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Help! I'm not an outlaw and the Nashkel cops won't leave me alone!

New group goes to Nashkel. No problems. Do some shopping, pick up a juicy contract about this witch and a few errands from the fat kid in the center of town. Decide I want to change up the roster, ditch the annoyihg girl who keeps calling me "boffleheaded." Go back up north to pick up of mutts named Montaron and Xzar. Go to Friendly Arm Inn to turn in some quests. Make some more changes to my line up.

Now, as I'm leaving, the two guards outside the Inn manage to get themselves dead. Is that anybody's fault? Not that I can see. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. My group -- Shar-teel, Montaron, Viconia, Edwin, Eldoth -- are happy, and that is all that matters.

My group is -- wrongly, I might add, because nobody can prove they were involved -- DESPISED (Reputation 4). The townspeople and vendors at the good ole FAI don't seem too angry though. Nobody attacks us. But maybe they were just playing it smart and didn't want to get dead either.

Anyway, I shrug it off and go about my business. Travel back down south. Work my way through the Cloud Peak Mountains to the Gnoll Fortress and finish the contract I have with Edwin. (Unpleasant business, that, but a deal is a deal).

Decide to go back to Nashkel and sell off my piles of fat loot -- I'm going to be rich!

And here my troubles begin. Every single guard in Nashkel is violently hostile to me. They start shooting as soon as we make eye contact. Whoops! Guess they heard the rumors.

I high tail it out of town and go north again, to the temple outside of Beregost. I love the temples. Those simps *know* where the money comes from but they'll take it just the same. I get in good enough with the priests that my group is now just UNLIKED (Reputation 8) rather than despised. Good enough, I think.

Go back down south to Nashkel ... and the damn cops are still in a "shoot first, ask later" frame of mind. Seriously, who polices a town like that? It seems irresponsible. Responsible as I am, I don't fight back because there's no percentage in killing them or hurting innocents.

Instead, I make a beeline for the temple at the center of town. I dump more cash down the priest's throat and they like me so much I've become POPULAR (Reputaiton 13). Unfortunately, I'm also broke but I figure as long as Montaron and Edwin don't realize I gave all their money to the temple, I'll be fine.

Go back outside. First cop I see ignores me. Great stuff! I'm in the clear!

But no -- I walk down to the east edge of town to check out the carnival, and there they are again, shouting for the "Glory of Arm" and notching fresh arrows before I can open my mouth.

What the hell? Did the temple goons pull a fast one on me? Some of the Nashkel cops ignore me and do nothing as I walk past, others want me dead. Never seen that before. And it seems no matter how beloved I become in the eyes of the general populace, I can't change this.

A little help, fellow adventurers, and maybe I can throw a few coin your way. Edwin tells me might have more work for the right kind of party.


TL;DR - Lowered my rep to 4, cleared 4-5 zones, went back to Nashkel and the guards are hostile. I can still talk to quest givers, commoners, and vendors. Raised my rep from 4 to 8 and then to 13 at the temples, and now only *some* Nashkel guards are hostile while others are not. No Flaming Fist or mercs are spawning, but no matter what I do I can't get *all* the guards to be friendly.

Is this some kind of bug? Is my game borked?


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