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Ebon Lash and Hades Hand for Edwin & Xzar

EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
edited November 2013 in General Modding
Greetings all!

I present to you Eudaemonium's First Mod, which I hope works for you. I use a Mac and it installed fine there, so I hope the WeiDU exe I included works for Windows too. I confess I stole the WeiDU exe from @Mortianna's wand case mod and just renamed it. I hope she forgives me. (And that it works.) If it doesn't I hope one of you Windows crowd can help me whip a functioning one up :).

EDIT: Fixed a typo in the Hades Hand description and removed the '+1' from the Ebon Lash's name, since it isn't +1. I also changed the Domination spell on the Lash so that it actually casts Domination instead of a variant of Charm Person.

Basically, I was reading some 2E source material and wanted some cool weapons for two of my homies, Edwin and Xzar, and I'm new to modding so I decided to make a couple of weapons. They're kind of powerful, the latter especially. After installing the mod you'll need to CLUA them in.

The item codes for the weapons are "EBNLSH" and "HDSHND", respectively.


Ebon Lash (EBNLSH)


The first is Edwin's Ebon Lash. The ebon lash is a Thayan black whip that incapacitates and dominates. On each hit the enemy has to pass a saving throw vs wands or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. It also has a once per day casting of Domination. This might sound good, but remember that only Edwin can use it, so you'll need to have him in close combat attacking with his terrible THAC0. It uses Quarterstaff proficiency, which makes no sense but I at least wanted Edwin to be proficient in using it, and that's the one he started with.

The Lash doesn't improve THAC0 or damage, btw. It does the 1d6+1 of all flails. It counts as a magical weapon (+1) for the purposes of hitting things, however.

It looks like a black flail, in case you are curious. It uses staff prof and in its heart it actually believes itself to be a mace (was the only way I could get the animations to work properly). Just some trivia for you all.


Hades Hand +1 (HDSHND)


The Hades Hand is a +1 Dagger usable by Xzar, even if you dual him to Cleric (it is flagged as usable for Chaotic Evil Human Mages, Clerics, Cleric/Mages and Necromancers). Its pretty powerful, and it looks like a fiery green sword because that is totes awesome. The Hades Hand is a special dagger that contains powerful necromantic spells. This one contains Chill Touch, Vampiric Touch, and Contagion.

Basically, in addition to its 1d4+1 damage, the dagger will inflict +1d8 cold damage and a -2 THAC0 penalty (save vs spells negates this), will cast Vampiric Touch to heal the wielder by 1d6 per 2 levels to a maximum of 6d6 at level 12 (I don't know if this is scaling properly, btw), and has a 15% chance of inflicting Contagion, which reduces the enemy's STR, DEX and CHA by 2 (non-cumulative) and causes Slow. Its pretty broken, especially if you use it on a Cleric/Necromancer Xzar wearing the Hands of Takkok while under the effects of DUHM.


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