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The list of IWDEE reviews: 49 reviews already

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,057
Here we're trying to collect all IWDEE reviews from the Net:

Positive: 10/10 without rating 10/10 4.5/5 4/5 4/5 9/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 9/10 8/10

3djuegos,com 8/10 8.2/10 8.1/10 8.5/10 8.7/10 - 8.5/10 - 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 without rating 4.5/5 8/10 5/5 8/10 4/5 8/10 8/10

mapacker no rating no rating no rating no rating no rating no rating

another review from no rating no rating

Mixed: 7.9/10 78/100 77/100 74/100 7/10 7/10 6/10 3.5/5 3/5 6/10

Negative: Not a single negative review so far

Post you links here and they will be aggregated.

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  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    Your links link back to this thread!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,057
    edited October 2014
    From 4/5:

    "Graphically, things don’t seem to have changed a great deal, however my memory is quite hazy on the original game given that it was quite some time ago. But you shouldn’t be be buying this kind of game for the graphics, it’s all about the mood and story for me.

    The problem with player characters wandering off and taking their own routes to places you specify is still there – occasionally they would get stuck and need your attention to return them to the group.

    It is still a difficult game when played on ‘NORMAL’ difficulty; but Beamdog* have obviously listened to players over the years and the Enhanced Edition now features a ‘STORY’ difficulty level which will allow you to play through the game and experience the story without worrying about the intricacies of combat – your characters become invulnerable.

    A strong community has built up around this game which includes modders, at you can find a wealth of sound packs and portraits to customise your IDW experience.

    Conclusion: I was into AD&D in the early 80’s. Later, when the original game came out, I loved it for it’s great graphics and deep story line which reminded me of the games I’d played with friends. This version is a great throwback to the first one; although the ‘enhancements’ don’t make the game boldly different for me, it’s still excellent role-playing!"

    * makes a mistake and call them Bulldog :D


    "Third time's a charm. Beamdog has delivered the definitive Icewind Dale experience.

    UPS It’s enhanced! The entire adventure is here including both expansions, as well as almost uncountable number of bug fixes, rule tweaks and meaningful additional content.

    DOWNS Story Mode is best ignored and forgotten. The Engine is showing its mileage even after all the work the team have put in."

  • Ancalagon44Ancalagon44 Member Posts: 252
    Upon selecting the game you wish to play – the Enhanced Edition has ‘Icewind Dale’ and ‘Heart of Winter’ as separate games
    Can you still get to Heart of Winter from within Icewind Dale?

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,956

    Upon selecting the game you wish to play – the Enhanced Edition has ‘Icewind Dale’ and ‘Heart of Winter’ as separate games
    Can you still get to Heart of Winter from within Icewind Dale?


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,057
    A new positive review but without a rating. At least someone liked the Story mode - and this review is the first place where we can read what this mode is about:

    "Let’s compare my last point to Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, for example. When BG2: EE was released, it shipped with three new characters (well, characters from BG: EE but let’s not get complicated) and with them three new character-driven quests, entire new areas to explore, and conversation and banter with all other characters, regardless of the combination of NPCs you choose to bring along. That’s a lot of enhancement. There’s new stuff going on, and old stuff going on in new ways.

    In Icewind Dale, without party NPCs, the opportunity for all that new stuff and old stuff in new ways is lost. The website mentions old content that was cut from the original that they’ve fixed up, but honestly… I’ve been playing for a long time now and either I haven’t found it or I haven’t noticed it. It’s simply not a game-changer. There’s nothing that’s made me sit up and take notice.

    There are, of course, new spells and new weapons, and some of the classes from the BG games are available to play. This is all “new stuff” technically, but a) it’s simply not that engaging and b) it’s all stuff that was already in the BGs anyway.

    One new change that Beamdog have introduced that I can’t applaud enough though is Story Mode. This is essentially easy-easy-easy mode. Not only the Strength scores of all your characters set to 25, so even the most wizened old mage is a monster in melee, but you are also invulnerable and get 100% more experience.

    To begin with, I would just turn it on and off. I would switch it on during a particularly hard battle or to get free resurrection (*wink wink*) and then switch it back off.

    …then I turned it back on thinking, “I’ll power-level a bit, so these battles aren’t so long and tedious! And then I’ll switch it off.”

    And then finally, after going through a few dungeons like that, I simply resigned myself to just never turning it off. At first, it felt too easy, like I was cheating. I’d murder people in one hit! (Except trolls.) But soon it really felt like it had been the right decision. That was also around the time that I would start leaving Tiny Tower open on my tablet so I could do something else while all this tedious battling was taking place.

    Of course, all my grievances with IWD: EE stem from thinking of it as a role-playing game and a successor to the BGs. When it comes down to it though, it doesn’t have to be that. If you are the type that enjoys more difficult battles and less of the talking stuff then this is probably one for you. In many ways, it is more akin to a hack’n’slash than a roleplaying game, and maybe that’s where I am mistaken. To say Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is a bad game is a fallacy — it’s good at what it does, it is simply that it is presented as something else.

    If you enjoy orchestrating large battles using real-time with pause, or if you simply want to re-live the glory days of this latest piece of nostalgia, then Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will be the game for you."

  • CoryNewbCoryNewb Member Posts: 1,330
    Great scores, well done devs!

  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,761
    I'm thankful for the reviews, but so far my one simple question still hasn't answered: will someone who was not the big fan of the original, like the Enhanced Edition?

    My biggest issue with IWD was replayability. Or more precisely, lack of it.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,956
    edited October 2014
    If you didn't like the original then you probably won't like it. Especially if the inclusion of BG2 kits doesn't interest you.

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052

    He was playing Tiny Tower while playing IWDEE, Ouch. That hurts. I think he might be not be our target player


    Considering he was playing on Story mode and playing Tiny Tower whilst those boring battles auto-fought themselves I would say you are probably right.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    also, since I value the opinions of people on these forums more than most professional review sites, if anyone wants to offer a brief review of their experiences so far, I would appreciate it

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,956
    edited October 2014
    Illydth said:

    I found the difficulty level of starting a generated party in HoW on "Core" (Normal) rules mode on par with a setting somewhere between Insane and HoW. Any generated party in HoW starts with Staves and 15K gold...and nothing else. Too, there is NO heavy armor for purchase in're stuck with (I think) Hide as your best (there may be chain). And while the starting town and the next area are filled with non-fighting quests (and one potential somewhat easy fight), the difficulty ramps up through the roof when you hit the Burial Isle (the first major combat zone of the expansion). I cannot count how many times I wiped on even the first combat, and just the outside island has something like 4 "basic" encounters and 2 major "boss" encounters (one of which I never could beat).

    Hehe. I'm just glad I asked in the alpha that they put some helmets in Lonelywood. I can't believe the original developers didn't think to put any there and that you can only get a single helmet (only usable by mages or multi-class mages) before Gloomfrost cavern. Then again I suppose starting at level 1 was a bigger issue for players back then :)

    There is are a few platemail +1 armors in Lonelywood but you need to buy it from the cleric. You'll basically break the bank just buying them though. Its always been kind of an awkward thing too since she has such great items despite being in the middle of nowhere (I know she is a priest of waukeen but still).

  • RAM021RAM021 Member Posts: 393
    O_Bruce said:

    I'm thankful for the reviews, but so far my one simple question still hasn't answered: will someone who was not the big fan of the original, like the Enhanced Edition?

    My biggest issue with IWD was replayability. Or more precisely, lack of it.

    I did not particularly enjoy the original, but I have been having a blast with the EE. Playing on my phone all over the world has been exceptionally convenient and then coming back home to continue on my PC.

    I never had HoW back in the day so that may be part of it, but the HoF mode made replays fairly enjoyable throughout my involvement with the beta test.

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