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Question about Neera and Rassad's quests

Hello, guys. This is the first time I play BG2. Can't find much information about these 2 NPCs (guess it's because they are only added in enhanced edition), so I post my problems here.

I met Neera in chapter 2 and promised to find her at a certain location (don't remember the name now). I chose to save Imoen asap so didn't do this quest then. Now I'm at chapter 6 and want to finish those sidequests, unfortunatelly I couldn't find that location.
The other problem I have is about Rassad. When he initially proposed to join with me on a particular quest, I refused since I didn't want to replace my party members. Later I changed my mind so went back to him, he could still be recruited but mentioned no words about that quest. Does it mean I lose the chance to do his personal quest as well?



  • ArcanisArcanis Member Posts: 263
    Hi there ^^
    Not sure about Neera, but you should still be able to go to the Wild Forest Area, even after you did Spellhold.. Veeeeery strange, maybe a bug.. If you can't find the Area on your map, you could always try
    to clua yourself to the area.

    Rasaads quest starts once you meet someone in the Gate District, so, try to go there.

    And I hope you are having fun with this awesome game =)

    Have a nice day ^^
  • MaylanderMaylander Member Posts: 72
    No idea if the location will still pop up, but it should be a map location slightly north east of Watcher's Keep.

    It should be fine, just go to the Gate district in Athkatla.
  • wuthering20wuthering20 Member Posts: 39
    OK, thanks for the help. When I reloaded the location "wild forest" just appeared...quite sure it wasn't there the last time I looked. But maybe I'm just too sloppy.

    I finished Rassad's Journey quest. Now he left the party to help rebuild the sect. Would he come back later? Or I have to fetch another melee character in his place? Thx.

    This game is so amazing I wish I had played it much earlier :)
  • MaylanderMaylander Member Posts: 72
    Hmm, good question, I haven't tried that Rasaad option. I'm going to guess he's simply gone, but I assume you can still recruit him again fairly early in Throne of Bhaal. Keep in mind that he will be far behind in terms of XP.

    And yes, it is an amazing game!
  • ArcanisArcanis Member Posts: 263
    edited December 2013
    If Rasaad stays with the sect, he will stay there till the end of SoA.
    You can get him in ToB again tho (like Keldorn) If you want some (very) mild spoilers about that:
    after the first fight you land in the Pocket Plane, there is a ..something that allows you
    to call for NPC you have met but arn't in your Party, just ask him for Rasaad and he will be teleported
    to you =)
  • wuthering20wuthering20 Member Posts: 39
    I see. I used Keldorn from chapter 2-5. Only to let he return to his family on that personal quest. Planned to replace him with Rassad, but now he's gone as well. So much for being a nice, caring hero......
  • wuthering20wuthering20 Member Posts: 39
    edited December 2013
    Well, I posted a new problem but found the resolution now, nevermind.
    Post edited by wuthering20 on
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