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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "Soloing all to way to the end..."



  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 1,945
    edited January 9
    Having completed Werewolf Island Dreadnought has now finished the Ducal Palace. It looks like I will finish BG1 for the first time with an evil character. It is the most completionist run that I have ever done. :)

    However, there's many a slip twixt cup and lip.

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  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 4,216
    'Long-life challenge' - wild mage {20} (hour 5)
    Previous updates at:

    After finishing off the basilisks at Durlag's Tower I went to High Hedge and used a friends scroll to buy desired equipment. I hadn't found any other such scrolls, so paid full price for some potions of genius at the FAI temple in order to ensure I learned the remaining friends scroll (and all other scrolls found to date).

    With decent HPs, basic AC of -1 and good missile protection, ambushes were no longer a significant threat and I didn't bother with safe travelling while buying and selling a few more bits and pieces. Then it was time for Tranzig to meet the monsters of his worst nightmares.

    At the Bandit Camp a monster charge took me quickly through to find Taurgosz - who was greeted by a first use of wand of paralyzation.
    The remaining bandits were killed by sling before I used the greenstone amulet for the first time (to avoid the potential need to waste a scorcher by running outside while that was active) and entered Tazok's tent. One wand scorcher killed Raemon and Britik and a second saw the end of Hakt and left Venkt just needing a few sling shots to finish off.
    I'm sufficiently confident now of being able to avoid the lightning trap that I didn't bother with even putting on Mulahey's boots before opening the chest.

    The ring of free action let me run through the Cloakwood without incident to find the mine. Rather than spend time using Algernon's cloak there I just used 3 wand fireballs from out of sight to kill the mages.
    Genthore and Drasus then died to frost blasts (in the latest EE cold damage no longer destroys equipment, making that a more attractive option than before).

    Inside the mine sling work cleared a route to the second level and then to the third (pulling the guards nearby the exit away to avoid alerting Hareishan). With time up there though Davaeorn will have to wait for tomorrow.

    Wild mage L9, 54 HPs (incl. 6 from familiar), 230 kills

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 11,292
    edited January 10
    Some of you may remember that I had a Fighter/Mage/Cleric running the game three months ago. I've been away from the game for so long that I completely forgot about the run, and failed to keep posting on its progress. Now that I've remembered it, I'll start posting on it once again.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 11,292
    edited January 10

    Frisky Bits the Fighter/Mage/Cleric

    Part 5: Shadows of Amn

    The Planar Sphere is very dangerous in SCS for a no-reload run, but we have two very excellent anti-mage options: Keldorn's Dispel Magic, which is nerfed to level 21 thanks to SCS (I have it set to 1.5 times caster level), and Mazzy's bow, which she fires at 9 APR, enough to quickly shear through Stoneskin. The halflings are the first obstacle, and while Keldorn's Dispel Magic isn't fully reliable, we do land the dispel on Kayardi, leaving him completely vulnerable to Mazzy's arrows. Mogadish isn't any more lucky.

    Necre and Taibela suffer the same fate. Necre loses his buffs to Keldorn's first Dispel Magic, while Taibela loses her buffs to the second casting. They even fail saves against Chaos!

    The Elder Orb catches us by surprise when it approaches us, but we escape by using Invisibility 10' Radius. We still get 14,000 XP from the kill by letting our summons tackle it for us.

    Next up is Lavok. Thus far, I've generally been allowing mages to activate their prebuffs before attacking them, but this time, I try landing a Harm spell on Lavok. It succeeds, and the battle is over before it begins.

    My backup plan was to use cloud spells to disrupt his opening spells and then use Mazzy to tear down his Stoneskins. Item Randomizer grants us the Shield of Reflection.

    The demon I was expecting outside the sphere is now a Glabrezu due to some mod I apparently haven't tried before. With three single-classed fighters and two single-classed fighters, we can deal damage to it very quickly (Mazzy has Enchanted Weapon active, courtesy of Edwin, so her arrows strike as +3). Edwin doesn't have spell protections active beyond SI: Abjuration and Spell Shield, though, which leaves him vulnerable to PW: Stun.

    The only major fight left is Tolgerias. This time, I let his pre-buffs fire before attacking him. Due to careful positioning, only Edwin and our summons suffer any damage from his opening Horrid Wilting Chain Contingency, and since Tolgerias is buffed with PFMW instead of Absolute Immunity or Improved Mantle, we can get past his defenses with normal weapons.

    Better still, Tolgerias wastes his time casting Death Spell to remove our summons (who couldn't even hurt him due to PFMW!) instead of attacking us or casting Time Stop, while his mage friend casts True Seeing. The net result: Tolgerias has made virtually no progress by the time we get past his Stoneskins.

    We escape the Planar Sphere with the Helm of Defense, and both Edwin and Mazzy hit level 13. Mazzy now has 10 APR with Improved Haste and the Tuigan Bow, enough to remove a level 20+ mage's Stoneskins in a single round without assistance.

    I don't find Valygar very interesting or powerful, so I kick him out of the party. We run into Dermin while doing the skinner quest in the Bridge District, a fight I did not see coming. We trigger the fight by breaking invisibility, re-cast Invisibility on Frisky Bits, and then run away to cast our buffs. But casting our buffs broke invisibility in the process, and Dermin was still close enough to spot us. Dermin manages to confuse Mazzy, and since she has no buffs active, he had a 25% chance of success.

    That's bad news for tactical purposes, but then things get really ugly: before Keldorn can dispel the condition, Mazzy opens fire on a nearby child and cuts our reputation in half with a single brutal attack roll.

    Once Mazzy is back under our control thanks to Keldorn's Dispel Magic, we punish Dermin with an Arrow of Dispelling and trample him. Our fire elemental is still confused, but Edwin blinds it, preventing it from attacking any innocent bystanders.

    We approach Dermin's allies, who failed to follow Dermin to our hiding place, and Frisky Bits just barely fails to cast SI: Abjuration before they lose their buffs. Fortunately, the enemy mage, Chrost, has no spell protections active, allowing Edwin to disrupt his spells with Melf's Acid Arrow.

    That still leaves the enemy fighters, but they're not very high-level and don't have very special equipment, so we can smash them even without having all of our buffs active.

    We burn lots of gold at the local temple to bump our reputation up to 18, crush the Crypt King for Adjatha's Drinker, which Item Randomizer put in place of Namarra, and find both the Black Spider Figurine and a Spell Immunity scroll after the fight with Pai'Na.

    Thanks to Edwin's Nether Scrolls quest, we have to fight Nevaziah the lich in order to keep him in the party. On the way, we run into some Greater Mummies, which apparently inflict the fatal disease effect that (nearly? I don't remember) ended one of my previous runs. Fortunately, we notice the disease early and cast Cure Affliction.

    For Nevaziah, we keep Frisky Bits up front to absorb spells and have Edwin fire off a Death Fog spell, but the lich proves immune to acid damage. Fortunately, it still suffers spell disruption, and the lich fails to make any progress against us while Frisky Bits works on the lich's summoned Glabrezu using the Sling of Everard.

    Edwin and Frisky Bits start firing off magic attacks to break down Nevaziah's defenses, and when his Mordenkainen's Sword floats over to slash at Mazzy, we summon an Efreeti to cast Magic Missiles on it so our mages won't have to take time away from working on the lich.

    Then the lich gets Sphere of Chaos off the ground, and Frisky Bits is forced to drink a Potion of Invulnerability to ensure they don't get disintegrated. Just as the lich's PFMW wears off, it casts Horrid Wilting at our Efreeti, and while we can run away from the Efreeti to make sure no one else in the party gets hit, that buys Nevaziah enough time to re-cast PFMW.

    For reasons I can't comprehend, Nevaziah's modest spell protections stand up even after numerous magic attacks by Edwin and Frisky Bits. I counted his spell protections at the start of the fight, and we cast more than enough spells to remove absolutely all of them. Yet Nevaziah flat-out ignored them--as if he was a vanilla lich, and therefore immune to ALL level 1-5 spells, including magic attacks.

    Keldorn also fails to dispel the lich's buffs, but Edwin's Death Fog is still there. We stand watch as the lich struggles to cast spells, invincible to our attacks due to PFMW and some sort of bug, but nearly helpless against Death Fog.

    The lich can still re-cast PFMW, but it can't do much else besides fire a fruitless Breach at Edwin. Meanwhile, we cast Improved Haste on Mazzy to land a quick kill once it runs out of PFMW spells.

    But the lich still has another PFMW, and once the lich has escaped the range of the Death Fog (which has since dissipated anyway), it summons a Nabassu, which silences Jaheira and Edwin before Frisky Bits puts it down with her sling.

    Nevaziah casts Cloudkill and Spell Thrust, but those aren't enough to weaken the party when it finally runs out of PFMW spells. Even a hideous Sunfire+Cloudkill+Cloudkill Spell Trigger isn't enough to fend us off.

    I originally intended to side with Bodhi, as I usually do, but then Mazzy and Keldorn object, and I remember that they leave the party if you do. I side with the Shadow Thieves instead--it's more dangerous, in my opinion, but it also lets me keep two highly productive characters that I like.

    Here is the party as we begin the main Shadow Thief questline:

    Frisky Bits





    Notice that we're missing the Gauntlets of Dexterity and Belm for Keldorn and Jaheira, but we've found the Bracers of Archery for Mazzy (not that she needed them) and we have an early pair of Boots of Speed. Overall, Item Randomizer has been working against us.

    Mazzy is our best damage dealer with 29% of our party kills by XP value, with Frisky Bits close behind at 28%. Jaheira, Edwin, and Keldorn are at 20%, 14%, and 6%. Mazzy's sky-high APR and extremely low THAC0 outweigh Frisky Bits' cleric buffs due to Emotion: Hope and Emotion: Courage, both spells from IWDification, granting +5 to damage and therefore benefiting high-APR characters the most. In a normal run, Jaheira would be much higher by dual-wielding Belm and Gnasher, and Frisky Bits would come out over Mazzy thanks to DUHM and the Flail of Ages (which we don't currently possess).

    Before we fight any vampires, we buy two mod-introduced items: the Weary Cudgel and the Guardian, a club that imposes fatigue and a shield that can summon a Lesser Shambling Mound. I don't know if I'll use any mod items in this run, but we can afford them. We also get the Amulet of Power from Aran Linvail--fortunately, Item Randomizer doesn't touch it.

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  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 11,292

    Frisky Bits the Fighter/Mage/Cleric

    Part 6: Shadows of Amn

    With the Amulet of Power on Keldorn and Improved Mace of Disruption on Frisky Bits, we suffer no level drains in the first task for Aran Linvail; Entropy Shield gives Jaheira spectacular AC and Mazzy can strike from afar. Terminsel finally shows up and gives Jaheira the Harper Pin, and now our fighter/druid has +5 to all saves--better than a dwarf or halfling's save bonuses.

    A mod-introduced Necromancer, Ninde, joins the party in Bodhi's lair. Her spellbook is pretty empty, but she does have the Death Spell, which I'll be able to use in the De'Arnise Hold. I bring her along for the fight with the vampires, taking advantage of her immunity to level drain to make her a strong tank.

    The level drain message in the dialog box is an error; she's not losing any levels. Back upstairs, Tanova loses her PFMW to Keldorn's Dispel Magic, allowing Frisky Bits to land an instant kill with her Mace of Disruption. She lands another kill on Gellal with one hit.

    I understand that you can run away from Bodhi and trigger her running-away dialog, but I decide to fight her, since we have mages with PFMW and lots of attack power from our various fighters. PFMW works just fine, but it doesn't do anything to stop Bodhi's wicked innate spells.

    Bodhi drops Jaheira's CON to 2, forcing her to flee. Bodhi stubbornly refuses to switch targets, and so we kite her until she decides to flee.

    Time to tackle the De'Arnise Hold! In the end, I decide to just have Ninde scribe a Death Spell scroll for Edwin and kick her out of the party so Edwin can cast it instead. Unfortunately, I discover that the Death Spell no longer works against Spirit Trolls in my install, the main reason I wanted it.

    But with the party around level 13 (and Frisky Bits a bit lower due to being a triple-class), Spirit Trolls aren't really that big of a threat. We're able to stomp most of the fights with little trouble. TorGal is the only real threat--and he isn't even that, because Keldorn can easily wipe out the Yuan-ti Mages' defenses, Mazzy can quickly pin them down, and Frisky Bits, now with the Flail of Ages in hand, can thrash TorGal with little assistance.

    Edwin hits level 14, gaining access to a bunch of level 7 spells. Since he's providing plenty of mage spells on his own, I opt not to bring Nalia into the party. Edwin has recently activate the Nether Scroll and has transformed into a woman, much to his displeasure.

    Instead, I recruit Jan, just for some extra power during the fight at the Guarded Compound. We head upstairs under invisibility, have Jan disarm some traps, and have Frisky Bits begin the fight by hurling a rock at Sion. Sion begins casting the moment she breaks invisibility, which means he loses his first spell.

    Frisky Bits draws attention from numerous enemies, but with both mage and cleric buffs active, they are in little danger. Meanwhile, Edwin uses a Secret Word+Spell Thrust+Secret Word Spell Sequencer to strike at Sion's defenses in spite of his invisibility.

    Secret Word can take down Spell Shield, Spell Thrust will remove all Spell Immunity spells, and the second Secret Word can take down Spell Deflection or Spell Turning. But there's no discernible effect, and to my confusion and annoyance, some of our following Secret Word spells go to the Stone Golem instead of Sion, despite the golem being distinctly further away than Sion himself. I really don't like how unreliable SCS-style magic attack targeting is.

    We've slain Sion's Simulacrum, which arrived without any pre-buffs, but with all of our magic attacks somehow unable to take down his SI: Divination and render him vulnerable to Keldorn's Dispel Magic, we can't stop him from casting Improved Mantle. I keep trying to nail him with magic attacks--the whole point of SCS' revised magic attacks was to make it possible to debuff invisible mages--while our fighters switch their attention to Koshi, whose laughable defenses prove his undoing. Kensais have long been overhyped.

    Our magic attacks continue to fly halfway across the room just to target the Stone Golems instead of Sion. I don't see why the invisible critters who cast those spells don't have scripts designed to keep them from targeting enemies without spell protections, which I know is possible. Since Sion's SI: Divination is completely unbreakable, just like it would be in vanilla, Keldorn's True Seeing and Jan's Detect Illusions are only good for repeatedly revealing Ketta and preventing her from landing backstabs. With nothing better to do, we stomp on Stalman.

    Because Sion has no idea that he's untouchable, he casts PFMW via Spell Trigger even though we can't target him anyway. Once again, we have nothing to better to do than smash a low-priority target: Maferan, who drops the Girdle of Stone Giant Strength.

    Sion casts Time Stop and fires off Dispel Magic and Dragon's Breath under Improved Alacrity, but thanks to SI: Abjuration and good positioning, only Jaheira and Jan loses their buffs (not that we need Jan anyway, if his Detect Illusions can't break SI: Divination).

    Bad positioning means that Jaheira gets hit by Dragon's Breath, but she's not in much danger and she's not that important for this fight anyway.

    Sion is now finally visible, but he's wasted his weapon immunity spells when he was still invisible and untargetable. As a result, he only has Mantle left. In the end, we can break through his defenses just by using Frisky Bits' Sling of Everard and Mazzy's Darts +5 from the Cloak of Stars.

    What a pathetic fight. Scripting errors made Sion untouchable, and then Sion completely failed to capitalize on it by failing to cast Summon Fallen Planetar or a decent disabler.

    Whatever. We now have Celestial Fury, which Mazzy will be able to use to devastating effect later on.

    We clear up most of the first level of Watcher's Keep (I leave the Statues alone) through brute force, then do the same to Mencar Pennypincher and Smelly Porkslicer back at the Promenade. I return to the Druid Grove to buy some potions, but Keldorn, sensing evil behind Adratha's facade, breaks our cover and starts the fight before we have our defenses active. Frisky Bits manages to get SI: Evocation off the ground, but Skull Traps still give us grief, and ultimately we have to burn a Potion of Magic Shielding to make sure they stay healthy.

    Only Mazzy's spectacular APR and THAC0 hold off the enemy rakshasas' spells long enough for us to put down Ihtafeer, who drops both the Periapt of Proof Against Poison and the Amulet of Spell Warding.

    We head back to Athkatla, and in the Shadow Thief headquarters, Degardan shows up to ask about Edwin. Since we have to fight Degardan eventually anyway, I decide to reveal Edwin as a prank.

    Turns out that Edwin takes that as a complete betrayal, even though we had every intention of slaying Degardan to defend him. Edwin leaves the party and turns hostile.

    Edwin is easy to put down, but now we've lost our best mage. We invested over 1.5 million XP in Edwin, and now it's all gone.

    Fortunately, Nalia starts out at 1.35 million XP, which means we've only lost a few hundred thousand XP in total, and while she has far fewer spell slots than Edwin, she can use a few more items, and she does have better AC and saving throws. I have Frisky Bits scribe a bunch of new scrolls to add to Nalia's spellbook.

    Imoen might be a better option than Nalia due to having more thief levels (as @Alesia_BH has pointed out, she's the stronger ToB option since Imoen gets a triple backstab multiplier and therefore has better potential for Black Blade of Disaster+Mislead backstabs), but it doesn't cost that much money to re-scribe a bunch of scrolls for Imoen to serve as our new primary mage if I change my mind, and I don't have any other NPCs I'd like to add to the party.

    It's time to head to Spellhold. We only have 5 party members and we're missing several major items I'd normally take with us, like the Robe of Vecna, but I have more than enough options to deal with the threats in Spellhold and the Underdark. Irenicus can be debuffed with normal magic attacks and disrupted pretty easily with darts; the Balor is highly vulnerable to Darts of Stunning bolstered by Enchanted Weapon; the Kuo-toa Prince is easy for any party with decent burst damage; Chaotic Commands can deal with the mind flayer ambush; blitzkrieg tactics work fine on the lone beholder; strong THAC0 or traps or a Limited Wish Time Stop via scroll or spell can slay the Egg Guards; and invisibility can get you past virtually all other plot-critical obstacles, including Taso Kala, the drow woman who demands you beat the Ghaundaur priests within an hour before you return the (fake) eggs to Phaere.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 1,945
    Dreadnought has finished the Menhir quest and the Dwarves of Dumathoin Quest. It took some time but there was never any real danger. Not surprisingly Baeloth wasn't there, but then he was killed in BG1. Looks like the difficult work is done in this area. :)

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 1,945
    A couple of sad deaths there. :'( Dreadnought has reached chapter 9 in SoD so it won't be long before he has to face the Neothelid. The difference is that I have a party of fairly robust characters. One is a high level thief and one a fighter/thief. Perhaps I should drop one of them off to ensure that both of them don't lose both my thieves. It would have to be my dual-classed Shar-Teel as I am pretty sure that if I drop off Artemis Entreri he will leave never to come back. That's what seems to happen with Drizzt Saga NPCs. I could perhaps see if I can pick up Dorn as a temporary replacement whilst facing the Neothelid. I have decent 2-handed swords which he could use.

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,644
    Abjuration is overrated.

    Have fun!!!

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