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The Baldur's Gate Wiki is in a poor state.



  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    Alright! I finished up putting together a set of articles for all the different cinematic cutscenes, please check it out :D

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    Holy shite, I can't believe the wiki doesn't feature an article on the BG3: The Black Hound o_O
    Okay guys, what ever information you have on that, please throw it here so that I can fix that.

  • ifupaulineifupauline Member Posts: 404

    @islandking It already helps to fix mistakes when they are spotted :)

    Speaking of which, I just found this gem:

    Figured I'd save it before I fix it >.>

    he probably meant DragonLance

    Get the joke? alright i'm out...

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,427
    Good job!

    Next I am gonna go through the different companion pages and update/ rearrange them step by step.
    This is gonna take a while :|

    You can use @elminster 's NPC guides for that:

    for BGEE
    for BG2EE

  • VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,287
    I bet digging through the Did You Know thread could reveal interesting stuff to add to Trivia.

  • ErstarrungErstarrung Member Posts: 46

    Boom, another one done: Baldur's Gate (comic)

    This is great work, as I only new about the (awful) novels, but not about the comic.

    Although there is one mistake in your summary (as you put that much work in it, I wouldn't dare just changing it): In the summary, it is stated: "Ajantis calls her [Shar-Teel] out on being Eldoth's former partner which she confirms." - Actually, she denies it.
    The in-comic conversation goes:
    Ajantis: Shar-Teel! He [Eldoth] was about to say you... It [the former partner] was you!
    Shar-Teel: Watch your tongue, Paladin! You're talking nonsense!

    Shar-Teel then gives Ajantis one sack of the dowry, but she is NOT blaming Ajantis for all that happened. She is blaming him for killing the group, though, because after his (wrong) accusations that she was the former partner of Eldoth, she says: "Believe what you will, but I'll not suffer this! Here! This was down the tunnel! Take the blasted coins and go! I want no part of you! Your righteousness did what Eldoth couldn't. Our group is truly dead!"

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,427
    This shows the importance of the correct wiki.

  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,509
    While i try to learn how to find the effects in Near Infinity, and decide if i should merge the BG1 and BG2 list, i browsed trough the wiki at random, and made some edit:
    -created some missing articles for rings and weapons
    -added North Forest area
    -uploaded some pictures
    -made some other minor edits.

    And i can collect badges there too! :D

  • WaterRabbitWaterRabbit Member Posts: 11
    I was regularly adding to the the Wiki, but then the douche bag Sysop Eric the Mad destroyed an enormous amount of work I added without and real apparent reason - so I refuse to spend any more time working on it since. I just maintain my own files and go for there. The best thing that could happen to the Wiki is that Eric permanently leave as I know several other people that he has driven away with his random deletions.

    He runs the wiki as his personal fife.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,427
    @WaterRabbit While it's sad to hear, you must remember that this site rules' don't permit flaming and insults to individuals.

    If there's a problem with someone deleting content on the wiki, then this has to be addressed. Suggest possible ways of handling this situation, and the community will help. But please, don't go personal in your comments.

  • VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,287
    I'm not knowledgeable about such things but would it be possible to document all stat checks on the wiki? Like I know that if you have 18 Charisma then you get a +1 dagger during the Errand for Fuller quest.

    I think SoD has some charisma checks in dialogue as well but I don't know how to go about testing this =/

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,486
    Just about all BG1 "Charisma" checks are actually Reaction checks, which are a combination of your Reputation and Charisma. In SoD, stat checks are made instead of Reaction checks.

    The easiest way to find all of these is to open NearInfinity and run a Text Search in .DLG files (with "include trigger and action scripts" marked) for "ReactionGT" and "ReactionLT", plus "CheckStatGT" and "CheckStatLT" to find all of the Reaction and stat checks in dialogue. Documenting all of them would be a huge undertaking, just from taking a quick look.

  • VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,287
    Oh? I thought there were very few in number. Interesting.

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,486
    Well, not all of them give a reward for higher or lower stats/Reaction like Fuller. Usually it just makes an NPC greet you differently, so documenting the ones that are actually beneficial in some way will be much more manageable.

    I have this tendency to miss the forest for the trees until I think about something harder.

  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,916
    edited February 2017
    Flashburn said:

    Documenting all of them would be a huge undertaking, just from taking a quick look.

    Let me know if you need/want help with grep or a Perl script.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    @WaterRabbit Never happened to me, I don't even know Eric before :-)
    Anyways vanilla staff is being constantly added/updated, but there's few SoD content on BGwikia yet, so any contributions would be appreciated, especially a walk-through.
    Don't know if the Gamebanshee SoD guide can be borrowed, will list its source and credit of course...

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,427

    Don't know if the Gamebanshee SoD guide can be borrowed, will list its source and credit of course...

    Better to send Gamebanshee an inquiry first. It’s owned and administered by Jon "Buck" Birnbaum. So the way to contact them is to mail to [email protected]

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    Yeah @JuliusBorisov, I was looking for ways to contact GameBanshee just then but their site was unavailable at that time, thanks for the contact info, inquiry already sent :-)

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    Nope, it didn't go well, Jon "Buck" Birnbaum says the GamesBanshee site needs the exclusive contents like these to stay alive.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    So, willing native English writers please. some small contents parts like SoD companion quests, etc, my language level might do, see some of the companion pages and tell me how you feel about them,
    but for a large & detailed walkthrough? my humble "english" just won't work.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    Alright, Jaheira's quotes are voiced now, check to see how you like it, please tell me if I mess up the line order, it was so many of them...
    And as I said in comment of that page, I'd like to say here again: Thanks you @kjeron and @badungu for telling me how to find her in-game bio in SoD, much appreciated.
    Right now the infobox item template is down in visual mode and wikia staff are investigating the issue, so anyone planing to use that template please use the source instead.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    That's awesome! I've always wanted to see a complete spell guide like that in wikia, would you check
    as well, see how else you could add to your guide?
    Another thing is where to put the guide? Because..1. There're already four spell lists. 2. You may want to put your guide to a place where more people can see. Maybe you should leave a message to 23dutch45man, talk with him about your guide.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    edited July 2017
    To be honest, I never expected such a wall of texts from the PMs I sent to you, for whoever I sent requests to, the answer is always a yes or no. Most scenarios are they either run a commercial site that profits from visits to host Ads, which is fully understandable why their answer is no, or, BG fans who are glad to give me the permission even if I contact them some days later after my carry work, and the replies are like “Of course, take whatever you need!”. And yes, there’re few who care about their blog popularity more than helping others, but fortunately they are rare at best.

    I also know that there were 2 BGwikias before, ThomasMalcum, builder of BG2wikia, prompted the merge into BGwikia, where there’re more contributors who’re dedicated to their work: people like Thomaslove92, its founder, people like 23dutch45man, who joined the site since 2012-10-13, 7,813 EDITS, even occasionally today, people who safe guard it from VSTF (spams trolls) since 2012-01… but this:
    Flashburn said:

    I didn't want to help with that because it seemed like trying to polish a turd

    I know that PIHwiki has its own Archive page, and “It's kept only for historical purposes, and out of respect for people who created and contributed” as it’s said, so this is how you “respect for anyone who creates a resource of information from a long time ago that's still relevant today, even if their creators have faded into the ether”? Sounds like the only “respect” you had is for pihw contributors, that’s arrogant.

    And this:
    Flashburn said:

    so poor was the wikia's quality, which is why @Buttercheese made this thread

    I’m 200% certain that @Buttercheese is not showing off how “turd” BGwikia is, which is not, and how stupid its contributors are because they’re literally “polish(ing) a turd”, as you've said. Quite the contrary, Buttercheese made this thread to encourage more people to share their wisdom there, to improve wikia, which herself did, a lot of excellent work.

    Plus, you may PM @JuliusBorisov anytime to ask him why he pinned this thread and why he promoted people who made differences to BGwikia. I’m quite certain that the answer isn’t what you expect.

    But enough of the history lessons, which are entirely irrelevant to the topic.

    I get it you find BGwikia not as in-depth as PIHwiki, just like I find PIHwiki lack of fundamental basics for inexperienced players. However, I view such differences completely differently: I don’t see other wiki as rivals, and I certainly won’t attack its contributors, even for their aggressive attitude. I, however, consider both BGforge and BGwikia are fan made, strong in its own areas, but share an inseparateable bond – the love for Baldur’s Gate game! Instead of barring doors, distancing from each others, we should work together to build a comprehensiveness site for all BG fans, new comers AND veterans. BGwikia already covers fan stuffs, system basics plus numerous data, all it needs are gameplay insights from experienced players, something you can provide. Please do get me correctly at this point, I’m not asking you to contribute on “my” site, or the site of my favorite, which is not, I’m merely asking your permissions, just say the word so that more people can benefit from it rather than letting it sit on the site of your favorite, and I’ll do all the editings, crediting your name, your links, highlighting thanks to PIHwiki, and I’ll do the subsequent maintenance work, for fans, not for my own.

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