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Baldur's Gate & Icewind Dale Jeopardy! (May contain spoilers!)

ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
Dear Ladies and Gentlehamsters,

welcome to the Reverse Question Thread, or
"Baldur's Gate Jeopardy" if you like.

In this thread I want users to provide answers.
But without any questions asked beforehand.

Instead it works the other way around.
You present answers and the others must find
appropriate questions that fit your given answer.

Example: Answer: "Boo"
Possible Questions: "Who's the cutest miniature space giant hamster?"
"What's the name of Minsc's animal companion?"
"What is Oob spelled backwards?"

Please post only one new answer at a time.
However you may post several questions to all answers given so far in this thread.
Answers and questions have to be Baldur's Gate related.

I'll start first:
Answer: "Plug tails"

Now it's your turn to think of questions that fit that answer or to provide
a new answer.

Have fun!

for clarification: You can provide questions to old, given answers as many as you like.
The rule above just says that you must not provide more than one new answer at a time.

for example: You do not always have to provide a question to the latest answer.
Just provide questions to any previous answers you like.

Announcement: With the upcoming Icewind Dale:EE I hereby extend this thread to the Icewind Dale games.

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