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Should golems be able to be punched unconscious?

typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,702
I'm not sure if this should be made into a bug report, a feature request, or just fade away as a non-issue.

In the BG2 starter dungeon, me CHARNAME knocked out a clay golem with her fists.

Are golems supposed to be able to go unconscious like that? I thought they'd be immune. But maybe there's some crazy D&D logic which says they can be punched out? XD

CHARNAME is cleric/thief: not a monk.

The golem is one of 2 [Lesser] Clay Golems near the sewage golem you ask to open the doors. The 2 golems will attack if you go into the room south of the dryads. (I'll get the exact creature reference if a report is necessary.)



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