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[WeiDU Mod] Lower Level NPCs

ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
edited November 2013 in BG:EE Mods
Lower Level NPCs - Version 2
BG Version: This mod only works with BGEE
Languages: Any (no changes to dialog.tlk)

Mod Description:
This mod allows you to recruit NPCs always at their lower available level (e.g. Rasaad at level 1, Viconia at level 2, Skie at level 4, etc.), but eventually with enough XP to immediately level up to the level they would normally be. In that is similar to the Tob-style NPCs component of BG2 Tweaks, but with a notably difference: caster will only be able to cast spells as per their actual level, instead of their current XP. Higher level spells will not be available for them until you manually level them up and they will have to rest in order to memorise the new spells. This mod currently only supports official NPCs and it will not change in any way NPCs added by other mods.

Installation instructions:
See the enclosed ReadMe file.

A special thank goes to @Camdawg for his permission to reuse code from BG2 Tweaks.

Other mods that can also be used to get lower level NPCs in BGEE, with eventually enough XP to immediately level up, can be found in at the following link:
BG2 Tweaks
[mod] giving NPCs classkits [tool version: alpha 6 | MOD version: 1.7]

For BG versions other than the Enhanced Edition it is recommended to use Level 1 NPCs instead. Unfortunately "Level 1 NPCs" is not yet compatible with BG:EE and BG2:EE.

Edit: Version 2 is packaged with WeiDU 236 and it is easier to install, but this is the only change, so if you have already installed version 1 there is no need to update.

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