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[MOD] Dragonspear UI++ (v2.42) - Now compatible with BG2:EE



  • GynsburgheGynsburghe Member Posts: 60
    I'm so happy for the BG2EE compatibility! I've loved this UI mod since it started, but I have had problems over the years (I'm a Mac user, with a 5k screen...)

    I thought I was beyond those issues now, but my current build of SoD equipped BGEE has developed a quirk that both I and my wife swear is new as of today. Noticing there was a new build, and I put my UI mods last for ease of change, I updated. But...

    The text in the bottom dialogue box is getting clipped off - as if the settings believe the area is bigger than what it is. Here's a screenshot of some longer dialogue/text having this problem:


    I am currently using no other UI mods, and I suspect that changing a couple of parameters within the override UI Menu file would make it better.

    Any guidance?

  • razaraza Member Posts: 24

    Can you plz fix scroll bar in character info view -> class description details tab?

  • southfla79southfla79 Member Posts: 212
    @Pecca or anybody really....does this work with the World Map mod?

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    @Ludwig_II I have no plans to add/change more content, sorry. Once I finish compatibility with EET and IWD:EE, I will consider this mod complete (aside from bug fixes and compatibility issues with future patches of the games - which I really hope there won't be many)

    @Gynsburghe Thanks for the bug report, I'll need to investigate this further. In the meantime, you can try to use the other dialog layout, the option to switch this is in the UI settings menu.

    @raza Thanks for the bug report, I will look and fix this.

    @southfla79 I haven't done any action to ensure the compatibility with that mod from my side, and neither I have tested it, so I really don't know. If the worldmap mod makes changes to, it will probably not be compatible.

  • Ludwig_IILudwig_II Member Posts: 309
    Thanks for the response Pecca, it's awesome in any case. I love this mod.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,013
    @Pecca - weren't there plans to introduce BG2 UI style for BG2 game?

  • svilisvili Member Posts: 2
    edited April 2019
    Hello @Pecca , first of all I love your mod, I used it for my playthrough for BG1EE.
    It just so happened that I finished that 2 days ago, exactly when you released the BG2EE compatibility.
    So I downloaded and installed the new (2.4) version and started playing BG2EE.
    Everything seems fine except for ONE thing.

    The game crashes everytime I open a vendor's identification tab or the healing/cure tab of priests.
    I should also mention that the identification tab only crashes, when I actually have an identifiable item in my inventory.

    I only have your mod installed, and have a separate game folder for Lefreaut's UI and the default UI, none of them crash.

    Im quite new to this game so don't know where to find a crash report but would certainly send one for you.

    Post edited by svili on
  • Ludwig_IILudwig_II Member Posts: 309
    Did anyone here try this mod with SCS v32 rc10? For some reason, I can't install SCS so I can't try it

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    @LavaDelVortel Yeah, there were a lot of plans, but I had to put them on an indefinite hold, because of how long it takes me to release things in the last months. I have a lot of concept art though, maybe around ten distinct styles of UI based on existing graphics of all IE games. It turns out that I prefer drawing in my free time ever since I started coding for a living :) . It might be an interesting idea to cooperate with another modder who would take care of the coding part, after all, I enjoyed working with Mr2150 on this mod a lot back in a day...

    @svili Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into it and fix it.

    @Ludwig_II I don't think SCS alters UI so it should be compatible.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,307
    edited April 2019
    *expectations reaching critical mass*

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 823
    I think the code in SCS is intelligent enough to handle most plausible changes, though in some cases it might do it a bit unaesthetically.

  • svilisvili Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much, it works perfectly!

  • kungfuhobbitkungfuhobbit Member Posts: 164
    edited April 2019
    @Pecca @lefreut Could amazing multi-party-member UI++ inventory screen be added into EEUITweaks please?

  • InKalInKal Member Posts: 161
    I have this strange red markings/dots. Latest DSUI++, SCS R10, bunch of other mods.

  • InKalInKal Member Posts: 161
    Ludwig_II wrote: »
    Did anyone here try this mod with SCS v32 rc10? For some reason, I can't install SCS so I can't try it

    Yes, SCS 32 rc10 install just fine with DU++ (BG:EE) but causes the "bug" above. Nothing game breaking just kinda annoying. I am almost totally sure that it is RC10 fault, there was no "reds" in SCS 31 (I only replaced SCSs in my install, all other mods are exactly the same, only dropped Drizzit Saga - no! no fecking Drizzit never ever again!! just NO! thx but NO!!! thx!) but not 100% sure. ;]
    Heh, ridiculous problem.

  • ShardexShardex Member Posts: 11
    edited April 2019
    edit: solved.
    Thanks for the continuous updates!

    Post edited by Shardex on
  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    @kungfuhobbit I have no plans for that, sorry.

    @InKal Interesting, I'll keep that in mind. As was disscussed above, SCS does make some changes to, so it is indeed likely that it's causing it.

  • ArjukKagrimArjukKagrim Member Posts: 44
    Is there any news on EET compability? I would really like to start my next playthrough with this great UI.

  • MadrictMadrict Member Posts: 141
    Same, I am waiting on EET compatibility before I play again :)

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    No ETA for EET compability yet.

  • KiliyanKiliyan Member Posts: 6
    I love the UI, but I have two issues with it and was hoping there was an easy fix for them.

    - I can't skip dialogue with Space for some reason and I don't see any setting to change it. ESC does the same here, but it's not as comfortable as Space. So I figured maybe there is a way to assign Space that function as it works in the classic UI?
    - There is no loot all button on containers and I don't see a keybind for it either, which would be fine as well. This is really annoying when looting through stuff and having to click every single arrow stack.

    Any solutions would be appreciated.

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    @Kiliyan Hi, you can allow space to advance dialog by editing UI.MENU file in the override folder of your game. You must search for a line with "on space" and delete that. I purposely forbid this, because I found it incredibly annoying, but you can revert it easily for yourself. The other issue with loot all button is because I never noticed it was introduced and just past the old code into a new build so it was left out. I can reintroduce it with another update.

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
    Any chance for a BG:T release?

  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 1,186
    @Arthas This mod uses new, EE-only Lua UI system, Classic ToB engine doesn't have Lua UI system at all. It's impossible to create such UI for classic games.

  • Chevalier_NoirChevalier_Noir Member Posts: 11
    edited June 2019
    Thank you for sharing this mod, it is really great.

    I am still testing it and I notice one thing, when the character is dual class, would it be possible to display XP in the left windows consistantely with the XP in the right part ? The fighter class has 2000 XP and the maximum level of XP is 2000 and not 4000.

    In the same way is it possible to display if the class is inactive ?


    The second question, is about bonuses based on Intelligence or Wisdom, I tried to add the total number of extra spell but the function is abit hard to develop. Do you think it is possible ? Do you have any clue ?

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,016
    @Chevalier_Noir Hi, I haven't customized the XP display for dual classes, so it shows values the same way as multi - next level for lvl2 fighter is 4000XP, but there should be inactive label instead, so I'll add that to my to-do list.
    Bonuses for Int and Wis are hard to catch and display in a single row, I take all those values from the list of proficiencies.ability (I think that's the one) based on index, which can be different for different classes. You need to identify indexes of values you want to use, for all the classes you want to use and create conditions for them.

    Anyway unfortunately, I have no time for modding now, so I haven't made any progress towards EET compatibility, but I still plan to do it.

  • Chevalier_NoirChevalier_Noir Member Posts: 11
    edited June 2019
    Thanks a lot for your answer, then as I am not familiar with this I will let it as it is, it is more a nice-to-have.

    Just for the challenge, I tried to do the conversion of your mod to EET manually and it is almost finished, but not completly tested.
    As I also did some cosmetic adjustements in the UI. If you want I would be able to provide in a few days, the result without any changes compared to the original mod. Moreover, I will add the french translation.

    Post edited by Chevalier_Noir on
  • RythianRythian Member Posts: 3
    Hi. This UI is amazing and I don't want to play the game without it anymore. :)

    However, the only thing that's currently a problem is the spellbook issue. For some reason, level 8 and 9 spells don't show up properly in the wizard spellbook. I can pick a spell and place it and cast it, but the icon is not actually there, so I can't un-memorize it or see what I have. GJTDkH9.jpg

    The only way for me to un-memorize the spells right now is to uninstall the UI, change with the default UI, and then reinstall it. A bit of a hassle!

    I tried looking through file with my limited UI modding knowledge, but couldn't see any major differences between the code for level 7 and 8 spells. So I turn to you, or any other UI expert around to solve this.

    Thank you again for your awesome UI!

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