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It all started because of poor taste in HEADWEAR...

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
edited January 2014 in Off-Topic
As a Gnome I am reluctant to revert to the stereotypical rosy cheek and red hat. However it is Christmas... And green just does not suit me...


What do you think...

EDIT: Read on... Someone will die... Who will it be?

Can you take me seriously in this hat? A pointless poll... 55 votes

I love the hat darling! It is SOOOOOO you. And SOOOOO Christmassy!
MoonsongBelgarathMTHLarkairnBaldursCatChildofBhaal599AristilliusSCARY_WIZARDKhemrikharaTroodon80NonnahswriterLordRumfishsmady3booinyoureyesriyahhassettNybCRlolienfrostmage7 17 votes
Take the darn hat off. Humbug!
elminsterKamigoroshiFredjoHeindrichStuckinMud 5 votes
Aren't you a mummie? Where are your bandages that cover your face?
Montresor_SPFlashburnSchneidendKidCarnivalFinneousPJJanM86FafnirCrevsDaak 8 votes
AAAAAAAGH! YOUR FACE ! Put the bandages back on. PUT THEM BACK ON ! ! !
MERLANCEAnduinOneAngryMushroomSouthpawalnairmeagloth 6 votes
I have no idea what is going on...
Huskarl2006zwadeklundgrnnMooseChangerPatjunk11SwordsNotWordsShadowHunterartificial_sunlightTetraploidtypo_tillyMrpenfold666CoryNewbiKrivetkothespacedementedRyofuMoczosyllogAntagonist 19 votes
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