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BG1NPC v24-Beta



  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 988
    edited October 24
    @Etamin Wrong thread, don't use BG1NPC thread for discussion about install order, please edit you post and replay the list at

  • XzarXzar Member Posts: 215
    There is an issue I just ran into. After killing Dynaheir with Edwin in the group, the dialogue which is firing is about Red Wizard supremacy instead of thanking for the deed. So the quest remains forever stuck as unfinished, no xp and journal update. All other ways of dealing with her result in normal quest progression.

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    Another question: are the text errors on xzar done on purpose? I did his personal quest time ago and I seem to remember to have been surprised by the errors on the text. But I may remember wrongly

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,420
  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    I will publish them as soon as I got a chance. I m not in front of computer now. Hopefully I just had played an old versiom

  • ArthasIIArthasII Member Posts: 81
    edited November 29
    Does anyone have a personal preference about which Sarevok component to go for?
    The BG1NPC Sarevok's Diary Adjustments 
    This component installs either SixofSpades' Expanded Sarevok Diary, or the original BG1NPC Project version. 
    SixofSpades' Expanded Sarevok Diary adds content rationalizing in-game events as closely to the storyline as he could, and incorporates entries that give depth to roleplayers. It also sets the diary to a book instead of a scroll. It is more a comprehensive change than Unfinished Business. 
    BG1NPC's original version changes the dates in the diary to fit the BG storyline more closely. It is less agressive a change than Unfinished Business' version. 
    Not installing either means that you have the original diary, flagged as a scroll, with no content changes. 
    In order of extent of changes, from least to most, between Unfinished business and BG1NPC: 
    vanilla with the game, 
    "Slightly" restored (just correcting the dates) in BG1NPC regular 
    "Rationalized and Updated" in SixofSpades' UB component 
    "Dates and characterizations and entries extended" in SixofSpades' BG1NPC component 

    I'm greedy and I always go for the extended version, but I was curious about your opinions. 

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,076
    @ArthasII I agree with @Shin ,I like the extra content so always choose SixofSpades extended version. The more learned about Saervok the better, story wise.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 1,950
    i tend to prefer the expanded version. kinda remains me of a mod for yoshimo which also adds a diary that goes more into why he did what he did [ i wanna say thats from the romance mod.]

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