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Video Series: Rules for Avoiding a Horrible Death in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,438
edited November 2014 in Archived News
If you have been following Twitter, the forums, or The Escapist, you have likely seen the first several videos in our newest series that talks about how to survive the terribly dangerous and altogether not-very-friendly climes of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.

Alveus Malcanter (played by Mark Meer, the voice of Rasaad, Baeloth, and Voghiln) offers daily insights from remembering to moisturize before going into battle, to making liberal use of potions, to letting the less squishy members of your party do the dirty work. The videos are first being posted on The Escapist's website (links below), but you can catch up on the videos you missed in our YouTube playlist HERE.

Links to the original videos on The Escapist:
Survival Rule #1: Get Buffed!
Survival Rule #2: Attack the Darkness!
Survival Rule #3: Drink Up!
Survival Rule #4: Everyone is Expendable.
Survival Rule #5: Control the Flow of Time
Survival Rule #6: Go Long or Go Home
Survival Rule #7: Shut the Door
Survival Rule #8: Aim Away from the Face
Survival Rule #9: Talk it Out
Survival Rule #10: Give Up

In addition, you can follow @AlveusMalcanter on Twitter for frequent tidbits to help you survive the Spine of the World.

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