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Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum

ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956

I do quite a few runs, all are no-re-load ,and usually just describe a lil of them on my wall, but as that gradually disappears I thought of making a lil spot in this section to re-read some of my runs fighting the dreaded virus Restartitis. Missed a few I completed but this is part of the last I made through BG with without loosing interest. I've been to BG2 many a time in the past, and several through SoD, but being relatively new to mods (just several months), I keep trying new things just in BG, my favorite of all.

The first started as regular rolls, 98-100+, resurrection, the works. After the first few mentioned here I switched to the challenge runs as listed in the title of the thread.

My new rules:
You must use a non-edited roll of 75
- You can re-roll as many times as you like
- You may not resurrect any party members
- Core rules
- No reloading
- Random HP's
- Random Chances To Learn Spells
- Weather and Gore On

I just wanted a place to include the older 'regular' ones for reference.

One might notice I have a particular like for Lovecraftian themes in my characters often. My favorite author and mythos so hard not to work them in every now and again. Another noticeable thing will often be non standard humanoid races, and their different views on people and places

The last that just completed BG.
Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
"And Ao appeared during the Time of Troubles (ToT), white beard, wearing a black robe doted with many moons"

Beyond the realms of time and space is another, some say even having a hand in the creation of the universe (or at least a pseudopod).
"That last amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the centre of all infinity-the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drumsand the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes" HP Lovecraft. He is attended by his servitors, flautists that announce his appearance. Those that worship Azathoth worship insanity and chaos.

Nyarlathotep, the Crawing Chaos, is his servant, or is it the lesser being Nyarlathotep that pulls the strings for himself? Another may come, born of a god from the ToT, to overtake Nyarlathotep, loyal to Azathoth alone, a flautist supreme...

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
    Thus begins the tale of young bard of Candlekeep, born of a half drow gypsy of whom he has no memory other than that of the name she gave him, Velnarin (Drow:'Instrument).His dreams started after following one of the many cats of CK to a long forgotten and hidden stash of books. A strange hairless little beast with piercing eyes, as if they looked right through him, adopting him when all the other cats shied away from him and howled at his strange music. These books with names such as the Book of Eibon, Unausprechlichen Kulten, De Vermis Mysterilis, Cultes de Goules,and part of both the Celaeno Fragments and the Pnakotic Manuscripts spoke of almost forgotten beings, from outside the realms, beings worshiped by nonhuman races when humans were still primitive.

    In his dreams he saw unspeakable abominations, crawling, bubbling, amorphous horrors that strained his mind to near breaking. It was the music he heard, the monotonous drone of flutes that kept him from wholly losing himself. Flautists, seemingly part frog and part octopus, playing to him, searing the music into his mind.

    After some time he began this music while awake, often causing the monks to loose their concentration, resulting in their drawing of disturbing imagery while copying manuscripts. Velnarin found he had inherited his mothers gift of charming others through his music, to do his bidding. He could play many an instrument but the flute was his first choice.

    The night came when he sensed something was going to change. Going to sleep, his dreams of the demon like flautists appeared once more, beckonng him to follow, but he suddenly awoke to morning. The hairless cat was perched atop him, staring. The cat looked to the bedside table and he saw upon it rested a black flute, like those played by the flautists in his disturbing dreams, with a swirling of bluish-olive coloring marbled over it's surface. As he picked it up his head spun and he passed out.
    When he awoke, a monk was standing over him, speaking as if through glass, telling him to gather his things and meet Gorion. He was to leave CK immediately. As he picked up the strange flute and his meager belongings he noticed the hairless cat had gone. He would have liked to taken him with him, as a companion to wherever. But no time to hesitate, it was time to go. He had the strangest feeling though that he would see that cat again one day.

    As he was leaving, his thinking felt somehow strange, his mind felt strained. What he was beginning to experience, unbeknownst to him, was cognitive dissonance, brought on from the stresses of his dreams, horrible and yet oddly attractive experiences that were really beginning to make more sense than his waking life. It was him trying to reconcile this with his real waking life that was causing some distress. Neither his dreams or his 'real' life seemed to fit together quite right and life to him appeared as if looking through a closed window. Regardless, he would have to deal with it soon, he must rush to Gorion, maybe he could provide some insight that could help, wise as he was.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
    So far so good. After soloing the first half I have joined two fellow ...'mentally insightful' shall we say, companions to continue on into the Cloakwood Mines with. Xzar and Tiax have proved to just the right audience for this gypsy's aspirations, as they both find his disturbing style of playing both soothing and inspirational compared to most, heh.

    I went back to extreme backside of CK by the sea and cast my FF spell. The little hairless cat jumped from the high ramparts of CK, did a backflip and landed feet first in front of me. Knew I would see him again.

    Velnarin's mental state continues to make adjustments to his waking life vs his dream life. Now the dreams have changed into something new. It must be the influence of Azathoth, guiding and granting him new powers.

    His singing has improved. His attackers hear his music and are mentally unable to comprehend the images that appear in their heads, lulled into doing whatever he tells them to do.
    Often they are ordered to lay down their weapons and go stand facing into a corner while their buddies are subsequently destroyed, their screams echoing in their heads. At other times they are told to attack their friends themselves, seeing the horrified looks on their faces as they face death from one who a moment before was a comrade.
    11th lvl now, save vs his charming are +0 against.
    The cat had no name, but seemed ok with the one Velnarin gave him, Murrpau, or 'cat' in the name of his mother's kin on her drow side, simple but pleasing to the ear. Half drow like his mother he has taken quite well into studying the language from the rare book here and there. He did meet a wayward drow, Viconia, on the surface, but she seemed somewhat disturbed by his music (which she said was unusual, given her background). He save her from death and departed from her. Maybe another day.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
    Aec's cultists, pheh. They dared to attack and were then only ordered to fight amongst themselves. No one can long resist the monotonous drone of the black flute. Xzar did go down by a surprise attacker, but Tiax quickly raised him again, just for the spirited conversation. And as with the demonknight, Aec'Letec fell with a thrown dagger as well. Saervok's dopplegangers were dispatched in the palace with the help of Xzar's shadow's and Velnarin's blast of Divine Wrath.

    These enemies are falling like a dream falls into wakefulness, or is it the other way around?The lines are blurred and Azathoth does stay calm with the power and skill of a master flautist born of the god of murder. So many defeated and still Velnarin and his small band of madmen continue to defy what the 'norms' think of as reality.

    Together they continue their terrible pilgrimage to seek the nighted throne of the far daemon-sultan Azathoth at the center of the Astral Plane(HPL). The chance for Velnarin to sit in his rightful place as his flautist supreme grows one step closer.

    Man, if I've said it once I'll still say it again, the gypsy and his charming powers make for my favorite style of play and most powerful bard yet.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
    Velnarin met Mendas, a self styled scholar of sorts, wanting volunteers to travel to an island in search of knowledge. He seemed strange somehow. Vel remembered something from the the hidden books he found at CK. Unaussprechlichen Kulten or Nameless Cults in the common, spoke of The Esoteric Order of Dagon, a group of once human being!s that worshiped Dagon. Apparently many of them transform after a time into merrow or Kuo-toan like beings. (o lawd, merrow's got me thinkin ogres again). He also read that some of these same being worshiped one of the Old Ones, named Cthulhu, a deity serving as the high priest of Azathoth himself! He had to travel there and see what information he good find, maybe something to help the trio's quest to find others that new of the great Azathoth.

    Well, nothing. They did find Loup-Garou, of which Vel had come across before. Wolf-men described by a long dead monk named Clark Ashton. Wolf=men and no Order of Dagon, or merrow, or kuo-toan.
    An interesting island regardless, he met one of the people named Delainy that thought him quite the charmer (if she only knew-but she could not be trusted Xzar thought). Tiax was still sea-sick from the journey and vowed that when he came to power he would make a bridge of slaves to walk there instead sailing upon that wretched ship again.

    They met a strange elf mage that when Xzar suggested he wear a bib to keep the food off his robes he attacked us. Twas no problem as Vel quickly ducked outside and quaffed a potion, then returned and smote him with two lucky strikes from Icingdeath.

    The werewolves were all cleansed with fire by the three comrades, dropped right upon themselves as they had prepared for it. Tiax said the heat made him feel better. When they returned to the mainland, the chief Loup-Garou attacked them, a mistake that cost him his life as Vel had found both a dagger and a sword that ripped though his hairy flesh like the butterknife of Balduran they found would through well, butter. A strange angelic being appeared to help them, Vel was never able to get a name as it did not speak (beats me?)

    Xzar was busy examining the entrails of the beasts, showing Vel the best way to collect it's blood. Xzar combined the blood with a belladonna leaf from the island and produced a dire stinging nettle out of the leaf Vel had been holding. Nice one Xzar, but warm me first. A mere flesh would though. The three of them having travel the length and breadth of the land, defeating demons, Saervok's mooks, and various other beings, unhelpful in his quest, decide to finally head for Saervok and the last of his band held up in the Undercity beneath the Thieves Guild.

    Velnarin's grip on reality seems to have stabilized for the moment, as the dreams have stopped. That made him uncomfortable, as he was beginning to feel more at ease in them than in the world of the 'norms'. He knew his mental state had changed, and at least he knew partially why, but knowing a thing does not necessarily mean a recovery from a thing. At this point however he was just willing to accept it and float to wherever the wind took him, one day at a time.

    Maybe the one one who appears to be his half-brother would be of some use in the end, have some knowledge that would help. They could only follow and see. If not, he and his other followers would be told to stand in a corner and listen as the monotonous drone of the black flute ate into their mind, in the end hearing the whisper of voices from the darkness behind them drawing out every fear within, particularly the greatest fear of them all, that of the unknown.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Velnarin-Gypsy Bard
    And Saervok's rule over his essence did end.
    The comrades waded through the maze and undercity, with Tiax and Xzar taking on the undead. They both though construction could have been better on them. The flute took control of a few skeletons as it sets up a resonating vibration in their bodies that disturbs the link to their maker. About the only undead that listen, cept the odd zombie or two, the flesh writhes upon their bodies doing the same. The others are immune.

    We entered the temple and Tiax used his farsight to divine the subject of our hunt was at the far end of the temple. As we prepared ourselves with various spells and such for those Tiax had in his sight, I told them both that Saervok was mine alone. As we approached the other side with Xzar's shadows in tow, we came into the sight of Mr Big himself. Xzar webbed and slowed him somewhat while I started in. As the other two retreated I could hear they had a battle going with one of Saervok's minions. I removed his paultry protections and let the boys have at him. They would later take on Angelo as well but the shadows and Tiax's arrows of dispelling wore him down,

    As to Saervok, he followed me to the throne, where upon that ol half-ogre Tazok tried to ambush me. A mistake he was made to regret. As I started playing that same monotonous tune upon the black flute, taught me by Azathoth's master flautist himself, Saervok looked disturbed, as if he had seen an image even too horrible for him to imagine. He was in my power as I ordered him to attack Tazok, who held his own quite well against the armored Saervok. As one would strengthen his mind against my music the other would fall prey to the horrors that formed in their minds, that of a being the size of a star, distorted and writhing, enough that they were open to my voice alone. The two kept fighting even as they tried to turn against me. In the background I could here Tiax and Xzar doing their own lil jig to my tunes, meaning they had defeated Saervok's other lil helpers.

    I kept playing, while Murrpau stood looking around my head, eyeing the two with a gleam in his eye.
    Finally Tazok the half-ogre, born from one of the strongest races around dealt Saervok crushing blow to his sternum, stopping his heart. As Tazok stood alone, having killed my half-brother, I waited for some new knowledge to come. No did, but I did see Saervok's essence leave his body before I could gather it for myself, for the power to find Azathoth. I watched Tazok leave and I let him, he may be useful in the future, with that ogre blood in his veins.

    Velnarin, Tiax, Xzar, and Murrpau returned to the city and an unwelcome gathering of those that wished to thank them. Gathering made them nervous, they were all hyper-vigilant to the extreme. The sights still seemed as if Venlarin was peering at life through a closed window. Was this real, did it matter to the goal of their ultimate pilgrimage to find Azathoth? No, but for now they might take a little time to dream and see what awaits them next.

    Talk about never happening before, Tazok and Saervok going at it til Tazok kills him. I had a stock of Greater Malisons saved and chucked one in their direction ever 4or5 rounds to help the song out. We went through Saervok's boys pretty easy, although I will say I like the shadows of SR.
    Ending lvls:
    Velnarin 12th lvl Gyspy Bard
    Tiax 8/10 lvl cleric thief
    Xzar 10th lvl necromancer

    Talking of merrows earlier and seeing the power of Tazok, I might have to run this Ogre Spirtwalker shaman I made a week or two ago at the same time as the fremlin and the The Storm caller. Both nice, with some fitting magic found for them but this SWalker will be different, as he takes the spirits into himself, and they are pretty darn cool looking. Verr'Sza will most likely work for a CN ogre SW, as he himself is a spirit of sorts, albeit a material one. Probably another shapeshifter like Faldorn as well, or as a totemic druid maybe, for more spirit flavot. Will see.
    Perhaps I'll NPC EE Garrick or Eldoth into an interesting bard kit. My ogres like a bard about, not being able to read and such ya know.

    Velnarin will definitely be continuing at some point into SoD, where he waits now in the opening dungeon. A most enjoyable run this has been.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
    OK, this ol dawg just remembered how to do screenshots, I thought I was but was not pushing the FN key, but another at the same time, jeeze. Would like to have gotten a shot of Tazok standing over the body of Saervok darnit.
    Got the hang of it now, I think.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,573
    Yes, lets relax after Azathoth with good ol Shub-Niggurath :wink:

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
    @ThacoBell Hah. I knew I could not resist after that last run, I was trying but then the idea took over. Must be the 8 Dex, tripped and fell down the rabbit hole again. B)

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,573
    What mod is that Genie from?

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Wow! Jini decided after checking Dijinn rules, that it was ok if she brought him into the her lamp one night. She said not to worry if other were around when she was out or he was in as she created a little form of time stop, where no one could see them, and when he returned practically no time would have passed outside.
    Some part of him remembered what Gorion had taught him of slaves, and after thinking it over, especially given that he really liked Jini, he lifted the geas that held her to her lamp. He thought she would probably leave and it be for the best given the dangers he was running into. She actually decided to stay, and on top of that, really liked him and wanted to stay as his lover. Never having done THAT before, or even a naked woman before (other than some of the monks pictures in the books they copied, he was overwhelmed. She thought it a bonus that she was to be his first.

    They both enjoyed themselves quite a bit that night. She had a butler named Doofus, hehheh, a lil imp Jini's uncle had given her. He controlled the exit from the lamp. Kamog talked with him quite a bit, finding out the lil guy had a cousin in Hell named Cespenar that was butler to some god, but had not heard from him in a while.

    Before Kamog left Jini said someone wanted to meet him. It was a little fairy named Fay, that longed to get out and see the world. Kamog agreed, sensing there was more to it than that (she later tuen out to be a will-o-the-wisp, not a fairy, but one who had been thrown of the swamp by mean wiilies for leading victims OUT and not IN, heh. Worked for him, she seemed quite talkative and tended to nibble on his ear occasionally.

    Kamog decided to check out the mines south of the carnival. He was not quite ready to go into a cramped lil mine yet, as tall as he was. He did come across a human working on a facade in the middle of a cliff face. He'd heard about the bounty on him but decided to just sit and watch the lil man, he was quite skilled. The next thing he knew he smelled a strong musky like odor on the wind. Some gruff lookin wooly man approached with his sword drawn. "That's MY bounty he said" I told just let the guy finish, he's quite good (he reminded him a little of the talented monks back at CK, ith all their pictures they put in vopies of books they were making).
    Kamog sensed the man was about to get forceful so he immediately summoned a pack of war dogs, which the man attacked. Kamog could actually feel the cold emanating from the blade of that sword and ice formed on the dogs when hit them. He backed away and summon a few bats as well,that swooped down and around him, biting him around the face and neck. Even Fay buzzed around him a few times which seemed to distract him a bit. Kamog let loose with a few of his javelins, hitting the man twice. Just as the last hit a bat bit him right in the jugular vein, hard, and the man bleed out right there.

    The artist finished his worked but died from exhaustion right after. Too bad, he was pretty good. Kamog liked the look of the emerald eyes he had used so much he pried them loose to keep for himself.
    The bounty hunter sword he sold but he cloak he liked, a strong scent to it. Ever sense he started wearing it however he has noticed a weasel or two follow him every once in a while.
    Strange though, when they get too close they seem to sense something 'off' about him and take off again.

    After he sold that ice cold sword back at the fair, he heard tell of a halfling village not far off, and head out.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    ThacoBell said:

    What mod is that Genie from?

    The Blackwrym's Lair
    I think this goes right to it. Jini Romance.
    BGEE &SoD. Works well cept the journals only show in the on screen pop ups, not a real problem though. You have to play any non-evil alignment and be male for the mod to advance beyond the opening scene in CKeep. Quite good overall and very different.
    I also found the Herbs and Potions mod a good one and works just fine for BGEE&SoD :)

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    made it to the village, but just before another group of hunters found him. Fay usually travels ahead of him a little, and is quick as lightnin. They targeted her with their spells which of course failed. Very few spells would ever affect her(magic missile would). He backed out of site and threw down a layer of cold spirit world mist, that slowed them in their tracks as he lobbed in a few of those firebomb beads from his necklace. Bums, one and all.

    He made it to Gullykin and met a spirited lil thing named Alora. She was so dang cheerful he just couldnt resist letting her tag along. An adventurer she said she was , but just could not keep from looking into and taking people things, just out of curiosity (NPC EEd her in game to Adventurer thief). Kamog thought that might come in handy. She showed him the winery where he managed to talk the ol priest into letting him have a barrel of wine they were throwing out cause it went bad. Kamog thought it was fantastic, nice n sour, invigorating even, Now if he could only find some bear meat to go with it, heh.

    They headed back to the fair and darned if Alora wasn't kidding. She picked the stores there almost clean out. They took a little in case they ran into a fence somewhere to hock it to. Kamog remembered seeing an old tower off in the distance up on a hill when he was fighting those stone lizard critters. Why not?

    The two trekked their way there with no trouble. There was some seedy looking human there taht offered to buy a little of what Alora had stolen.
    Under cover of night Alora scouted the place out, hidden. A couple of tough guards fell to Kamog's freezing mist and firebomb beads, and they made it in.
    They ended up looking into only the top and basement floors before deciding it was getting too risky. Some pretty woman at the top was gonna lock him up there forever until he sad he might could find 'another that was willing to stay'.
    Some rude guy the lvl below got talked into staying, heh. The lady let him leave unharmed after that. BUT, not before lil Alora bout stole everything she had on her. Some staff spear she left on the table near and a strange pair of boots that reminded him of his weasel cloak. They saw a lil of the lower lvl, and all the traps, and got the heck outa there for the time being. Darned if those boots didn't up his walkin speed by about double his usual lumbering ogre like pace. Nice, he was getting tired of being out walked by a lil halflin girl.

    When they got back to the carnival, he ask Alora to hang out and wait for him a bit, he needed to go out alone for a bit, to get back to where Gorion was killed, or maybe to give jaheira another try. He and Immy had notice another halfling up that way before and wanted to see if he and the frantic looking human he was with was still there. These halflings, like his ol friend Deder at CK had proved their resourcefulness.
    He headed north.

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    After Jahiera was gone. Kamog and the others rested in the wood a couple days at the nobleman's cabin, whom they had killed. The other druids had all left, with no trace of jaheira to be found. Wyverns or Druids it mattered not to him.
    Kamog, Monty, Xzar and Fay headed back to the great tree of the Shadow Druids. Before they entered they noticed another stone circle off to the side that they had missed before. A wild looking human woman was there. She did not attack but asked them for help fighting a group defiling her forests. She told them she herself was a Shadow Druid herself (she knew nothing of what had transpired earlier as she was on a spirit journey of her own (NPC EEd to Totemic Druid) and wanted revenge on miners and those destroying her forests. She offered to introduce them the Amarande, the HEAD Arch-Druid of her order. Kamog accepted.

    She led them to the great tree,the previous scuffle there having been wiped clean by the animals already.
    Amarande was a stern and wise looking human, and asked Faldorn, the young wolfling that she was who these people with her were. She told him they were willing to help her on her quest and he agreed to the idea. He said Jaheira, who he somehow knew had traveled with Kamog would NEVER convert to their ways. Kamog spoke up and said she was gone, and that he had left her to die by the great wyvern that flew the skies near there. He seemed pleased at that and let them go on her way, but warned them the support of the shadow druids was conditional on her report of success upon returning.

    (NO ONE noticed lil Alora sneakin around him as they left...)

    Kamog asked Faldorn as they left where they should go next, to find the miners, he thought she meant the Nashkel mines and told her of the problems he had heard of there. She said probably that was not the main source of the problems but they need to go there first in order to find the real culprits who had so far kept their location hidden in the Cloakwood.
    They all agreed to travel to Naskel and THIS time to enter the mined there.
    Lil Alora, the ever curious lil adventurer she was, knew Kamog liked his clubs, seeing as he was collecting quite a few now, showed him what she took from the Arch Druid Amarande. It was a club and said he was . welcome to it as she trusted her dagger and bow more than anything else.
    Dern but these halflings are good to have around. Reminded him of Deader and wondered if he would ever see him again one day.

    The group left for Nashkel, making it fairly safely, a few attacks but nothing major. By the time they got to Nashkel though, Kamog felt a calling back to Cloakwood, some strange dream he had trouble remembering. He told the others he needed to go off on his own for a few days and they reluctantly agreed to wait, but only for a short time.

    Kamog took off, thinking maybe this was the time for some answers.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,956
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    Kamog got back to the Cloakwood, just himself and Fay, his lil will-o-the-wisp companion.
    His light in dark places. She has kept hinting at something, about wanting to be large enough to be more than just a companion, but that will be or not, it's not something he dwells on but she has been quite helpful, and although not much good in combat, she repels most magic with ease.
    Kamog got to walking through the Cloakwood, wondering where to go. He finally found a lil outa the way place overlooking the first section of the forest. He felt himself getting sleepy, which was unusual for the young ogre. He laid down beneath an unusual looking tree, similar somewhat to hat in his dreams looked like one of the Dark Young of the Shub _Niggurath himself, the roper like creatures that preside over his rituals.

    As Kamog drifted of to sleep, the last thing he remember doing was absentmindedly imitated the sounds wyverns made and saw one flying way off in the distance, heading deeper into the woods. He feasted, maybe a little too much on bear meat and sour wine, his favorites. Usually invigorating, he was feeling strangely full and his chest felt tight. He rarely got indigestion but guessed there was a first time for everything. He wished things were moving faster, he wished the spirits would answer his call to become a part of him...
    Kamog awoke with a start, he looked over at fay who seemed to be resting near him as usual. he was not sure what time it was but something was off, and his heartburn felt worse. A cold fear came over him, like it did in his dream the first time he saw Shub-Niggurath! He heard loud crashing coming through the dense trees, approaching him was both his worst and just about his only fear and at the same time almost a relief it was one of hte Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath!
    (not sure of initials of artist but awesome!)

    As it steadily appraoched him his mind was frozen with fear, he could not move. It was a good thing lil fay was alseep, she might have gone mad with fright. It stopped right next to him, its hooves churning the ground, the mouths snapping open and closed. He was helpless as the horror reached a tentacle down and burrowed it's way into his chest, burning like a hot coal.
    Was this to be his death, had he displeased his god and sent his servant to destroy him?
    The being retreated back into the woods, and Kamog... was he still Kamog? his chest burned and burned until he finally passed out.
    Kamog awoke again later, near dawn, Fay still asleep. There were no footprints, thankfully it was just a dream.
    His chest felt a better and the burning disappeared. He was hungry again for more salted bear meat and sour wine. That would make him feel better after last night.
    He choked the meat down, its salty taste a little too much right at the moment.* Cough* A sip of wine *cough*... he started choking, something was wrong, dreadfully wrong, he grasped his chest in pain. Gods it hurt. He opened his jerkin and put his hand to his chest. He felt something move. All of a sudden he heard his ribs start to crack, bloods spurted outward in a rush. As he looked down, wracked with pain, a tiny head burst through his chest and let out a loud srceach " (warning!)

    The pain intensified as the creature crawled out of his huge ogreish chest cavity. Wings appeared next, followed by a long barbed tail. It was a wyvern, he flew the rest of the way out in a rush, and hovered overhead. It was not a dream, it was real, and this was his death. As he passed out, he saw and felt sorry for lil Fay, she had come to depend on him so much for his protection, the little wyvern headed for her...
    Kamog awoke. He felt fine, but he should be dead. He looked at his chest, no blood, nothing but a long scar where he must have scratched himself so hard in the dream. Thank the Black Goat it was really only a dream.
    But he heard a chittering and the shambling gate of several ettercaps approaching, Fay was up immediately, and flew straight up, out of reach.
    The dream was bad , but to wake to these hungry creatures. Kamog let out a loud cry, he was mad that he had felt weak, and had felt sickness as well.
    He might die but they would die as well, he called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The truth! Shub-Niggurath!. The Truth Shub-Niggurath! Show me who I am supposed to be.
    He felt his body grow, and grow and grow, he crouched down on all fours, his hands and feet turned to huge hooves, hair sprouted out all over him, he felt a sharp pain in his head as two humongous horns grew outwards. Such strength! The ettercaps looked shocked, they stopped for a moment.
    Kamog! he thought Kamog! Who are you, who am I. Kamog rose on his huge legs, he, I, me.he., Kamog, Locknar, Kamog. His... MY mind is being stretched.

    I This is me, I am Kamog, Kamog is me. I shall kill these beasts...
    I felt anger, I charged on one of the beasts, crushing it's frail little bones, I trappled over another. I bellowed a deafening roar, and the other two stubbled, off balance. The last I ran into at full charge, it; body burst from the impact to its chest. This was his power, it had finally come at last! Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of a thousand Young had heard.
    Out of the corner of one of my huge eyes I saw a young wyvern, it swooped down and hit it an ettercap in the chest with its barbed tail. It dropped, bleeding out.

    I felt a calm come over me again, I thought of who I was, and felt my body changing back to my usual handsome ogre self. The young wynern approached with no fear, and perched upon my arm, gazing into my eyes with no fear, but with curiosity. I rubbed his scaly lil head, he almost purred with enjoyment.
    Shadow, I shall call you my young friend, do you like that? Shadow bobbed his head in approval.
    He shall be my wings, my scout.
    Not a dream, and the scar MY chest was real, and the wyvern formed out of me as did the many creatures that did spew forth from the Black Goat, my God. If not for my ogreish constitution I might have died. But the test had been passed and all was right, or as least as right as it could be in the land I thought of as just a dream away from a dream, both as real as could be, one a spirit world, the other the land of corporeal life.

    Now I truly am a Spiritwalker, a part of two worlds, a shaman true.

    Time to return to Nashkel and find my companions. It was time to find out who wanted me dead. Let them come.

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    I got back to Nashkel to find Monty n Xzar waiting, they said Faldorn was off praying for guidance in the woods.
    Before going to the mines Xzar told be about his experiments. He seemed to enjoy collecting and crossing the blood of various creatures to make something new. What was this, the necromancer interested in the the dogma of the Black Goat? Mmm maybe THIS mage might be of use, even if he did for despise them in general, after hearing about how they used ogre skin in the creation of magic gloves.
    Well, as long as Xzar kept his scalpel away from me.
    Before headng into the mines I wanted to explore the woods surrounding Nashkel a bit more, after his recent experience in Cloakwood.
    They headed west and not long came upon a dryad asking for help. I knew she was a forest spirit and decided to help her defend her beautiful tree against some fool humans wanting to chop it down.
    They did not listen to reason and had to be put down.
    As soon as she was thanking me, Xzar came up and whispered that the hearts blood of a dryad good be used in the creation of new life. Mmm, I liked that idea, it fit with the thoughts of the Black Goat. Xzar came up to her and quickly stabbed her with one of his sharp tubes he used for such things. The dryad could not understand, I had helped her. I felt as slight twinge of guilt but remembered the image of that Dark Young of the Black Goat. Idid not want to risk upsetting my lord so helped Xzar finish her off.
    As soon as we did dome HUGE shambling plant like spirits appeared with a human spirit as well. They were upset at the imprisonment of their sisters spirit and would inform their corporeal friends of the defilement.
    Yeah, well ,I have my own spirits. Xzar seemed quite pleased with himself.

    We traveled a little farther west and came upon a fortress a gnoll ahead mentioned on the way. Although we did not climb up into we did explore the caves beneath it. SOme minor scuffle insued with Xzarts but no problems.
    I had been collecting every book I came across and placing them carefully in the bookbag Camryn had gifted me with at CK. I hope one day to read every book I could find. I just had trouble grasping the concept of the lil squiggly markings.
    We did find one book, a heavy one, Xzar said it was a special one, that could increae any number of ones abilities. But he said, to understand any of them I would need to find the first edition of the eight volume set. They were written he said by a mage named Seuss.
    Alora had found another when had looked into the top part of Durlags Tower. I had that stored away as well.
    Maybe I could find that 1st one day.
    We were attacked by an ankkeg nearby and I summoned wolves and hamadryads to help out vs the acrid insectoid like beast. Right afterwards we were approached by a group of druids that were looking for Xzar and the dryads blood. His sentence and ours was death. Xzar told em to go sratch. Wrong answer Xzar.

    They summoned cave bears that kept Xzar running around in circles like a clown at the Naskel Fair.
    One summoned lightning down on me, fortunately I knew it was coming from my previous fights with druds and quickly downed a potion to protect vs it. (one of Alora's little 'gifts' again, the lil sneak.

    The lightning hit me, although not hurting so badly due to the potion it angered me. I called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Let me change! I felt a power growing within. This was different than last time, I felt claws extend from my hands and feet, and my spine grew longer as I crouched down, HUGE fangs grew from my mouth. THe Ancient Tiger spirit had entered and become one with me.
    I leaped upon the nearest druid, savagely slashing him, then another druid. Such speed I felt, such as a savagery was upon me,

    Before long they were dead. Xzar came back, winded from all that running. Monty, the wolves, and the hamadryads had dispatched the tree cave bears while they were focused on the necromancer, running for his life. THat fool actually had the guts to taunt those big creatures while he was running circles around them.
    Even Shadow got in on the action, and I later thanked him for it with srcatches under his chin which he liked.

    We rested later that night and I decided to spend the night with Jini (the others were never aware of anything different when I did, and knew nothing of her by sight or sound, due to her time stoppage.
    She was quite playful as usual. Both she and I were becoming quite attached to one another. Fay and Shadow were always allowed in. Fay told me later she was becoming a lil
    jealous seeing us like that and hope we would one dy find a way for HER to play with me as well.
    Whoa, I thought, two beautiful and inhuman ladies interested in lil ol ogre me?

    Well, the Black Goat was all for worshiping the fecundity of life, who was I to disagree.

    We decided to head back to the fair one last time before the going into the mines to see if we could find Faldorn. We found her there all right, and mad as a hornet she was. She attacked me! What?,Said we should not have killed that dryad. Those other druids must have gotten to her before I did.
    I thought she would be helpful, that the shadow druids might be an ally. Turns out no. As much against civilization they were, they still classified all live into neat lil boxes, animal, plant, fungi, etc. Not my view, nor that of the Black Goat.
    She started pelting me with stones from her sling as I ccalled out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Great Yak became a part of me and I head butted her into pulp. SO much for that helper. He was loathe to trust ANY druid EVER again.
    They turned to the Naskel Mines.

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    I keep being pulled to the forests and not the mines, not sure what is causing this lure to explore all the woods except the Black Goat himself.
    Leaving Monty and Xzar again I headed west, to the sea.
    I came across a ruined lighthouse, as I approached wolves attacked. After they were dispatched, a gruff ol man appeared with a boy. The boys mom I had met earlier and told him to git.
    The ol man offered me 50gp to say I had not seen him.
    Hmpf. I was intrigued now for sure. I went inside the lighthouse and said he was a trader of sorts and to watch out for sirines in the area.
    I explored the other two buildings before I left.

    I headed along the shore and it was not long before Fay, usually out front, came flying back at breakneck speed. She said the sirines had attacked her an to watch out. I approached slowly with fay right on my chest. A good thing to as they targeted her and not me with their charms. Their magic fizzled every time against the lil williwisp girl. I called upon the Black Goat and threw Spirit Fire at them, totally destroying the creatures as they seemed quite susceptible to it.
    I kept traveling along the coast until I met the head sirine SIl. I told her I meant no harm and she seemed surprised, even asking me to do her a favor and destroy the ol man and his pirates that had been trying to kill all of them, to get into the cave she guarded.
    Sounded good to me. I went back, summoned 3 hamadryads and a few wolves first before I entered. I got his side of the story first, and he offered me 1000 gold to destroy Sil so they could have the treasure.

    I replied' How about I take your money AND the treasure?" They didnt care for that. I left out the door drawing them right into the hamadryads arrow fire.
    A mage got off a spell trying to scare me but to no avail. Darned if one pirate start pepperin me with arrows!
    Ia! Shub-Niggurath I cried calling the great yak to join my spirit. My angered stirred I bellowed loudly. The pirates all stumbled, slowed and shaky, the mage half deafened by the loud bellowing, unable to cast any more spells. I trampled and gored every one of them.
    I returned to Sil who was pleased, and she offered me a special cloak to defend against the cold. She told all the other sirines to leave me be as I entered the cave.
    Wary of traps and beast inside, I scouted slowly while Fay flew on ahead (I sent shadow away for the moment). Fay tripped several traps, the magic washing off her like water.
    She flew back and told me of horrible looking fleshbeasts ahead.
    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! I drew upon the spirit of the great yak. I rushed the beasts, and impaled them all with my great horns, tampling the flesh from their bodies.
    The treasure all mine.

    Later I found a pirate lookin lady named Safana, asking for 'big, strong men like myself' to hNelp hunt for treasure. Telling her I had already found it she wanted to tag along for a spell anyway (NPC EEd in game to swashbuckler).
    We left to see the ol mage Thalantyr, as much as I loathed to do so, not trusting any mage, but I had found a few things I needed to identify.
    Another book by that mage Seuss! Mage or scribe one, I added it to the collection hoping still to find the key, the first book, this one was way to complicated for me to understand,as were the others.
    While we were there Safana and Fay had an interesting conversation:

    We headed back to Beregost and I dropped Safana off at a tavern, letting her know I may need her in the future. Truth be told I was actually wondering what my dijinn lover would think of her, might be risky.

    I met a bard named Garrick who was hiring bodyguards for his mistress, and offered 300gp. SOunded fine.
    Wary as I was amongst a town chock full of humans, I summoned a pack of hounds to walk the streets with me. I already got looks enough as it was. Mothers pulling their kids away, men putting their hands on their weapons. As usual, the typical looks I always got. I sent Shadow to perch on the roof of the inn we appeared to be headed to, to watch for trouble.
    The lady, Silke, insulted me, making a bit of fun at my ogre heritage nd lowered the offer to 200gp. I agreed reluctantly. THe men she was worried about approached and she said to attack before they could utter a sound as one was a mage.
    Well, they didn't look like mages, not like Gorion anyway, or Xzar either, and just talked about bringing some gems.
    I told Silke, just ot get back at her for trying to cheat me they could have at her. SHe cursed me as some dumb, ugly ogre, and started to cast a spell.
    Well I'll have you know, lil Fay got soooo angry at that manipalatin ol bitty that she drove her whole lil body slap into the woman's face, knocking her clean out! I was about to strip every bit of gold off her until one of my hounds chopped down on her throat and killed her dead as dickens.

    The men thanked me, still looking up at me with fear, but at least they seemed glad at the outcome.
    Garrick offered to join, and as I was looking for a bard thought I would give him a try. I also met a surly dwarf nearby and as he was hunting a lost caravan likely attacked by bandits, allowed him to join as well.
    The three of us tooled around for a bit until they were killed by some fool ghost bard out east of town. I almost was as well, but again, ghosts seemed not to like the Fire of the Spirits much, and he was burned to a crisp. SOme nice armor though. I took the other two to the temple and dropped em off, as they could be of use live more than dead in the future.
    I headed back to the Ulcaster Ruins to explore on my own a bit more. I met a very pale human warrior named White, who was hunting a nearby thief. We entered and fought off big wolves until we met some undead wolf of sorts. Already having summoned hamadryads and doggies to fight before then, White became enraged and attacked the beast. Never having fought this type of creature before I called out, Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Bring me wisdom! I felt my body begin to grow light, my legs turned to stilts and my mouth to a great beak, feathers sprouted out everywere. The ancient and wise crane spirit become a part of me. I looked inside for wisdom, being granted the ability to repeated cast spells that brought down the light of the sun, one after another without rest, until the beast was scorched and still.

    We later met another ghost of some past mage that gave us the makings like never before, white was killed and I was at a loss. I ended up leaving after almost being killed , resting, and going back in alone. The ghost had trapped himself behind some foul mustard jelly, like the stuff Xzar had in one of his specimen bottles he was trying to cross with a green slime.
    The ghost frightened me into running away! The wolves however, attacked the jelly even frightened as they were, blocking both the ghost and the jelly in that lil room. When I sanpped out of it, I backed off and summoned the Spirit fire once again, and again, and again, rt at the mouth of that room until the ghost was evaporated. The jelly I then smashed to bits with my club, The Eye of THe Storm.
    I toted Whites body out on my shoulder and dropped him off at the temple as well. He had a strange background, being raised by a Naga, at a temple of Grumbar. I knew this name form the monks at CK. He was one of the ancient elemental lords as Kossuth was, gods that stayed out of the war against the older primordial beings. Well that's what the monks told me in stories anyway, with the pictures to go along with it. Maybe this White could be an ally after all.

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    I decided finally to enter the mines, alone.
    I told Monty and Xzar to await me at the Belching Dragon in Nashkel. I usually travel at night, to 'fit in' a little better, but as I , Shadow, and Fay approached the mine owner I thought he was going to attack us on the spot. I talked him out of it though.
    I suppose hearing the 'thud,thudding' of an ogre's footsteps, the flapping of a wyverns wings, his silhouette in the moonlight, and the floating light of a lil willy wisp, would, I guess, but them on edge, heh.

    It was darn cramped in those mines, and Shadow had a harder time than I did. Fay led and lit the way as usual, inquisitive as she was.
    We met some half crazed miner that talked of demons. Funny how they seemed more frightened of the demons than me, must be some tough demons! I was on guard, and summoned a few wolves to accompany me always.
    We met a few kobolds on the way, I trying talking to them but they did not seem to understand. THey sounded bout like the hound dawgs I often summoned while in towns.
    They were not very successful at throwing themselves at me, a 400 odd pound ogre, heh.
    We entered the next level. It was warmer than the last, and found a lava flow that showed why.
    More kobolds, and a few miners that were crazy enough to stay in the area.

    After crossing a bridge, well Fay crossed first as was he impulsive way (a couple arrows hit her but as she regenerates pretty darn fast was ok).

    MORE kobolds, and some leader kobold shootin fire at us. I froze the lot of them in a patch of Writhing Fog.

    I met a strange looking human, well, he looked human, but mad gurgling noises as he spoke. Mur'Neth he was called. He talked of investigating the mines as some poison was killing all the slimes, fungi, and molds there.
    He said he was a Ghauanadarun, a child of Ghaunadaur, the god of his aforementioned charges the jellies and oozes. This god, as told me by the monks at CK, was old even during Ao's first recorded history, with some connection to the maddening FAR REALM.
    Hmm, this god might know something of the Black Goat. The monks had said that a few of the Elder Gods were responsible for driving back the primordials and outer gods. Was this Guanadaur one of those? It was during that that Grumbar and Kossuth had stayed neutral.
    I decided I would allow this creature to join me and see what I could learn of him and his god.

    I found him to have quite a few skills at traps and he did indeed find a few at the entrance going down to the next lvl.
    We found what looked to be a huge dome like cave in the middle of a large cavern. A few more kobolds attack, wounding me by surprise, at least unti they roasted under Spirit Fire.
    We entered and at first were attacked by kobolds, not much trouble.
    We then found a half-orc, that seemed to be in charge. I bluffed my way in, saying he was in trouble for making mistakes. As he suggested Mur'Neth read through his papers I smelled more kobolds approaching (they smell like wet hound dawgs). He was going to kill us for sure very soon. As Mur'neth started to read I called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! (' The truth, Shub-Niggurath!')
    The great Yak joined with my own flesh, transforming me just as his kobold ans even skeletons attacked.
    I let out a loud bellow, reverberating through the cavern, it made the half-orc and kobolds stumble, and the orc pounded his his as if he was deafened.

    Gored and trampled everything coming at us until the orc lay dead.

    We found some mention of someone named Tazok, who seemed to have been the one behind this. We took off to find him. We did rescue some poor elf, who looked more frightened of me than the kobolds at first.
    As I approached he had said. "Swell, rescued from kobolds only to be eaten by an ogre, it figures". A bit of a downer this lil elf was, he may have info, although untrustworthy as he was a mage.

    We got out through some forgotten tunnel that caved in as I had to squeeze myself through the last two support timbers.
    As we headed back to Nashkel I summoned my usual 'wolves in the wildness', dawgs in the city companions. A good thing to as a bunch of women attacked us, killing the poor lil weak Xan immediately.

    Mur'neth seemed scared of nothing and started throwing daggers, I appraoched with my barbed hickory switch and attacked. These women were tough as nails. I heard Shadow swoop down land on ones back, stinging her. As he did another started peppering him with arrows. I could see he was trouble, one piercing his wing. No! I yelled. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Let me sow death to these non-believers! The great tiger spirit joined with me, transforming me into clawed death. I slashed the head clean off the one hurting Shadow, he would heal quickly though. The others soon fell to my teeth and claws, being ripped to shreds in my anger.

    As I wondered about Xan, Mur'neth suggested we just leave him there, no burial or anything, for the fungi he loved, to feed upon. Sounded fine to me. Filthy mage anyway, probably woulda turned on me at some point, or want to make those ogre skin gloves out of my hands that I remembered the mages visiting CK talk about when seeing me back then,

    Mur'neth and I made it back to Nashkel, and were given a reward by the guv'nor there. Looked liked he was reluctant to and did not offer any celebration on my part, just said I should probably move on. Figgers. Can an ogre find no welcome anywhere?

    We went to the tavern for a quick drink but attacked by ANOTHER assassin. These fools were comin out the woodwork.
    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Just as I had transformed into the great tiger, that fool cast a spell that frighten me. ME? After the crap Ive seen?
    Shadow was overhead and it missed him, Mur'neth seemed unaffected, as I ran I turned my head once and saw a weird sight. Mur'neth transformed into some kind of yellowish-brown jelly pool, and sludged after the assassin, his spells evaporating on Mur'neth like sweat in the wind. As I was still frightened all I could do was watch Mur'neth go after the man. Finally though, lil Shadow, who had been circling high overhead found his opening and swooped down striking the man square in the back with his barbed tail.
    Death it was for him after all.

    Shadow and fay both followed me until I returned to my senses. I released the spirit within me and returned to my usual self.
    The man had an unusual looking robe and I sensed something of the spirit world had touched it at one time. It would make a nice vest I think, due to my, er, width. I stripped off the old hides.

    Mur'neth as usual said leave him to the fungi, so we just dragged him back round the inn and dumped him in some bushes.
    Anyway, buzzards gota eat to, same as worms.

    As we rested for the night, I dreamed another dream, strange it was, not scary at all. Something about a bone dagger striking me. Well, better a dagger than a tentacle from... well, anyway, when I woke I found that my touch could heal, and on Shadow it did. The last dream I had of Gorion had left me with the power to drain the life from things. Strange these dreams, must be gifts from the Black Goat himself. Wonder why he comes in guises though?

    We traveled to Beregost to learn of of this Tranzig fellow Mur'neth said was mentioned in the hal-orcs lettters.

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    THought I would explain the SpiritWalker a bit. As mentioned, he summons spirits to meld with his own self instead of helpng on the outside.

    I am enjoying this SpiritWalker Shaman alot. After choosing the spirit it only takes one round of chanting/dancin to transform myself.
    The yak grants str and con bonuses at +1/6lvls, not much crushing damage but the strength bonuses add up, esp since as an oghe it is already a 20. Armor class increase a little. No spell casting allowed.
    Special: The yak can also let out a booming roar once a turn.
    This slows all creatures that can hear and reduces their THAC0 for 2 rounds. If they fail a BW save at -1/6lvls they are deafen for 2 rounds as well with 50% spell failure.
    Oh, and my HP are doubled as well. Cannot use any item in this or Tiger form though.

    THe Tiger. He gets bonuses to number of attacks, increases str. and does slashing damage with a 10% bonus to critical chances(I took SWS as well so crit on a 17!)
    He take a HP penalty of 30% though and a little worse on AC due to straight up offense first. It does improve a lil aver lvls.
    Special: is A Ravenous Pounce. This does an extra 4 points per 3 lvls. THis attacks consumes not only a targets flesh but also a targets soul and the attack transfers the damage given to me as healing (not to exceede max hp though)
    No spell casting or item use as well like the yak

    The last is the most interesting and taking the most time to adapt to.
    The wise crane. He takes a 70% hp penalty, but gets MR and ST bonuses in return that increase per lvl
    I can do piercing damage with the beak but the main thing is I can cast spells in crane form.
    Special: Mystic wisdom. For 2 rounds he can cast spells without rest in between. Quite useful but not having played mages that much at high lvl with alacrity it will be a test and learn, esp with shaman spells.

    All special abilities can be used 1/turn, with no transformin back to human until that time is up. Got to be careful with that as item use is restricted in forms.

    The Yak is a straight up steam roller while the tiger is Freddy Kruger on caffeine with those claws and crit increases.
    Still practicing with the crane, but having shaman spells all able to be cast, I think will be quite handy with that alacrity of the crane, once I get the hang of it.

    Fay is resistant to most magic and although rarely fights, is FAST and regenerates FAST as well.
    Shadow has increased in power once, upping all his combat stats and hp. Poisons and regenerates fairly well.

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    Before we left the Nashkel Faire Fay shared some thought with me that I found to be quite interesting. She wanted me. Me, the feared ogre of the night, at least in the eyes of most. She was a bit upset at being too small though.

    We returned to Beregost where that same bearded ol man I deemed to be a mage of sorts approached me again, saying that the bandits had a camp to the NE. I told him to quit interfering and he left. A girl also approached and mentioned a Flaming Fist wanted to talk to me at an inn nearby. Not thinking that was going to go well I decided to for anyway and try once again to put on my best ogre smile, hehheh.
    She was actually quite appreciative of my work at the mines and asked for my help. I decided that maybe this would show folks that maybe ogres were not all bad and said I would help with the bandits if possible (they bugged me as well).
    The urge to take off on my on for a bit took over however and I asked Mur'neth, Monty and Xzar to wait for me again to return. They seemed willing to.
    I happen upon a house behind the Burning Wizard that seemed to have the same symbol on a key I had happened across in a tomb to the west earlier.
    Tried the key the door opened. I was met by a butler that asked my business with 'her ladyship'. I just said I wanted to talk with her. They asked that I leave but I really did want answers to that strange symblo on the door. They took offense immediately. A few thugs and a priest of sorts began to attack.
    I called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! I felt the strength of the tiger spirit change my body. Immediately I pounced on the cleric, ripping away a part of his own spirit, knocking him out. After that it was pretty much over, even Shadow got in on the action hitting him with his tail.

    The lady upstairs was a mage experimenting on the essence of peoples emotions, trying to distill them into a concoction that would return hers, which she thought lost. I told her it sounded interesting and asked if I could help, especially as she had mentioned the incompetence of her guards downstairs.She did not believe me, and although I was back in ogre form, I hit her with my barbed hickory switch, causing her to writhe in pain, bleeding profusely. With a lil dose of poison from Shadow as well, she did not last long.

    After that I really did head west again, maybe to see the sea again. I happened upon an elf, named Kivan, who gave me a serious looking over, angry even. He mentioned wanting to kill some ogre named Tazok. This was the ogre I was trying to meet, and possibly find out what had been going on, or maybe even befriend. We traveled on to the sea however.
    Once he wondered how a bookworm like me could survive in the woods.
    What! I could not even read. This fool was making fun of me. He had seen me looking at all the books I was collecting in my ol friend Camryn the monks bookbag. I was only looking at the pictures. Maybe he didn't know. I gave him the benefit of a doubt but could see his brow deeply furrowed ever time he looked at me. he seemed to view me with great anger every time he looked my way. It was not me that had hurt him, ever. I would watch him close.

    We met a sea elf named Jossi Seasnake that needed help with some Sahaugin by the waters edge. When she mentioned she was Malenti, a sahaugin that only looked like a sea elf I was intrigued, as this was what the Black Goat himself was attempting, to cross races and creatures.

    We followed her but I found the creatures to be quite hostile and could get no answers from them. The Malenti left, as did the other elf she was trying to rescue. he seemed unable to accept her for what she was.
    I could understand her feelings as she left, being cursed by the one she saved.

    It is hard being different when just about everyone thinks you are a monster first, and never waits to hear what you have to say.

    We traveled a little more around the coast and happened upon another sea creature, a neriad. She looked a bit like Sil, the sirine who I had befriended, but Kivin said not to trust her and as he obviously did not think me good enough to talk to her he did.
    That did not go well at all and she ended up killing him. I chucked a javelin at her, wounding her quite badly.
    SHe asked that I stop, and that would heal Kivan, that she was under orders from an ogre named Droth.
    Another ogre, finally!
    As he appeared I stepped forward and asked to speak with him. He would not even listen, and was a mage as well. An ogre mage...too late he had been corrupted by the power of arcane magic.
    When I cried out Ia Shub-Niggurath!, he did not seem worried, until he was faced with the great spirit yak I had transformed to. He was still surprised as I gored him to death, my horns going clean through his body.
    I let the neriad go free, it was not her fault that magic had taken hold of that ogre.
    Maybe one day I could find another of these 'ogre mages' and talk some sense into him.

    After that Kivan looked at me with even more an angry look about him. Maybe it was time he left but I decided to give him a little longer.

    We return to Beregost where I gathered up only Mur'Neth, as he seemed to regard me as a curiosity.

    Kivan, Mur'neth and I went to find this Tranzig mage at a nearby inn. I knew it would be trouble, most mage usually were.
    Mur'neth had the power to increase his personal presence, his charisma, which he did and approached Tranzig. I called out to the black Goat. Ia1 Shub-Niggurath! Show me wisdom. The crane joined with me, and just in time, Mur'Neth had had no luck with talking to the mage.
    I waddled my long stilt like legs and feathered body into the room to find the mage attempting to kill Mur'Neth.
    I looked for wisdom and found it. I brought down the fire of the sun (sunscorch) upon the mage, time and time again, without pause, until he was burnt to a crisp. (((hmmm, I be likin this alacrity stuff!)))

    We now knew where this Tazok was. We traveled north. At one point we met and added a dark elf lady. Quite beautiful she was, as non-ogres go. Some fool of a human was trying to kill her. He did not last long.After I allowed her to join, I heard her speakin of her goddess Shar, and how she had left lloth her previous goddess. What was this? Leaving one's god? She also said she could not stand my stench. Jeeze, I just saved her. Could I help it that ogre's have the faint odor of curdled milk? No. I mean I took enough baths with Jini in her fountain, and she, Mur'neth, Fay, Monty, and Xzar did not seem to mind.
    I did not care for her other as well and asked her to leave.She seemed to understand and said I could find her in a cave south of Beregost if I ever needed help again.

    Lawd, Maybe I needed some cologne. I mean I was already wearing that nice musk cloak. I thought it imparted quite a masculine scent about me. Well, the weasels that occasionally followed liked it anyway, hehheh.

    Right after the drow left we happened upon a bandit scout party. I told them I wanted to join and meet Tazok. They seemed to think quite highly of that idea, although some looked a bit worried, maybe it was just the ogre they saw.

    The bandits led us to their camp, they asked us to wait and soon returned with their leader, Tazok, Kivan was clenching his fists in anger, I told him to keep his mouth shut. I could see he had human blood within in, but he was also part ogre, and I wanted to speak with him.
    I had him convinced that letting me join would be of great help to him and his cause. Kivan began to walk forward bow drawn. I told him again to shut his mouth, or I would shut it for him. This was my chance I thought, to get through to someone that might understand ogres better than humans.

    No such luck, as Kivan took aim at Tazok, Tazok recognized him as a previous enemy.
    That was it, the chance was lost and I had had enough of this elf and his angry glares. I sent Shadow to the skies above, while I , Mur'Neth, and Fay, backed away into the trees, living Kivan fighting. A few bandits followed us back to the main road but I incinerated them in Spirit Fire.
    Let this elf make his own grave, at the hands of an ogre.
    We heard him scream as we left, heading back to the south, possibly to return later and try to get through to Tazok again.
    We heard Kivan scream twice more before we were out of earshot. Shadow returned, and we left.
    The elf should have listened to me but could not see through his blind hatred and distrust of all things ogre related.

    Later Mur'Neth remarked that he thought I was quite special, but did not know quite why, just a feeling he got. He thought I might perhaps be favored by Ghaunadaur. I did not say that I knew my favors were from the Black Goat, the great Shub-Niggurath. I did not yet know if his god, of of the Elder Gods, had been a part of the banishment of the primordial gods (of which the Black Goat and others from the Far Realm were) as the monks had said.
    I would wait longer and see what I could learn and how he could help. We rejoined with Monty and Xzar and headed back to the bandit camp. Just as we arrived Mur'Neth and Monty had a rather interesting conversation and seemed to understand one another's uses.

    Shadow had seen the camp from above and knew they were still on high alert, and that Tazok was still mad, slapping his thugs.

    I summoned four Hamadryad archers to walk behind me and I was thinking of the great Yak already. Tazok approached, and as I thought would not even listen to me know that Kivan had convinced him I was not to be trusted.
    I ordered the hamadryads to open fire with their enchanted arrows, Xzar let loose with a ball of fire from his wand, and I called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The yak and I joined as one and I plowed into Tazok. I bellowed with rage and he stumbled back, off balance. He did not last long to me or the arrow fire. It was monty that finally put an enchanted bullet through his thick skull with his sling, putting him down. Just as well, the less ogres I had to kill the better, half human or not.

    The rest of the camp fell to our charge, with me plowing the way like a loaded runaway loggin wagon, running downhill.

    We entered the main tent where I bellowed again deafening those inside, where we all proceeded to kill every last one of them.
    There was an elf by the name of Ender Sai, a prisoner he said that gave us some valuable info. As he left, and Mur'neth was reading some documents to me, we heard a scream in the background. It appeared Monty was not convinced of the elf's story and stuck him from behind, killin the elf.

    Oh well. at least we knew where we were headed next, back to the dark Cloakwood Forest.

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    Heading back to my usual haunt, the Nashkel faire, I had another dream, this one left me with the power to heal diseases of both body and mind, IF I so desired.
    I am thinking perhaps this is similar to my patron deity, the Black Goat. As he has the power to create strange new lifeforms AND to devour them again right after, at whim, it is quite suiting I think for his shaman to do the same.
    On the way back south, we came across a gyspy fellow, not unlike the gypsy merchant plying his special wares at the faire. His name was Eldoth (NPC EEd gypsy bard in game, heh,heh). He had a plan about blackmailing a duke in the city of BG. It sounded interesting actually. As the trip south to the faire took about a day I found he had quite a knack for manipulating people, with both voice and song. To be safe, I continued wearing the special helm I had gotten from Fieldposts Inn in Beregost, that protectected against such things, at least until I knew him a little better.

    At the faire my usual chaotic tendencies showed their colors and I dropped off Monty and Xzar again to wait. They seemed ok with it, and thought they were getting info that might be of use to their Zhentarim bosses, that Xzar had let slip one night.

    I set off with Eldoth, Fay ,and Shadow. Fay as usual, often on my shoulder nibbling playfully with my earlobe. A little distracting at times she was, a lil naked girl like williwisp on my shoulder, so I often blew her a kiss, sending her tumbling away heh. She never seemed to mind, but was complaining more about her size and what her intentions were with me.
    One day on the journey to the Cloakwood Mines ahe made a discovery that I thought was quite interesting.

    Hmmm, TWO ladies now, and non-human both? Who's a thukn an ogre like me would have such luck. Although, it was getting a bit more difficult telling one reality from the next, Jini, now Fay (what would Jini think?), my dreams from the Black Goat, the spirits I welcomed into my being, and someone else after me as well, with all these bounty hunters.
    I think if I were not a shaman, and becoming used to drawing that from the spirit world into me, I might otherwise go mad. At least the latest dream I thought, ere less frightening than my first from the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath a while back.

    As we approached the bridge to the mines, Fay flewww back, say men were after her. They must have a force here. After we dispatched the guards I called upon the Black Goat, to help me divine hte area in my minds eye. I saw a group of four dangerous looking men, two obvious nasty looking mages.

    As I approached I called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Show me the wisdom. As the crane became a part of me I cast spell after spell at once surprising them. First entangling them with roots I called up from the ground, holding them fast in place, or at least slowing those that broke through. Then I sent the icy spirit mists, slowing them even more. And just because of the mages, I then followed the ice with fire from the spirit world. At his point Eldoth fired a ball of flame from his wand, which decimated all but the two warriors. These fellows, still slowed from the vines grabbing at them, and the cold, never reached us before Eldoth with his acid coated arrows and my javelins left them dead upon the field.
    I reverted to my usual self and we explored.
    Minor guards and a few wayward mages throughout the mines were not much trouble for our little group.
    We met a dwarf named Yeslik, quite a helpful chap, reminded me of Arkanis back at CK. He offered to help us get to the master, Davaeorn he called him.
    We even met a couple getting married in the old dwarven temple now dedicated to Cyric. Yeslik was not to pleased but they were forthcoming with knowledge so let them go.

    I did meet another ogre, again a mage, and corrupted by its power and unwilling to speak with me, a fellow ogre. I am beginning to think I shall NEVER find a friendly ogre to speak with.
    I guess though, in my innocence in the ways of other ogres, expected them to accept me. Now I do not know what to think, barely accepted by humans and demi humans , and rarely by humanoids and ogres.

    We met Davaeorn. His guard Eldoth charmed into attacking his master, while I summoned a two of the purdy hamadryad archer girls and a trio of wolves. As the wolves attacked him the archers cut loose on him, eating away at his false images until eventually he stated getting bit by the wolves. Eldoth paralyzed his guard with a wand after his charm wore off, leaving the mage at the mercy of my club.
    He had some interesting letters Mur'Neth read to me, that spoke of this mages master, in the city of BG.

    On a side note, I keep finding these strange books everywhere I travel. Those traveling with me say they appear to be love stories, and each has a hidden letter in the books spine. The letters are all love notes written to a Tamrah. I knew this to be my friend the monk Camryn back at CK. He had spoken of his lost love from some 25 or 30 years ago, but after she left CK, never went to look for her. He must be trying to contact her through these books. I could not read but I recognized the chicken scratch writings as by his hand. He described her to me once, and come to think of it, one of the statues in the land of the stone lizards I visited before did seem familiar. I should go back and check, maybe one of my companions could read a scroll one Xzar once said might come in handy I ever met the lizards again.

    Oh, in one of the fights, Eldoth let of a firebomb from his wand a little to close burning me a little and killing poor Yeslik. I heal quite quickly with my ogreish constitution but not the old dwarf. Eldoth said it was an honest mistake. I guess, in the middle of all the hobgoblins that were attacking us.

    As we left a miner apporached, it seems we did not get all the miners out before we flooded the place.
    Maybe they should have revolted sooner and they could have gotten themselves out. Oh well, at least the place was shut down now.
    Mur'Neth as usual thought they would provide good food for the molds that would pop up in the moist places not totally submerged. Sounded reasonable to me anyway,

    We left, headed for the FAI to decide our next action.
    We arrived with little trouble, allthough, Mur'Neth and Eldoth had to take frequent rest breaks, none could keep my pace for long, cept Fay and Shadow. Shadow seemed to enjoy seeing the other wyverns. Once I thought perhaps he might join them but seemed like he enjoyed my company more. I wonder if he felt more a part of me me considering his 'birth'.

    At the FAI I met some brute of an orc, with human bllod in him by the look. I brushed him off. After being refuse any decent service (seems Bentley had a bone to pick with Eldoth regarding some previous performances, brawls, and a few missing bottles of his finest dwarven brandy).

    We headed south.

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    I had a chance to talk a bit with Ishlilka on the way down to Nashkel.
    She told me an interesting family history. Both of her parents were half-orcish, her dad the head of a mercenary company and here mama a priestess of Luthic, the Cave Mother. It was her dad that trained her to be a mage huntress. Hmm, this sounded better and better, as I did not care much for mages myself. She was used to stares and mean looks from people given her heritage. I could understand that I said. She preferred the spear as well and a most special javelin that seemed to return to her hand right after she threw it. Hmm, a fellow javelin chucker as well. She was able to read so that was a bonus.
    When we got to Nashkel she told me of her mission. She was to hunt down a rogue mage, a gnome that had gone off the deep end, in her estimation at least.
    We found some ol bum near the Belchin Dragon that has seen a gnome earlier that day, and said he had headed east.
    East it was then.
    We returned and passed the scene of Xzar's lil heart blood exercise with the dryad earlier. Her tree did not look to be doing to well after her death. All things pass though, as I well knew.

    As we were traveling farther east, Fay, always out on point, came flying back to me,talking of ogres and some lil gnome that was directing them. Ogres led astray by a mage again, not surprising. One day I would gather a group of ogres and set them straight, if possible.
    Ishlilka was about to rush forward but I held her back for a few seconds. I summoned four of my lil archer girls, the hamadryads with their enchanted arrows.
    We approached and the ogres were the first to come into view. The lil gnome had recruited two ogre magi as well, the lil cuss. I threw Spirit Fire at them, twice, before they started being pelted with the girls arrows.
    The gnome came into view with one of the surviving ogre magi. The gnome targeted ishlilka first, almost killing her with an arrow of flame. The ogre mage summoned an arrow of acid, targeting SHadow up avove, who had circle round the back trying to reach the gnome. He was hit in the chest pretty bad and one wing was melting with acid, forcing him to land pretty hard. hobgoblins approached to try and finish him off.

    Ishlilka had backed off a bit, and threw her jevelin a few times at the gnome, it poison himed, hampering his spell casting. The archers were still targeting the gnome but were to far off to help Shadow.
    I could feel the anger growing within me at the sight of poor Shadow hobbling on the ground, bravely trying to ward off the hobgobs by lashing his tail out at them.
    I felt, strange, as if seeing this all play out as if through a dirty window, was it real? An image appearing in my mind, that of the the Black Goat, coming for me. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! I would show them truth, the next and last thing the hobgoblins saw was that of the great yak, charging them, barreling over and through them. Shadow managed to hop up onto my great shaggy back, out of the way.
    I stomped, trampled, and crushed everything in sight, until the madness left me, just standing, my breath coming out of of nostrils, steaming hot.
    I stood there for a few moments and all was quiet. I looked around, the hamadryads had backed away from me, forming a circle near lil Fay. Ishlilka was limping slowly up to me, her javelin raised and not sure of what she was seeing.
    I almost charged her until lil Fay whizzed up to me and spoke to me in my ear, bringing me back to reality. My ogre form returned. I let Ishlilka know what I was, a shaman and a Spiritwalker. I did not say for who. She seemed ok with it, having been around shamans before, half-orcish shamans.

    She seemed pleased with herself for completing her mission, and agreed to stay with me as long as I needed her. We headed back to the faire to rest a bit.

    When we returned we entered a tent I had not visited yet. Two mages were within and one seemed to be threatening the other with death. He told us to leave and Ish and I both told him we were not afraid of any mage. He spoke a word, killin the other mage and began his incantations for some spell. He did not get the chance as lil Shadow the quick healer he was, flew right over his head, catching him in the back with his barbed tail, injecting him with poison. Ish hit him with her javelin, disrupting his casting and poisoning hem as well. With the javelin I threw and hit him with, he died, writhing on the ground a few seconds later.

    Stinkin mages...

    Ish wanted to see the mines of Nashkel and we headed there just to see how things were going now. On the way we were held up by bandits, one and elf woman. Itold her to make her move, but just as they began advancing on us they were ambushed from the rear. That gruff half-orc I had the run in with at the FAI had cut down all his the highwaymans bandits backing him up. I also saw some ghostly apparition appear at the same time, not escaping my way of seeing into other realms.
    We help the orcish fellow destroy the others. He said his name was Dorn and he was seeking revenge on those that betrayed him. I said he could join, asking him about the ghostly image I had seen but he kept his mouth shut. I wanted to know more.
    Ish took an immediate disliking to him and his gaze at her, sizing her up.
    Dorn said the strangest thing though. He seemed to think HIS appearance frighten people and had heard about me, That maybe I could do a better job. Was he kidding? I think maybe he needed some of those lil glasses some of the monks in CK wore when working on their book copying.
    Ookaayyy I said, you may join, heh.

    We found the first of his targets, a necromancer with her own lil skeletal army, she fell easily but frightened poor Shadow so bad he started flying arounf like a bat-outa-the-nine hells.
    Dead, dorn read the note she carried, giving the location of his finale betratyer near the gates of the cithy of BG. I was about to head there anyway so off we set, but not before I picked up Shar-Teel again, for a lil extra back up.

    One the way one night, as we were bedding down for a rest for the others, I decided to spend some time with Jini.
    Fay and Shadow always went with me, and the others, with the way time passed in the lamp never knew I was gone. I was a little anxious after what Fay and I had been up to in Fay's lil dreamland for us, but it was unearanted and Jini just told Fay, basically, welcome to the club. Huh.
    I guess they figgered I was enough ogre to go round.

    Later on the travel north, Shar-Teel got into it with Dorn. She seemed to have a hatred of menfolk in general and only barely just tolerated me as I had bested her in combat once.
    The two of them squared of and darned if Shar-Teel did't cut the fool fire outa Dorn, who yielded. As he was turning away though, she went and cut him from behind, killing him there on the spot, then spat upon his broken body.
    Damn this fool woman, I needed him and was interested in who he served, it might have been another of the Old Ones like the Black Goat. I told her off, saying she was way outa line. Not caring for that much she then came at me, and that was a mistake. I stuck her once with my great club, The Eye of The Storm, knocking her back, she nicked me once with her sword, but lil Fay, VERY protective on me now, flew up and smacked her in the face. This ,ade her turn her head and that was the last theng she ever saw, other than my great one handed swing bashing her in the head, smashing it to pieces as if it were a punkin. I left her body where it was, and as Mur'Neth would say " Buzzards gota eat to, same as worms".

    I toted Dorn to the halfling priest at Gulllykin to be raised, being the only one I halfway trusted. I Still wondered ever now and again what ol Deder was up to back at CK.
    Healed, we all headed north to face Dorn;s last target.
    When we got to the main bridge at BG, finally open this time, Dorn said he somehow sensed his target was near. We were approached by a Flaming Fist that wanted us to so a lil investigating for him off the record, and as the money was good we agreed.
    Approaching the gates to the city, Dorn said the enemy was very close. It must be woever he served that gave him this insight.
    I summoned the four hamadryads again just to be on the safe side. We hunted around a little and sure enough, we found them, Dorn's enemy said he now had a patron of his own though, but it made no difference. They attacked and we responded, the other armored man calling down to dark lookin angel like beings to help, along with some fool mage and priest as well. Dorn chucked an explosive potion at them while I enveloped them in Spirit Fire. The archers finished off what was left of the priest.
    But one of the angels took a disliking to Shadow, fearless as Shadow was he would never give up, even wounded. Ia! Shub-Niggutath! SHow your servant the truth once more! The Yak joined with me and I was as a plow to the fields, churning everything underfoot, and goring the angels with my great horns. They all lay dead, Ish and Dorn pretty badly wounded but ok. I let the other rest up for the the ret of the day, deciding to wait for nightfall before entering the city.
    Probably be a real sight, An ogre, two fierce lookin half orcish warriors, a wyven, and a lil ball of light, ms williwisp herself, heh.

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    As we entered BG, Jini popped out and wanted to see me, as usual Fay and Shadow were allowed to follow me in. An interesting conversation ensued between Jini and Fay, which I figgered would happen sooner or later. I was busy intently staring at the floor when I heard the following:

    Whewwww. the girls apparently did not mind sharing and this fit in quite well with teachings of the Black Goat as well.

    As usual, as soon as I entered the city of BG, that same strange compulsion took hold of me I decided to go on a walkabout again. I dropped everyone off near the tavern there and headed back south. I do not know yet why I have these sudden feelings of needing to be alone for a time, and just wander. I think perhaps I might be lead by unremembered dreams sent from the Black Goat himself, Ia! Shub-Niggurarath!
    Whatever the cause I found it best just to follow those whims, as if these was the case and I did NOT follow, I don't have to image what the dreams WOULD be like.

    I got to the Nashkel Faire and picked up Mur'Neth, Monty, Xzar, Alora, and Immy. I wanted them a little closer to BG and told them I had finally been granted entrance to the city.
    I dropped Immy off at the Elfsong Tavern, for safety. My feelings for her had somewhat lessened but I still felt a twinge of responsibility for her. The others I dropped off at the same tavernn as the previous companions, but brought lil bitty Alora along with me. I found her ability to slip into any pocker and any door quite helpful, and the best part was she usually gave me everything she found, as to, her, it was just curiosity and a game.

    We traveled the city a bit, she was even know at the local thieves parlor, which got me an entrance and audience with Alatos. I rememberd this name from a revenant down south, whom I had returned the dagger to that was used to kill him by this Alatos fellow. I wanted the revenant to rest finally, and he did, seemingly thankful. I would watch this leader of the thieves very closely.

    Oh, I had also rescued a rakshasa by the name of Verr'sza from a mage at the FAI. He was a ranger of a sort, although quite darker than what I had ever been told of rangers before. As a sort of spirit creature himself I let him join for a time. He had a few scores to settle with an enemy, and one more job to finish for an employer. We took the things he needed and he even let me have a nice story book, with nice pictures. I really needed to figure out how to read.
    I dropped him off at BG as well.

    SO, Alora and I traveled about, she grabbing some choice items from here and there. I was approached by a mage in a tall tower near the palace. He wanted dryad held by another mage. Fool mages, always meddling in things. I agreed as it would give Alora time to explore his tower while I waited in under a shadowy corner outside in the night.
    Lil Alora came back, eyes wide and pack full. She had picked the mage himself AND his Library clean.
    As I sorted through the items I found yet ANOTHER of the famed Seuss books of learning I had been looking for. We also found a temple to The Lady Luck, and as usual, Alora could not keep her hands to herself, she picked the priest clean. Darned if she didn't find ANOTHER Seuess book. This girl was lucky as all get out, or maybe just lucky for me.
    Alora wanted to check on an item from a fence in the thieves guild she had been waiting for so we visited her. While they were talking, lil Fay had been exlporing around all the boxes their, and told me that she to had found a Seuss book. What was going on here? It must be the influence of the Black Goat himself.

    We traveled about a bit more after that but I wanted to return to Eldoth and see if he knew which books Alora had found , as well as the other items. I sat with him while he examined all the things we had found.

    He told me that one of the books was the first book of the Suess series, the FIRST! I had been waiting for this, as I had heard that it was the key to all the rest. I dropped off Alora and decided to head down to the bay, to the familiar sounds of the water, like back at CK, before I looked at it.

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    By then time I got to the docks the sun was coming up.
    I opened the door of the nearest house to see if the peoplw there were at home, if not I would stay for a bit. Opening the door I was met by a group of ogres! Ogres in a house in BG? Their leader must ave know me, mentioned a large bounty my head.To top it all off they were all mages as well, a whole group of ogre mages, corrupted already. I know they would not talk any longer. I told shadow to fly out and hide. Fools, all of them, to trust in the arcane trickery of mages.
    They must learn. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The ogre's did seem somewhat surprised at the appearance of the great yak in the middle of the hall. As I bellowed my rage, they stumbled back and half of them seemed deafened, and unable to work their magic against me. I charged and gored and trample every last one.

    As I returned to my usual form, I heard a gurgle from the head ogre. As I approached he a had a look of surprise on his face. "You stupid ignorant fool of an ogre, you have ruined it, ruined us, he promised" THese ogre mage thought themselves better than me, just a plain ol ogre huh. I asked him who he meant but he would not say. I grasped his neck tightening my grip. "Kill me if you will fool, you will meet death soon." As I tightened my grip even more, I felt an anger growing, hate all around me. Before I realized it I looked back and saw the ogre mage choking, and I let up just a moment to hear him gurlge something about his master, Kahrk, he said, the great Kahrk, in Firewine, would kill me. He died right after.
    Who was this Kahrk, another ogre? Was the the teacher of these mages of just another led astray?

    I needed to think think, barred the door and sat down upon the stairs to think. After a while I remembered the books Eldoth had told me about. I open the first book of Seuss, thinking I could at least look at the pictures and maybe calm down a bit.
    Something was different about this book, the pictures started to make more since than any I had seen before, almost as if they were telling me a stories of sorts, all kinds of stories. My head began to throb and my eyes began to burn at the strain of looking through this strange book, they lost focus. My brain felt like someone had stuck a hot poker inside and was twisting it around.
    Was my hunt for this book going to mean my death?

    I turned to the last page somehow and something happened, the pain lessened, my eyes began to clear, and some of the tiny little squiggles the monks called words changed shape. I KNEW what they were! I understood! I was actually reading words, it was not so hard as I had thought. Maybe it was , or maybe it was just the power of this Seuss fellow that wrote it. I looked down at the last page and read it.

    I was not sure what it all meant, but i could read, now I could read. I would read any and everything I could now. I had already collected quite a stack full of books in Camryn's pack he gave me at CK.
    I would read all the other Books by Seuss I had right now, no matter how long it took.

    Like the book said, did stand out for sure already.
    Truer than true? Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The truth! Shub-Niggurath! HE waould show me truth, and had.
    The direction I chose? But why chose for myself when The Black Goat steered me already?
    THose that dont matter dont mind or dont mind that matter?
    I could not quite figure out what that meant, not without more insight into things. More books, that would help!
    I shall behave as if I shall be remembered? Hmmm

    But the next question was, who was 'I'?

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    I stayed in that house reading, any and everything I had collected, long enough for the bodies to begin to rot.
    The world seemed like it had more to offer me than it did before the change. As my insight into things also increased through my reading of two additional books of Seuss, I was putting a little more thought into things, based on what I had done and seen since leaving CK.
    I observed the bodies of the ogres strewn about the house, I saw the maggots that were emerging and feasting on their flesh. As I saw this I remembered my first dream of the great Shub-Niggurath, back at CK before I left. Creatures of all sorts formed from his great protoplasmic mass, both crawling and flting from his body, often to be eaten by one of the hungry mouths that formed on his mass.
    What must I do then. I went to the head ogre, his body awash in maggots now, and picked up a handful of the tiny writhing creatures. As they wriggling in the palm of my calloused hand, I thought to myself. These seem to be born of a creature related to myself somehow, and one corrupted by the arcane. Should I crush them in my hand? Should I place them back to do as they would?
    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! I seek guidance and the truth. An image formed in my head, and I followed it. I raised my hand immediately to my mouth and swallowed the creatures whole. Now they would be part of me, and as they had feasted on the ogres, they would be a part of me now. Maybe I would be made stronger and wiser now, I do not know. But I do know one thing Kahrk must be paid a visit, but first I had things to do in the city. Feeling apart from all those I had traveled with before I started the hunt for the human Scar, the flaming fist.

    I found the merchant house of the Seven Suns, as I entered I told Shadow to fly atop the house and wait.
    Fay and I entered, a man was leaving, saying he had seen strange things happen to those he knew.
    I went downstairs past a couple of merchants, they seemed not to want to bar my path.
    I was immediately attacked by an almost faceless rubberly looking human like shape. He fell to my club. I approached another human, asking if I had come to kill him. I told him no and to get out of here. I went back upstairs and was attacked again, seeing the two men change into the creature I had just killed. They two fell to my club. I went upstairs, and again the same thing, until the house lay quiet.

    When I left I went to see Scar and let him know what I found. He seemed quite pleased and gave me another task of seeking out the reasons for people disappearing in the night. I thought, why not, it may give more insight into the happenings of this place and answers to who had been sending all the assassins against me since CK.
    I found the reason and was not pleased, another ogre, tempted by the arcane. He died, I did not, but my anger grew.

    I told Scar of this and given another just reward. He said the Duke himself wanted to meet me. Me, a lowly ol ogre, feared by all? Ok, I would meet this human and see what his reaction was.
    To tell the truth I was surprised, he did not mention my appearance but wanted my help with a delicate matter dealing with the Iron Throne. I was to investigate.

    Shadow again flew to the roof, keeping an eye out. I entered the building, bribing the guards to let me continue to the top floor. How many ogres were they used to seeing in their halls, these humans?
    On the floor below the top I met a servant that gave me an agenda of the meeting upstairs. I could read it! I still was amazed, some of the words were still not the easiest but I seemed to get the gist of it.

    I prepared myself as best as I thought, with bark like skin and armor, then walked up. Unfortunately for me, they knew who I was and even expected my arrival. They immediately attacked and began casting some sort of spells to throw at me. I always kept a potion that made me invisible at the ready on my belt. As I took it I could see lil Fay had ignored my wish that she stay below. I started running out of the hall to the far end of a long hallway. I turned and doused them in a cold, freezing fog, unfortunately one of them sa me reappear as I cast the spell. Before I had time to take another of my potions he cast a spell in my direction. The spell hit just as I downed the invisibility potion, and after that I could not think straight, i was confused and disoriented.

    They could not find me right off so turned their attention elsewhere, to Fay, who had lost track of me as I disapeared. It was hard to think, to know what to do. I could hear here screaming, and although resistant to magic and VERY fast, she could not escape them, they all converged upon her, blocking her exit drom one of the small side rooms. They did not all enter and all were standing and shivering in the cold fog.

    I could do nothing, nothing but wander, my thoughts in a jumble, I could still hear her cries, and knew she would die for certain, She had only left Jini's lamp because she thought I could protect her, but it turns out I could not. The poor lil fairywisp, I had grown quite fond of her.

    Then an anger grew within me, an anger like I had not known before, I started feeling less confused now. My thoughts Fay dying at the hands of those filthy humans drove me mad. The spell ended and I ran down the hall to where the men were standing, to the great hall. As I passed I could see them gloating up at the body of lil Fay, she had tried to wedge herself behind some desk and got caught as they pushed her against the wall with it, pinning her in place. I could see by the fading of her light that she was dying.

    In the great hall I stopped, and in my madness did not even feel the change come upon me. I had the mind of an animal, enraged and pushed into a corner. The men saw me me change and must have heard me utter my words Ia! Shub-Niggurath!, and ran to me. After that my thoughts were awash in blood and entrails, as I trampled, gored, and swung my great shaggy horned head in every direction. I heard myself bellow loudly once but it seemed as if coming from afar, as if I was disconnected from myself somehow.

    Eventually, I stood still, just looking, and breathing heavily. I looked about, the men mangled and strewn about in pieces. Heads were crushed and chests torn right through to the other side.
    My mind began to come back but I did not change my form, not yet. I remembered poor Fay, a friend I was sure never to find again. A single tear rolled down my great shaggy head. I wondered if Jini would leave now as well.

    But then I felt a tiny nibble at my long ear. It was Fay! She was badly hurt but still living.

    I released the Yak within me and returned to my ogre self. As the Black Goat had the power to both make and end life so did I. I used the power he had given me during one of my dreams, the power to heal life, and helped Fay heal a lil bit faster. All was well, or well enough for now.
    I found one man hiding in a back room, Thaldorn he called himself, the one Fay had been trapped in. He told me about a meeting that was to occur in CK.
    Fay whispered in my ear as he was talkin 'That was the man that trapped me behind the desk'. He begged for his life "Pleeeassse let me li..." he didn't finish, and his brains hit the wall as his head exploded from one swing from my club.

    Fay and I climbed up to the roof, Shadow must have heard the commotion, I saw him watching me from a nearby building.
    I thought of the crane that I often called into my self. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth. What next? It would be a trip back to CK.

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    Lawd, I thought the lil willigirl was a goner for sure, while I was confused.
    All I could do was stand and keep trying to move her around, even though I could not see her. Pretty fast, but I could never tell where she was. She was getting hist by acid arrows like crazy, even a scorcher. Although with that as I kept moving her about it hit some of her attackers as well. They had pretty much expended much of their mind affecting spells by the time I got out. Some were disrupted and slowed by the writhing fog as well, a lucky placement just by chance.
    She is hard to hit but when hit takes more damage than usual, offset by her healing fast but still a risk being hit by crits.

    All of my spirit forms are also 20% resistant to physical damage, being partly incorporeal as they are. I have I need more practice with the crane. The tiger is getting a bit more use though, and his number of attackes per rounds is increasing, As I specilaized in SWS, my crits are better with the yak and tiger both but the tiger gets an addition 2 point bonus on that as well, so in all he crits on a 17.

    But that Yak, man. I somehow got lucky with my HP rolls this time, I often dont, but play through whatever I get anyway, full no-reload style.
    At 10th lvl now I have 82 hp, doubled to 164 in Yak form, and as I usually have Armor and Barkskin active (5 turns long with SR), I have a better armor class and total damage resistance of 30%.
    Only 1d2 damage with horns but the 20 +2 to strength, it adds up,as well as crits on 19.

    I seem to use yak on multiple or heavy hittin targets, or tiger on smaller groups or mages due to his speed, damage and crits, even if he has less HP.

    Interesting so far. A different mindset I am needing for this Shub-Niggurath, from straight up insane Azathoth, with my Gypsy that made it through to the opening of SoD. I am kinda starting to think of that run continuing.
    But encounters like this last one are keeping me interested and on my toes BG.
    Not as easy to choose companions for an ogre into Bacchanalian like, dark fecundity of life n such, but it seems to be progressing, heh.
    I'll be choosing some pretty quick with a return to CK, at least a thief for sure. Probably Mur'Neth.

    Who knows, I may get sidetracked into more solo exploring before or for sure right after the return to CK, especially as I can read and use wands, finally.

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