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The Black Pits II Items And Rewards Guide

AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
Being a control freak, I made research trying to find out what kind of items you can get, buy or be rewarded in the Black Pits II.
Ordered by source.

Some are locked or need a key, some require that you be at a certain point in the game.
  • Branson Chest - Dagger +3, 2317 Gold, Potion of Clarity
  • Dennaton Chest - 9000 Gold
  • Bannor Shelf - Shadow Door, Mental Domination, Symbol Stun
  • Pol Chests - Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental, Delayed Blast Fireball, The Burning Earth +1 (Longsword +2/3/4 vs. Regen./Cold/Undead CRE)
  • Vault - Kazhra's Shield +4 (Medium Shield AC +5), various Potions, Enforcers Bracers (STR 20, DEX -2), Cloak of the Lich (Cold/Electrical RES +50%, Immunity to Death effects), Time Stop, Wish, Rod of Resurrection, Wand of Spell Striking

If you hit one, the Winged will spawn once to warn you. Following time, she'll slay your party.
  • Arzol - Obsidian Ioun Stone (CON +1), Wakizashi +3, The Guard's Ring +2, Katana +3, various Potions
  • Beryl - Golden Ioun Stone (INT +1), Traveler's Robe, Quaterstaff +3, various Potions
  • Marduuk - Marduuk's Mallet +3 (Club +1 STR)
None of these items can be pickpocketed.

For readability sake, I don't list normal, +1, +2 or +3 items because you can find a version for each type of weapon or armor.
Likewise, you won't see ammunition since all of them are available at start, except Bolt +4 and Arrow +4. Additional quantities appear in the list though.
Wands also can be bought immediately. The only missing one is the Wand of Spell Striking.

a. Weapons

Tier 1

The Root of the Problem +1  	BLUN10
Bone Club +2, +3 vs. undead BLUN23
Ashideena +2 HAMM03
Ardulia's Fall +1 BLUN20
Mauler's Arm +2 BLUN19
The Sleeper +2 BLUN16
Wyvern's Tail +2 BLUN17
Halcyon +1 SPER09
Staff of Curing STAF10
Staff Mace +2 STAF06
Staff Spear +2 STAF07
Staff of Striking +3 STAF05
The Grave Binder +2 DAGG04
Dagger of Venom +2 MISC75
Stiletto of Demarchess +2 DAGG17
Boomerang Dagger +2 DAGG11
Ilbratha +1 SW1H26
Arbane's Sword +2 SW1H27
Sword of Flame +1 SW1H53
Varscona +2 SW1H06
Sword of Balduran WA2S1H
Albruin +1 SW1H34
Spider's Bane +2 SW2H06
Flame of the North +2 SW2H12
Bala's Axe, Wizard Slayer AX1H07
Hangard's Axe +2 AX1H08
Tuigan Bow +1 BOW14
Ripper +2 BOW09
The Army Scythe +1 XBOW06
Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1 XBOW14
Sling of Seeking +1 SLNG07

Tier 2

Pixie Prick +3                   	DAGG13
Firetooth +3 DAGG12
The Burning Earth +1 SW1H24
Daystar +2 SW1H31
Namarra +2 SW1H36
Peridan +2 SW1H32
Jhor the Bleeder +2 SW1H38
Blade of Searing +3 SW1H39
Blade of Roses +3 SW1H40
Malakar +2 SW1H45
Stonefire +3 AX1H12
Frostreaver +3 AX1H13
Azuredge +3 AX1H10
Dragon's Bane +3 HALB04
Harmonium Halberd +3 WA2HALB
Joril's Dagger +3 WAS2H
Spear of Kuldahar +3 WASPEAR
Staff of Arundel WASTAFF
Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2 STAF13
Serpent Shaft STAF23
Staff of Air +2 STAF15
Staff of Earth +2 STAF16
Staff of Fire +2 STAF17
Skullcrusher +3 BLUN18
Blackblood +3 BLUN22
Strong Arm +2 BOW11
Elven Court Bow +3 GORWOM2
Tansheron's Bow +3 COMPB15
Crimson Dart +3 DART08
Quiver of Plenty +1 QUIVER01
Case of Plenty +1 QUIVER02
Bag of Plenty +1 QUIVER05
Arrow of Detonation AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07

Tier 3

Kundane +2              	SW1H25
Belm +2 SW1H30
Dak'kon's Zerth Blade +2 WA2DAK
Scarlet Ninja-To +3 WANINJA
Yamato +4 SW1H66
Cutthroat +4 SW1H28
Boneblade +4 RAVAG02
Warblade +4 SW2H09
Blackmist +4 HALB06
Spear of Withering +4 SPER10
Dwarven Thrower +3 HAMM06
Defender of Easthaven +3 WAFLAIL
Staff of Power STAF12
Rod of Smiting OHBDEVA1
Staff of Rynn +4 STAF20
Heartseeker +3 BOW10
Mana Bow +4 BOW13
Arrow of Detonation AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07

Tier 4

Life-Stealer +4          	DAGG20
Purifier +4 SW1H64
Usuno's Blade +4 SW1H67
Spectral Brand +4 SW1H68C
K'logarath +4 AX1H16
Soul Reaver +4 SW2HDEAT
Dragon's Breath +4 HALB05
Mace of Disruption +2 OHBDEVA
Ice Star +4 BLUN35
Club of Detonation +5 BLUN27
Staff of the Woodlands +4 STAF14
Staff of the Ram +4 STAF21
Shortbow of Gesen COMPB19
Taralash +4 BOW22
Darkfire Bow +5 BOW21
Erinne Sling +4 SLNG08
Sling of Everard +5 WASLING
Arrow +4 OHAROW50
Bolt +4 OHBOLT50
Arrow of Detonation AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07

Tier 5

Axe of the Unyielding +5  	AX1H15
Runehammer +5 HAMM11
Gram the Sword of Grief +5 SW2H18
Ixil's Spike +6 SPER12
Arrow of Detonation AROW06
Arrow of Dispelling AROW07

b. Armor

Tier 1

Shadow Armor                  	LEAT08
Skin of the Ghoul +4 LEAT13
Darkmail +3 CHAN09
Ashen Scales +2 CHAN17
Elven Chain Mail CHAN12
Ankheg Plate Mail PLAT06
Kiel's Buckler SHLD20
Shield of the Lost +2 SHLD26
Dragon Scale Shield +2 SHLD21
Shield of the Falling Stars +1 SHLD07
Helm of the Noble +1 HELM03
Gift of Peace HELM04
Helm of Infravision HELM05
Helm of Charm Protection HELM06

Tier 2

Helm of Balduran      	HELM07
Helm of Brilliance HELM16
Skull of Death HELM17
Dragon Helm HELM21
Fortress Shield +3 SHLD23A
Shield of Harmony +2 SHLD25
Saving Grace +3 SHLD27A
The Night's Gift +5 LEAT14
Armor of Deep Night +4 LEAT17
Armor of the Viper +5 LEAT18
Jester's Chain +4 CHAN10
Sylvan Chain +2 CHAN14
Melodic Chain +3 CHAN15
Armor of Faith +3 CHAN18
Gorgon Plate +4 PLAT13
Pride of the Legion +2 CHALARM
Plate of Balduran WA2PLAT

Tier 3

Helm of the Rock    	HELM32
Sentinel +4 CHALSHLD
Red Dragon Scale PLAT18
Crimson Chain +5 CHAN11
Armor of the Hart +3 PALPLAT

Tier 4

Thieves' Hood               	HELM30
Vhailor's Helm WA2HELM
Darksteel Shield +4 SHLD31
Studded Leather of Thorns +6 LEAT23
White Dragon Scale CHAN20
Blue Dragon Plate PLAT20

Tier 5

Shield of the Order +4   	SHLD32
Grandmaster's Armor +6 LEAT24
Aslyferund Elven Chain +5 CHAN19
Enkidu's Full Plate +3 PLAT21

c. Items

Tier 1

Amulet of Spell Warding  	AMUL25
Batalista's Passport RING02
Druid's Ring RING03
Sandthief's Ring ROSSLAND
Ring of the Princes +1 RING06
The Victor RING20
Topsider's Crutch RING21
Ring of Regeneration RING31
Ring of Lock Picks RING35
Ring of Danger Sense RING36
Harp of Discord MISC3M
Azlaer's Harp MISC3N
Methild's Harp MISC3O
The Captive Audience MISC2P
Glasses of Identification MISC3P

Tier 2

Golden Ioun Stone              	HELM23
Silver Ioun Stone HELM25
Obsidian Ioun Stone HELM24
Robe of the Good Archmagi HGWRA02
Robe of the Neutral Archmagi CLCK16
Robe of the Evil Archmagi XZARCLCK
The Spirit's Shield +2 CLCK02
Cloak of Elvenkind CLCK23
The Paws of the Cheetah TROLLBOO
Boots of Elvenkind BOOT07
Boots of the West MISC8J
Boots of Etherealness BOOT11
Bracers of Defense AC 5 BRAC13
Bracers of Defense AC 4 BRAC14
Bracers of Defense AC 3 BRAC15
Bracers of Blinding Strike BRAC16
Legacy of the Masters BRAC10
Girdle of Hill Giant Strength BELT06
Belt of Inertial Barrier BELT10
Periapt of Proof Against Poison AMUL22
Sensate Amulet WA2AMU
The Guard's Ring +2 RING07
Mercykiller Ring WA2RING
Ring of Spell Turning RING34
Ring of Air Control RING28
Ring of Earth Control RINGPICO
Ring of Regeneration RING31
Ring of Acuity RING40
Honorary Ring of Sune RING22
Rod of Resurrection RODS03
Rod of Reversal RODS06

Tier 3

Lavender Ioun Stone                 	HELM26
Whispers of Silence CLCK06
The Paws of the Cheetah TROLLBOO
Blessed Bracers BRAC23
Wondrous Gloves BRAC25
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength BELT07
Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance AMUL20
Amulet of Cheetah Speed AMUL26
Ring of the Ram RING33
Ring of Fire Control RING27
Edventar's Gift JWSUPER
The Specter's Ring RING42
Ring of Anti-Venom RING46

Tier 4

Cloak of Reflection           	CLCK24
Montolio's Cloak COMPON16
The Paws of the Cheetah TROLLBOO
Tzu-Zan's Bracers BRAC26
Girdle of Frost Giant Strength BELT08
Greenstone Amulet CHALCY3
Amulet of the Master Harper AMUL28
The Warder's Signet +3 RING41
Heartwood Ring RING44
Reaching Ring RING08

Tier 5

Robe of Vecna                	WA2ROBE
The Paws of the Cheetah TROLLBOO
Gargoyle Boots BOOT12
Girdle of Fire Giant Strength BELT11

d. Potions
Tier 1 has almost all kinds of potions.
Tier 2 only, adds:
Potion of Superior Healing	POTN55

Tier 2, 3, 4 and 5

Potion of Hill Giant Strength 	POTN03
Potion of Stone Giant Strength POTN12
Potion of Frost Giant Strength POTN04
Potion of Fire Giant Strength POTN05
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength POTN06
Potion of Storm Giant Strength POTN07
Potion of Heroism POTN09
Oil of Speed POTN23
Potion of Power PTION41
Potion of Magic Protection POTN34
Potion of Magic Shielding POTN35
Potion of Invulnerability POTN40
Potion of Invisibility POTN10
Potion of Clarity POTN21
Potion of Freedom POTN45

a. How it works
Now, this is something I spent a good amount of time on, so I hope you will appreciate my findings. It's all thanks to that great tool called Near Infinity. I advise you to use it too if you're interested in browsing the game files.
I will go step by step to show you how the system works and ultimately what is the best strategy to apply.

First, one thing you should know: you won't get any reward if you don't ask for it. It may sound simple but at one point I believed the system was more subtle.
So, when you start a fight in the pits and Dennaton asks you if you want to address the crowd, you should request an item (usually option 3.). If you do, here's what happens ("//" means the following is a personal comment) :

//Code from dialog file of Dennaton, OHBDENNA.DLG SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",1) //Global variable ohb_item_reward set to 1
If you've never looked at code, this simply says that a variable (an element to save a value that can change) named ohb_item_reward will have a value of 1 if you chose option 3.. Why this value? Well, look at what happens next:

//Code from script file OHB_101.BCS IF Global("ohb_item_reward","global",1) //If global variable ohb_item_reward = 1 OR(2) //Or, one of two: Global("ohb_101_item_good","global",0) //if global variable ohb_101_item_good = 0 Global("ohb_101_item_great","global",0) //if global variable ohb_101_item_great = 0 THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",2) //Global variable ohb_item_reward set to 2 END
So, here's a BCS file. BCS files contain script. Scripts are written codes that tell the game to perform actions possibly on certain conditions. In that case, the block I selected from OHB_101.BCS begins with an IF, continues with a THEN and ends with an END. So it first checks the conditions between IF and THEN. If all conditions are TRUE, it performs the actions between THEN and END. RESPONSE #100 is a requirement that simply tells the following actions will happen. END is necessary to close the block started by IF.

Now, why OHB_101? Well, this corresponds to the first battle you fight in the pits (100 for the first tier and 1 for the first battle). I chose this particular area but the script part I selected should be replicated for each. You have one for each battle from 101 to 506 (26 battles).
And what about the ohb_101_item_good and ohb_101_item_great variables? We'll see a bit later why they're used.
So, we're lef twith a ohb_item_reward variable with a value of 2. What's next?

//Code from script file OHBVIC01.BCS IF Global("ohb_item_reward","global",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",3) SetGlobal("ohb_item_prob_low","global",20) SetGlobal("ohb_item_prob_high","global",45) END
Now that you're familiar with the way it works you should understand the ohb_item_reward was incremented and that two new variables ohb_item_prob_low and ohb_item_prob_high were set.
What about the script file itself? It doesn't look like it's specifically linked to the first battle. How do I know it interacts with it in some manner? Here's the answer:

//Code from script file OHBARE1.BCS IF Global("OHB_101","GLOBAL",1) Global("OHB_START_BATTLE","GLOBAL",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 DayNight(DAWN_END) SetAreaScript("OHB_101",4) //Area from which OHBARE1.BCS is run will run OHB_101.BCS in slot 4 SetAreaScript("OHBVIC01",1) SetAreaScript("OHBDEF01",2) SetAreaScript("OHSOUND1",3) END
And we find here the two scripts I mentioned: OHB_101 and OHBVIC01. What about this particular script, OHBARE1? Well, it's actually the default area script of the four different pits areas you fight in (OH8200.ARE, OH8300.ARE, OH8400.ARE and OH9100.ARE). It checks what tier and battle you're at, but the actions it performs never actually vary.
Now that we know what scripts are called and how, we can continue with our ohb_item_reward variable with a current value of 3.

//Code from script file OHBVIC01.BCS IF Global("ohb_item_reward","global",3) !GlobalsGT("ohb_villain","ohb_hero") //If ohb_hero > ohb_villain THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",4) AddGlobals("ohb_item_prob_low","ohb_hero") //ohb_item_prob_low = ohb_item_prob_low + ohb_hero AddGlobals("ohb_item_prob_high","ohb_hero") END
Heck, more variables?! Now we also have ohb_villain and ohb_hero variable! And why these additions with ohb_item_prob? Do you remember when we first started with Dennaton dialog? Well, if you remember there are other options to choose when you address the crowd. One of them is considered good or heroic (usually 1.) and the other evil or villainous (usually 5.). What happens when you pick them over the reward (I use the hero example, but the villain path is similar)?

//Code from dialog file of Dennaton, OHBDENNA.DLG SetGlobal("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",1)
Yes, another variable! You shouldn't be surprised... But its name should give you a clue:

//Code from script file OHB_101.BCS IF Global("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",1) GlobalLT("ohb_101_score_limit","global",3) //If ohb_101_score_limit < 3 THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",0) //Prevents further incrementation IncrementGlobal("ohb_101_score_limit","global",1) //Increments ohb_101_score_limit by 1 IncrementGlobal("OHB_ANTI_DENNATON","GLOBAL",-1) IncrementGlobal("ohb_hero","global",1) IncrementGlobal("ohb_villain","global",-1) END
A lot happening there. So, you should recognize our fourth slot area script OHB_101.BCS. If you played the hero, it checks a score (raising) limit. You know that you can fight the same battle again right? Well, you could then go for the hero lines again and keep rising your popularity indefinitely. Which is why this limit is set to 3 and also:

//Code from script file OHB_101.BCS IF !GlobalLT("ohb_101_score_limit","global",3) //If limit of 3 is reached OR(2) Global("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",1) Global("ohb_raise_villain_score","global",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",0) //ohb_raise_hero_score set to 0 to prevent further raising when replaying the battle SetGlobal("ohb_raise_villain_score","global",0)
Now back to our previous block and to the THEN part.
The first action sets ohb_raise_hero_score to 0, so that this block can only run once (it needs a ohb_raise_hero_score of 1) in the course of a battle.
The second action has to do with the limit we just saw.
The third action I won't comment because it's out of our scope.
The fourth and fifth adjust the variables ohb_hero and ohb_villain we found in OHBVIC01.BCS. As you can see if one increases the other decreases. Remember that for later. Also, know that these two variables don't start at 0 but actually at 10 and here's why:

//Code from script file OHBHUB.BCS attached to (main) area OH8100.ARE IF Global("OHB_START_HUB","MYAREA",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 [...] SetGlobal("OHB_HERO","GLOBAL",10) SetGlobal("ohb_villain","global",10) [...] END
As soon as you enter the Black Pits (after your capture or on your own will), these values are set.
Now that we know how these variables start at 10 and increase (or decrease by 1) for every battle if you choose the right dialog option, let's see why this matter.
But first, we should continue with our well known ohb_item_reward variable. We left it at value 4 in OHBVIC01.BCS.

//Code from script file OHBVIC01.BCS IF Global("ohb_item_reward","global",4) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",6) SetGlobalRandom("ohb_item_roll","global",1,100) //Rolls a random number between 1-100 and sets its value to ohb_item_roll END
So, it goes from 4 to 6. Why not 5? Well I have no idea. It's just that way, as weird as it seems!
A new variable named ohb_item_roll appears. What does it have to do with anything?

//Code from script file OHB_101.BCS IF Global("ohb_item_reward","global",6) Global("ohb_101_item_great","global",0) GlobalsGT("ohb_item_prob_low","ohb_item_roll") //If ohb_item_prob_low > ohb_item_roll THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ohb_101_item_great","global",1) SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",11) END
The second check is there to prevent reiteration of the block like we saw with the ohb_raise_hero_score variable.
The third one is a comparison between the two variables we mentioned but that we still have to explain, ohb_item_prob_low and ohb_item_roll.
Finally, a new variable ohb_101_item_great is set if conditions are true.
Before I explain the roles of each variable let's advance one last time with our ohb_item_reward now at 11.

//Code from Brodle dialog file OHBBRODL.DLG //This is a trigger (condition) to this dialog answer from Brodle Global("ohb_item_reward","global",11) //This is another trigger to the actions below Global("ohb_101_item_great","global",1) //This is the action performed if all triggers are matched SetGlobal("ohb_101_item_great","global",2) GiveItemCreate("blun24",LastTalkedToBy,1,0,0) //Give Gnasher +2 to talking party member SetGlobal("ohb_item_reward","global",0)
When you come back from the arena Brodle will approach you and give you a reward if the conditions are met. In the case of the first battle, he would give you the Gnasher +2, a club that adds over time piercing damage with no save. Truly 'great' as the variable suggests.
It also sets this variable to 2, which means you won't be able to get another copy of the reward if you fight the same battle again (it prevents the blocks we studied to run).
Now, you may have noticed that sometimes you get a reward but other times none even if you asked for it. This all comes to the variables I didn't yet explained.

We know that ohb_item_roll is a number between 1 and 100 and that it compares to ohb_item_prob_low. ohb_item_prob_low itself was one of the first variables we saw and was set at 20. But then ohb_hero value was added to that. So, given we asked for a reward in the first battle, this value was 10 as set upon our entrance in the main area of the Black Pits II. That males for a ohb_item_prob_low value of 30.
Now if this value is greater than the random number of ohb_item_roll, the ohb_101_item_great and the ohb_item_reward variables are set to value that prompt the dialog of Brodle and the reward.
In that case, it means you have a 30% chance to get the Gnasher +2. See the role of ohb_hero? It adds its value to the probability of getting an item.

What I didn't tell you about yet is that there's an alternate reward to be offered for each battle. Remember the ohb_item_prob_high variable set to 45? Well, as the name suggests it's a higher probability to get another though less powerful item.
It follows the exact same path as the other great item but rather uses a ohb_101_item_good variable and of course the ohb_item_prob_high one.

Now don't worry, I will come to the practical part, sum up everything, tell you every kind of reward you can get and what's the best way to win them all.

b. Sum up
  • There are two different rewards to be won for a same battle
  • To get a reward you must ask the crowd for one
  • You can only get one reward per battle but can fight the same battle again to get another
  • You can only get one copy of each kind of reward
  • The chance to get a good item starts at 45%
  • The chance to get a great item starts at 20%
  • Your hero or villain score is added to you chance to get a good or great item
  • Your hero or villain score starts at 10
  • If you address the crowd as such, your hero or villain score increases by 1 for each battle
  • Your hero or villain score cannot increase more than 3 times for a same battle

c. Strategy
Now that this is all clear I will give you my advice:

Do not hesitate to replay each battle
You should first aim to increase your score to the maximum of 3.
Then, reiterate until you get both rewards.
Your score follows you, which means that after 15 (x3) battles you'll have 100% chance to get the good item.
Another benefit is the added gold that frankly shouldn't be ignored given the price of items.

Never alternate between the hero and villain roles
This is because when you raise the score of one the other decreases: completely counterproductive.

If you can and if your alignment permits, kill one of the notable items holder creatures
This has to do with part 2).
My prime target would be Arzol.
But beware, she has 144 hit points which means you have to be pretty deadly to slay her before the Winged interrupts you.
I think a backstabber is required there.

Never buy +1 weapons and when possible buy +3 weapons
This I learned the hard way.
Most enemies and quite soon I would say can only be hit by +2 or greater weapons. Some +3 and a few I believe +4.
A very useful trick especially at the beginning is to cast the Enchanted Weapon Wizard spell. It creates a +3 weapon for 1 day. Unfortunately, the types of weapon available are not to great (Mace, Axe, Long Sword, Short Sword). Still, it can be a life (and gold) saver.

On that same subject, I created a little mod using WeiDU to add Containers of Plenty +2 along with the +1 versions. Yes, I got scammed! I bought the Quiver for my Archer only to realize he couldn't hit anything with it.

d. List of rewards
101 Orc Leather +3 LEAT16 Gnasher +2 BLUN24
102 Duskblade +2 HALB08 Golden Calf Idol OHBREW06
103 Cloak of the Sewers CLCK27 Spear of the Unicorn +2 SPER07
104 Aeger's Hide +3 LEAT20 Lilarcor SW2H14
105 Bladesinger Chain +4 CHAN16 Cloak of Balduran CLCK05
201 Adjatha the Drinker +2 SW1H35 Amulet of Power AMUL21
202 The Equalizer SW1H54 Silver Sword PLANETAR
203 Impaler +3 SPER08 Firetooth +4 XBOW15
204 Wave +4 HALB09 Flail of Ages +4 BLUN30D
205 Blackrazor +3 MISCBC Celestial Fury +3 SW1H51
301 Gauntlets of Crushing BRAC19 Wong Fei's Ioun Stone HELM34
302 Shuruppak's Plate PLAT22 Crom Faeyr +5 HAMM09
303 Shadow Dragon Scale LEAT19 Staff of the Magi STAF11
304 Hindo's Doom +4 SW1H71 Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization BRAC21
305 Circlet of Netheril HELM28 Psion's Blade +5 SW2H21
401 The Answerer +4 SW1H77 Carsomyr +5 SW2H10
402 Ring of Gaxx RING39 Cloak of Mirroring CLCK26
403 Angurvadal +5 SW1H61 Foebane +5 SW1H63
404 Short Sword of Mask +5 SW1H59 Ravager +6 HALB11

You read well! There are no rewards past the fourth battle of fourth tier!
Still, there are some truly powerful items to get! Spend your proficiency points accordingly!

As a conclusion to this (very) long post and as a true reward to your patience, you will find my mod files attached. Simply extract them to your main folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\Data\00783) and run the setup-abel_bp2plenty_mod.exe file.
You can uninstall it if needed.

Bonus: Experience and Gold Rewards, kindly provided by @Skaffen
Battle	Accumulated XP	Accumulated Gold	Battleground
101 1,000,000 11,000 Open
102 1,500,000 23,000 Graveyard
103 2,000,000 36,000 Trench
104 2,500,000 50,000 Open
105 3,000,000 65,000 Trench
201 3,250,000 81,000 Graveyard
202 3,500,000 98,000 Open
203 3,750,000 116,000 Graveyard
204 4,000,000 135,000 Open
205 4,250,000 155,000 Trench
301 4,500,000 176,000 Trench
302 4,750,000 198,000 Graveyard
303 5,000,000 221,000 Open
304 5,250,000 245,000 Graveyard
305 5,500,000 270,000 Trench
401 5,750,000 296,000 Graveyard
402 6,000,000 324,000 Open
403 6,250,000 352,000 Open
404 6,500,000 381,000 Open

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    Great work, many thanks! To be 100% clear on this: your CHA / reputation plays no role in determing the reward? There was some speculation in the forum somewhere that high CHA with the lead character would improve your chance for a reward.

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  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
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    Hey, thanks @Skaffen :) !
    I know Charisma indirectly (via Reaction rolls) influences quests rewards in the main game (especially BG to my remembrance).
    But as for the BP II, I looked pretty thoroughly into the code and I'm quite sure Charisma or Reputation don't influence rewards in any way. I haven't even been able to increase my Reputation.
    The only benefit I see they bring and that you must know is for store prices.

  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
    If I bust my ass off acquiring internets for the rest of my life, I still shan't procure enough to properly reward you for this masterpiece, good sir.

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    @Skaffen Useful! I can add it to the original post with credits if you want!
    @enqenq Haha! Glad you liked the guide! And thanks for your comment :) !

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    @Abel No issues, feel free to do so, I thought I'll attach to your great work to give it another "bump" since it was quickly losing prominence in the forum being buried under the usual party composition threads ;)

  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
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    Liked it? I've had a few grievances with BP2 and haven't yet completed it, and probably my biggest annoyance has been how to play the crowd to get the items. Here it is, as free of speculation as could ever be.

    But even this wasn't enough. Bah. I just don't enjoy replaying fights to get items. Not even with the console on my side.

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  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Does anyone have a list of what you fight in each battle?

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
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    You can alwasy see your enemies waiting in the pit, much less surprises than in BP1.

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  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    I did not know that. Thanks :)

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    I have a problem.
    I can't get the Great Item in Battle 105.
    I tried many times, but I may have made some errors in the beginning.
    I may have choose 2 or 3 times the villain choice in the very early matches, after that I'm sure I choose at least 3 times for match the hero choice.
    I did the 201 and 202 battles too, and I choose 3 times the hero choice. I got all the good and great items in that matches too, then I tried again the 105 battle (I think I tried more than 10 times) and no great item reward.

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    Ok, after two more tries I finally did it. I was just unlucky.

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 716
    Original post updated with @Skaffen information. Simplified and formated to fit with the rest ;) !
    Sorry for the delay adding that, but I take a break from time to time. Even from this great game and community ;) !

    @Pibaro Yes, it's more difficult to get great items early on. By battle 105, you'd have a maximum chance of 20 + 10 + 3 x 5 = 45 % to get one.

  • rakanishurakanishu Member Posts: 8
    great post @Abel !
    As I didn't have the patience of replaying battles I used the console to 'claim' rewards from past fights.
    Everything works fine minus battle 202 Silver Sword 'PLANETAR'. If that's the item code in the script I thing is a bug, anyway the correct code for Silver Sword is 'SW2H15'.

    Could you please check? :) Thanks a lot in advance. I love the deep analysis you have done.

  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    @Abel and @Skaffen I noticed that 402 fight, the demiliches, changes locations. I had the 1st fight on Graveyard and the 2nd in Open. Don't know if this happens with other fights since it's the only one I noticed this far.

  • francis369francis369 Member Posts: 29
    could be a stupid question but how do you get the final rewards for the last battle ? as soon as i finish that battle the game starts the rebelion ?

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    @francis369 you cannot get both, but one appears in your inventory after the last battle (when Brodle comes to tell you the rebellion starts)

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    I saw you mention it being possible to kill one of the 3 NPCs before the Winged comes in to ruin your party but I've never once succeeded at doing this. Anyone have any strategies for killing Arzol early enough in the game for the gear to be valuable?

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
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    Thanks for this great guide, I wish i read it earlier to spend my proficiencies better :-)
    I can easily get (usually at first try) both the good item and the great one, except at battle 301 (the monks): I only got the good one. Could this be because I kill them too quickly by extreme bashing? It is the battle I win the fastest, just bash them with my mean tanks, some buff and various spells; the monks just drop dead in a heartbeat. They can occasionally kill a party member, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    @pentolino Speed doesn't matter in any way, in my experience. It may take a large number of fighting but you should get the prize within 10 attempts. Are you sure you didn't already get it? Maybe you sold it by accident?

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
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    @Yannir thanks for your reply; I'm sure I didn't sell it because I have a perfect kensai/mage for the ioun stone and because I still get the option to ask for items (you don't get it if you already had gotten the good and the great item - and I already had and sold the good item, because not needed).
    Probably it is just bad luck then, I will keep on trying.

    EDIT: just got it, I had to try a lot of time but finally I had the price and got some gold in the process :-)

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  • Max_DamageMax_Damage Member Posts: 48
    Wow amazing post. I ve just discovered the balck pits. Love it. Wish there were even more battles and randomized ones too.

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    It is true that BP2 lacks at least another tier, one with Beholder fight, one against a Red Wizards war party, werewolves etc...
    And mostly, a fight against some other BP2 "performers", depending on your alignment

  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    Arunsun said:

    It is true that BP2 lacks at least another tier, one with Beholder fight, one against a Red Wizards war party, werewolves etc...
    And mostly, a fight against some other BP2 "performers", depending on your alignment

    I always thought that fights like these were supposed to come after the Bhaalspawn fight. But the rebellion cuts everything short.

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    I also thought about some Demon lord fight, one that would bring some blackguards along

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
    My question is under spoiler since it assumes that the reader has already completed the game; please reply under spoiler as well.

    I noticed the items, weapons and armors list contains a tier 5 section... but there seem to be no trace of it in the game; is there a way to get those items?
    I hate this sense of unfinished business that is all around BP2...

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581

    Not at all. These items are accessible if you speak to the merchants before the rebellion starts, after Bhaalspawns fights.

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
    @Arunsun thanks, I didn't notice, will try soon

  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    @Pentolino Be sure to have money in your coffers before going into the Bhaalspawn fight since you won't have a chance to re-do any fights when you're done with it.

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
    @Yannir do you think 200K will be enough given the fact that my team is 3x monks and 3x sorcerers? :smile:

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