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[Forum Game] Baldur's Gate is like...

ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
Ladies and gentle skunks,

a new forum game arises. In this forum game
I want content of the Baldur's Gate games or the games themselves to be compared to all kind of things
and the next poster must explain the comparison. You may also make comparisons about Icewind Dale if you wish.

For example:

"Baldur's Gate is like a burrito"

Next poster: "They both start with a 'b'.
Irenicus is like a mother-in-law"

And now the next poster would have to explain why Irenicus could be like a mother-in-law.
And so on. The explanations and the comparisons may be as absurd as you wish and hopefully funny ;)
However, please refrain from outright disrespectful comparisons and explanations.
I'd like this forum game to be lighthearted and funny.

You can compare the games themselves or any specific content of them, be it NPCs or certain quests
or areas and so on.

And the next poster has to explain your comparison and
can then post a comparison themselves!

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