013
    For the SAMBA method, yes it will expose it to NI. When I fill out the iFunBox method you'll also be able to do it using a roundabout method.

    Also, I'm looking into something simpler than the SAMBA as it really is advanced. Even if that means trying to script it.

  • nsrnsr Member Posts: 174
    I am a little curious how you would get conflicts using the iFunBox method. The files that WeiDu is operating on should be the same.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,369
    edited February 2013
    I'm savvy enough to deal with it - and I suspect most people who can 1) jailbreak their iPad, and 2) mod their BGEE install, can figure it out too.

    Moreover: I'm currently playing BG2 with about 25 mods, including some bigger ones like TobEx, SCSII, Item Revisions, Spell Revisions, Full Plate & Packing Steel, etc. My install resides in a virtualized Windows XP installation in VirtusalBox, which is in turn run on a MacBook Air with Intel 3000HD graphics. The point being: when the mods are all installed, my Override folder has a few thousand files in it, and BG2 is all but unplayable. But if I apply Generalized Biffing, the Override folder shrinks down and the game is smooth as silk, even when casting Entangle.

    I don't know how Virtualized Win XP compares to an iPad; but I worry that an iPad won't be able to handle the simpler iFunBox method of dropping a fully-modded Override folder into the game directory. Applying WeiDU mods directly to the game - and then, if possible, biffing the resources afterward! - seems wiser.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    @nsr It just makes a cleaner (technically) experience to apply directly. Rather than having to completely delete the content of your override folder every time you remove a mod on the PC side you would just do it directly. Nobody has to agree with my take on it, but I would rather do the extra work once before and do it, what I consider, properly from then on.

    @subtledoctor the iFunBox method does work fine. Its just a lot more manual.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,369
    edited February 2013
    Sorry - I totally agree with your assessment, either way would work... but I'm just worried that either method would seriously slow down a game already prone to slowdowns, if biffing the mod resources isn't possible.

    Meaning, in essence, that you would want access to change the Data subfolder as well as the Override subfolder. I haven't examined the methods yet to see whether that is part of them.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    In the case of the SAMBA method everything would be apparent.

    Also, I'm looking into a method using iExplorer which allows mounting your iOS device or any folder within as a drive letter. So Baldur's Gate.App could become a E: drive itself with little/no configuration.

    The problems with that: 1) it requires the purchase of a $35 application. I'm a power user so its something I would use either way. And 2) for some reason it doesn't currently get along very well with chitin.key. Hopefully I'll be able to add that on in the methods in the future.

    The funny thing about doing all this work... I actually don't have all that much of an interest in running mods. I enjoy the game as Beamdog put it out :P

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,537
    @mars0124 It's the challenge of making it work. It happened to me in the past in projects I didn't actually care about.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180

    And as much as Baldur's Gate is irrelevant to my career in a direct way, I can proudly say as an 'IT Guy' that all computer knowledge comes in handy at one point or another.

  • muppermupper Member Posts: 4

    Can i use the German Subtitles from the Windows Version on the Ipad Version?

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    edited February 2013
    Will try that now....

    Update: I do not speak German, so I tried this with the French version instead. At a glance the answer is no, you cannot copy the language from PC to iPad.

  • nsrnsr Member Posts: 174
    @mars0124 Ok I think I understand now, uninstalling a mod may remove a file, which copying the files from override -> iPad won't cover. I usually make a copy of my app folder on the computer before installing a mod so I can do a compare of what files have changed/removed/etc.

    For the SAMBA method, is there an issue with the backup files & setup exes taking up space on the iPad?

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    nsr said:

    @mars0124For the SAMBA method, is there an issue with the backup files & setup exes taking up space on the iPad?

    Absolutely :( Unfortunately, from what I understand they are needed for when you install any WeiDU mod for the checks that they do. That being said, if you are handy with WeiDU.exe you could leave the files on your computer and run WeiDU point to your BG install, I believe. I myself have not figured out how to do it yet.

    Also, if you are truly on top of keeping your iPad version and the copy you keep on your PC in sync then there are no issues in using the iFunBox method. Most people cut corners though, and this is where it will bite you.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,369
    mars0124 said:

    if you are handy with WeiDU.exe you could leave the files on your computer and run WeiDU point to your BG install, I believe. I myself have not figured out how to do it yet.

    Separate and apart from iPad issues, that would be a great idea. If WeiDU is still being actively developed, it would be great to suggest that. How much better - even on PCs! - to collect downloaded mods into their own directory, and point the installer to the BG folder?

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    edited February 2013

    Agreed! Can someone who creates WeiDU setup files speak to this?

  • harlontrentharlontrent Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2013
    Has anyone run into permission issues with Samba? When I even try to transfer files to my folder, I get a permission error informing me I don't have permission.

    Never mind. Mars0124 had it covered in his instructions. Next time ill read closer.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    Glad it worked @harlontrent :) If you install SCS I recommend not using SAMBA for that one... its REALLY slow over SAMBA. I'm hoping soon I will have something that is in between iFunBox and SAMBA as neither is an ideal solution, in my opinion.

  • nsrnsr Member Posts: 174
    With the patch coming out next week (hopefully), maybe some comment should be made on how to deal with re-installing mods post-update.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    I'd stopped following on twitter. I had no idea that that was coming to pass. Absolutely I will make post-update notes.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    Is anyone good with HTML that could help me with the spacing of my post? I can't figure our the blank lines between the spoilers :S

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,537
    @mars0124 Tried something in your post but it didn't eliminate the extra blanklines. I'll try again when I'm more awaken. I had nearly no sleep tonight :)

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 729
    It's been discussed occasionally, but what's the point? WEIDU does not exactly eat up a lot of disk space on a modern hard drive. "Install directly into your BG2 directory and run the obviously-named setup file" has the great virtue of being fairly user-friendly and idiot-proof.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Finally trying to install SCS.

    iFunBox didn't seem to want to transfer the 3000 odd files that are in the resulting override folder. At first it wouldn't copy at all but I eventually got it to copy but when I checked at the end it hadn't transferred everything.

    Currently I'm back in OSX and seem to be having success with CyberDuck. See how it goes.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    @Wowo I've had the same problems with iFunBox in the past.

    I'll post my command-line only script tonight, it might simplify the Windows process. The GUI might take a few days or more as I don't know how to program a GUI in PowerShell yet...

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Cyberduck worked fine. I've started a new game and honestly I'm feeling quite terrified which can only be a good thing.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Just picked up Xzar and Monty but no possibility to choose their weapon proficiencies. Skipping candlekeep worked fine.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,400
    edited February 2013

    You make it look like so easy :-) and I am so afraid to even try!

    How long did it take to jailbreak? Does the mod SCS work on Ipad? I am interested in AI upgrades, like mages and stuff. Are they modded correctly?

    There is no method of creating an override folder for simple 'mod'ding like overwriting some Creature files, without JailBreaking? I try to create an override folder under via IfunBox, but it fails. I guess that is the reason Jailbreaking is neccesary beforehand?

    I wish game designers had an already existing override folder, and made it so we can dump files in it via IfunBox without trouble, so we can at least have a little bit of modding available. Nothing big like SCS does, but I would love to be able to change the stats of an enemy creature via SK and save it in override folder, to make it tougher in-game. I was able to dump portrait files into Portraits folder, afterall. Why not override?

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    @lunar, wait until tonight. I'll archive my write-up and make things easy. As for jailbreakin, go to and follow the instructions :)

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,400
    mars0124 said:

    @lunar, wait until tonight. I'll archive my write-up and make things easy. As for jailbreakin, go to and follow the instructions :)

    Yeah the thing is, I haven't decided to jailbreak as of yet, I fear it can break something and since I am terribly inexperienced in Ipad-iOs related stuff I really have no idea. :p Then again, if there is no other way to even create a simple override folder...sigh. Thanks for the helpful thread, though! I'll wait for your update.

  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    edited February 2013
    The jailbreak isn't physical, it's all software. The iPad itself has a physical restore mechanism so that no matter what you do you can always at least restore the software to a 'out-of-box' state. Though, technically jailbreaking does void your warranty, but as long as the iPad is iPad is physically sound, the you can always restore to remove the JB.

    Anyways, the short version: jailbreaking MIGHT make your iPad crash, but you can always restore from iTunes. Backup first :)

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