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[MOD] Psionics Unleashed ver. 0.3 (new update; bg2ee support)

Kwiat_WKwiat_W Member Posts: 37
edited November 2013 in General Modding
Psionics Unleashed is a BGII mod that aims to add a fully functional psionic system and psionic character classes based on 3.5 ed. Dungeons & Dragons. Because of the nature of the Infinity Engine and because Baldur's Gate games are based on the 2nd ed. of AD&D, this reproduction couldn't be 100% faithful and some compromises had to be made along the way.

The mod works with Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldurs Gate II: ToB and the following conversions: (Easy)TUTU, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, Classic Adventures.
PSION: Psionics is the art of tapping the mind's potential and the psion is its master. Unlike a priest or wizard, the psion relies on no outside energies to give him power. His power comes from within: he alone gives it shape. He depends on the intense and continual study of his own mind to unlock its full potential. As long as his mind and body are rested (that is, as long as he has not depleted his power points) his powers are available to him.

- Uses a special power point-based "spellcasting" system.
- Gains bonus power points for a high inteligance score.
- Can wear light armor (armor does not interfere with manifesting powers).

- Cannot wear helmets.
- Can only use the following weapons: spears, quarterstaff, crossbows, clubs and daggers.
- Is recognized as a mage.

Visit mod forum at SHS

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