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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,085
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    Ice Island, Kahrk, and A Reckoning for mages, both ogre AND human:
    So I first traveled north again, (of course), to see if anyone of interest had turned up in Ulgoths Beard. Someone did as a matter of fact. A rather full-of -himself mage offered me a job to retrieve an item of his from somewhere far away that he would send me. Ok, maybe I'll meet other worshipper's of the Black Goat, or a nice ogre for a change.
    Off Fay, Shadow and I went. A cold little island in the middle of nowhere as far as I could tell, with nothing but a cave. We entered and were immediately attacked by mean ol wolves breathin ice. As I strapped on my belt that Gorion had carried to protect me from cold, I also donned the animal friends ring Alora had stolen back when from Seniyad the druid.
    I charmed a couple, then called on the Black Goat to dive the layout of the immediate vicinity. Mages ahead of course, with dour looks all.
    No good would come of talking so I sent the to ice wolves ahead with a few more I summon as well. They took on the mages, making them expend their spells. I approached as the two of the mages had already been frozen or bitten to death, even though all my wolves were dead or dying from acid.

    The head fool wanted something from me to escape and was ready to kill for it. Sounded reasonable, so I killed him.
    Fay buzzed on ahead, tripping traps n such was little harm to her. We met a few ankhegs, wolves and a couple more humans til we came to a little gnome. I told him to be on way and he took offense. The lil guy was tough, but a few wolves, charmed ice wolves and he was down as well. Lil dude had robe on the like I had seen before, worn by particularly evil mages.

    I walked up the stairs to the next lvl It was just as frozen as the other. Ice wolves and polar bears were about. Which was fine as my supply of salted bear meat to go with my usual soured wine was getting low. Fay cared for neither but Shadow seemed to like both and had even taken a liking to the wine.

    As I kept looking around I came upon a the opening to a large cavern. I divined it again, and saw it was occupied by some human with two golems made out of snow. Looked bout like the snowmen folks make.

    Couldn't be good, nothing good came of the flesh like golems I had encountered in Black Alricks treasure cave back when.
    I summoned up my girls to help, four of them with their enchanted arrows. The hamadryads were serious when it came it fighting, very. I went out to see the guy, the girls left in the shadows behind. Soon as he saw me he started blustering bout takin me out. I tried one of my wands that I good FINALLY understand the workings of, and called down a stream of fire upon him, and kept doings so to his golems with the added support of the archers. They died, I lived, and got the cloak I needed.

    I made it outside and was returned to the mage. He had his cloak and I had a pack full of wolf hides and bear meat so just watched as he left.
    I headed south to hock the pelts to a guy in Nashkel, but on the way down did a lil exploring into an ankher cavern, thinkin it might have an old alter to the Black Goat. No, but did allow me to tuff a few more of their shells into my bag.
    I hocked all that stuff. Good money it was.

    I decided to visit my herbalist dealer, Juoma, in Nashkel. She made me a few things and even enchanted a staff for me. I have still yet to have her mix everything she can with ol Seniyads herbs but got what I needed for now.

    It was time I try and find Kahrk the so called master ogre mage of these parts.
    When I got to Firewine I called up a large group of wolves to traipse about the area with me.
    I finally met some crazy talkin human woman with an odd jar. I took it and she called the name of the one I was looking forward. When I saw this Kahrk approaching I could already see he meant to attack, and as I tried, he did. So be it then, Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Yak joined with me, making us one, I bellowed my rage as the wolves attacked him, he stumbled back, half deafened. The fellow looked surprised, wondering what had happened to the lowly ogre that faced him before.

    THinking me a mere beast of the field he attacked Fay first, a mistake he later regretted.

    I threw his weapon onto my pack and went to hock it, I preferred my clubs n spears.

    So, I had found him at last, but still no friendship with an ogre. I should not have been surprised, with the corruption that the arcane causes, even to my own people. My own people.
    My anger to mages increased a lil more that day.
    I returned to BG, and met Eldoth at the Keexie Tavern, where he was hanging out these days, right by the thieves house.

    ***I talked to him a bit, drinking some sour wine I had the bartender keep on hand, telling him of what I had seen. Eldoth always seemed extremely interested.
    As he was looking through what I had found, a rather wide eyed look appeared on his face as he pulled out a pair of gauntlets. I had forgotten about them, a while back. "Do you know what these are Kamog, What they are made of"? I sat there drinking from my jug, and figgered they were like the others I wore that made me a little better with my clubs.

    Eldoth looked like he did not want to say. he slide a little closer to the edge of the booth, looking like he had seen something that was making him prepare to run. I looked around but everything seemed as usual.

    "Kamog, these are made from the hands of an ogre, made by a mage to increase one's strength."
    The jug shattered in my hand. I saw red. Eldoth took off just as I crushed the table. Mages, curse them all. So, they had finally done and made what I heard two of them whispering about back at CK before I had left.
    They would pay, these mages, they would answer to the Black Goat.

    So they feared ogres in the night did they? Treated us like beasts, like slaves, like cattle, to be used and cut up for their petty little arcane fantasies and nick nacks.
    They shall all meet the Black Goat.
    I could feel the tiger's teeth itching to grow within me. It was time for a reckoning.

    People in the tavern ran or just stopped moving, they saw something behind my angry ogreish facade, as if that were not enough in itself, and their minds could not comprehend, and even less stand against. Many of them, just stood, their minds half broken.

    Anger and a great thudding footsteps of an ogre done wrong left the tavern as I headed to the closet mage I could think of, that Drin character, in Sorcerous Sundries, I knew he tinkered with making things, he would answer this.

    I got to the mages building. It was night, and an unusual large group of whippoorwill's were singing there lil calls atop the buildings near. I think I saw Shadow atop one of the building as well, looking down at me.
    I slammed the door open and Halbazzer Drin dropped some potion or other he was fiddling with, probably ogre's blood for more filthy magic.
    Somehow, I managed to walk up to the counter and just look at him, I could see he was about to do something but I just stood their, staring. I'm not sure what happened next, but I do remembered looking down and reading a small placard next to a black arrow, that I was not able to have read before.

    I remember it said "Arrow of Ogre Slaying". I think the mage saw comprehension in my eyes as next he began casting.
    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Let this mage see The Truth!
    After that it was teeth and claws, when I regained my composure I saw him dead at my feet. I wondered what this meant, with my new found wisdom and insight from Seuss I wondered how I should feel. I knew exactly how I felt, the Black Goat had always given me what I really needed, I both feared AND respected him, more than some human called Seuss.
    It felt good.

    I slipped outside into the night, I left the other human standing. Outside, the Whippoorwill's were silent, someone was indeed meant to have died.
    I headed south, for whatever purpose my chaotic mind felt lead to at the time.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,085
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    The Stone of Askavar and Return to CK:
    Along my journey south I was ambushed by a group of humans, with a stone man along with them, another type of golem it would appear. They were not too much trouble but I would have to watch for the golems. Even with the ability to turn my own skin stone-like with a prayer temporarily, these perversions of the arcane hit hard, esp. on lil Fay and Shadow. I would have to send Shadow at least to the sky, if any more appeared like this.
    They carried with them a letter, mentioned a special stone and someone in Beregost or the the faire they or another they had captured was to meet. Intrigued I traveled south and found Bard with the answers. The group were followers of Bane, or at least thought they were. And the stone was one of ancient power related to the elves. In order to find it myself I would also need several tailisman's , held in various locals.
    OK, sounded interesting, maybe this stone would be of use to me as well. I was to meet another with more info in Beregost, which I did, and then given a map and list of possible areas where the talisman's would probably be.
    The first was easy, and held by a begger in Beregost in exchange for a dragon like ruby, held by Fieldpost's Inn. While here I also found he had a special drum in his lil collection, which he parted with for a reasonable price. A drum made by my own people in fact.

    The second was held by girl their as well, but as her sister and holder of that talisman had been kidnapped by these bane fellows, I would have to go after her and them.
    These guy's had TWO of the stone men, and gave me quite a fight, but I prevailed, and recovered that talisman as well.
    These things were quite useful in themselves. This one in particular, esp, as I had a slight fear of sickness.

    I traveled even further south next, to the Bluebell woods. A small encampment I encountered there, but the filthy mage and his companion could not withstand my divination's and Spirit Fire. They knew not from were the fire came, and when they did found themselves entangled and being poisoned by thick pointy briar bushes I called up from the ground, surrounding them all. They fell as well. Things were too easy, or was it just The will of the Black Goat that I continue on this path of mine?

    Several items of note they had, one in particular, an orb of swirling storms and lightning allowed me control and command bolts of lightning.

    The place I found next was a cave on lil island, north of Nashkel, reputed to hold a necromancer.

    This was a warren filled with giant spiders, with many a dangerous variety. The wolves I summoned kept them at bay while I set them alight with my wand that called fire down upon those I wished.
    As I got deeper I immediately stopped upon seeing the edge of a strange circle. I divined the area and in the middle saw the necromancer, with his group of spider guards. This would take more than wolves.
    I summoned the girls to help, but this time, as my power had increased, a nymph appeared along with two hamadryad archers. I sent a couple wolves forward to draw out the nasty lil mage, but soon he came after me as I started forward. I called for the tiger Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Let us show this mage death.
    To my surprise the nymph on her own summoned several leopards, and these kitties could fight! Special I felt to fight alongside them myself. At one time they pounced upon the mage, as did I, with lightening speed. He did not last long under all those claws and teeth, and the cats went traipsing on.

    By the time I finished with the necromancer, I also could summon leopards of my own to fight beside me.

    The last talisman was held in an old watchtower, to the east of Beregost. When I got to the area I scouted it at night fully invisible. I also divined the tower to get an idea of what was guarding it. Many stone men, archers, and a few banite priests did I find, even a couple stone lizards.

    Before I entered, I called up the Black Goat for sanctuary, and he hid me from all eyes. Another mage and his golems were within, as well as his companion champion.
    I prepared as best I could, summoning the archers and a nymph. She in turn summoned several leopards herself. They would lie in wait while I drew them out.
    I entered and of course, was told how I would perish as all the fools before them, and would never find the stone before they did.
    Everyone but the mage came outside, and after a hard fought battle fell. This mage would meet his fate with teeth and sharp claws. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! I felt the tiger join with myself and entered the tower alone, not wanting to risk lil Fay to unknown magics this time. Burning me quite badly with his acid and fire, he to, fell like the other mages before had. I retrieved the talisman and left, wondering where to go next. To be honest I had no idea, and even though determined I felt drawn to return to CK first.

    I went to the duke, told him of where I thought the leaders of the Iron Throne could be found. He gifted me an old book that would gain me entrance, I knew not what it said and could not read a word of it. Some arcane filth probably, but it would gain me entrance. I gathered up Mur'Neth, the Ghaunaduarian rogue on the way there. He seemed more than interested in seeing the secrets behind CK's walls.

    I entered CK, and met several old friends, though a few were quite strange acting. There were dopplegangers already here. One of the fools was dissecting cats, something the tiger in me took wuite the offense to. I met my old friend Alec as well, and we enjoyed a cup of mead at Winthrop's Inn. He told me he had seen some ominous letter in my old room, but would say no more other than he would always be my friend. He left CK after that, fearing it was no longer safe. I entered the library, having already heard from monks that were still my friends and Alec as well, that a meeting of the Iron Throne was taking place upstairs.

    As soon as I entered I saw Tamah, the woman I had made flesh again, and had shown the many letters written to her I had found hidden in books across the land. She had said she mght find her old love Camryn, my friend, after I had first left her. Obviously she had decided to find him and renew the relationship from 25 years earlier. She had left CK back then but never got back again before she had been turned to stone by the lizards and sat imprisoned all these years.
    Camryn was being attacked by doppleganger, and before I could help, Tamah killed the beast before it had impersonated him.

    He thanked me for what I had one in reuniting them after all this time. I told him I had learned to read and this time would need no one else to help me read his words, as I had to have others read all the letters to Tamah he had written. He said he was proud of me for learning to read, and knew it was hard having to learn on my own. He gave me a ring he had always worn a he left.
    Many things had changed but he was not one of them. Still the friend.

    He also gifted me a book as he left, hiding a letter within as he had been doing all these years with Tamah, hoping she would find them one day.
    He wrote in it saying to embrace change, that change was not all bad. Im not sure what he meant but I was changing already.

    I had not seen yet the two fellows I was looking forward to seeing, the lil dwarf and halfling, Arkanis and Deder. Hopefully they were all right.

    We looked for the men, but not finding them went to the next level. Jini came out of her lamp suddenly and told me she had done a lil sneakin of her own and thought for sure I was, as she wondered once before, that I was indeed a child of Bhaal. Bhaal, Hmph. He was nothing to the Black Goat, but still it might explain some of the documents I had found, speaking of a war that might come, from all of Bhaal's kids.

    I found the men the next floor up, met them and listen to their holier than thou remarks and left. Soon after they found themselves stuck in poisonous thorns, freezing fog, and burning Spirit Fires. A couple made it out and were promptly incinerated by my wand.

    Some strange man appeared, saying he had something to give me. What was strange was that he knew the details of Gorions death, every detail. Brushing him off Mur'Neth picked his pocket and grabbed ring from him as he left.

    We headed up another two flights, deftly avoiding a Watcher, probably after us about the fight below. I got to my old room, reading a note Gorion had left for me. Either he knew I had it in me to learn to read of figgered I would have friends that could. My real father apparently was Bhaal.
    Well, that was a downer, but it would not draw me away from the Black Goat or his goal of creating strange new life.
    Before long we were caught, I put up no fight, thinking I could talk my way out of it, and explain what was going on. Not to be. We were locked up and awaiting what was probably an execution back at BG. Well, that;s the thanks I get form nasty ol Ulraunt. Tethtoril came to visit though and was much more understanding. he helped us escape but said we would have to find our way out through the crypts. Better than a hanging.

    We fought through many a former friend that was now a doppleganger, and many ghouls along with them.
    But, I found a few books of interest that lloked to be by Seuss again. They would have to wait.
    We kept going until we found the main chamber below CK, huge, and with many of the doppies about.

    I also happened upon Arkanis and Deder, my friends were still alive and offered to help lead us out. I divined ahead as much as I my power allowed. I even saw Gorion ahead, but knew it to be just another doppie as he was dead and long gone now. They were stronger than the others but a few wounds later we continued on.
    Finally coming to the maze, I divine ahead of a group of particularly nasty looking humans. I summoned all the help and leopards could. It was not enough though, and one scared the dickens outa me just as I downed one of my emergency invisibility potions. I ran around all over the place, like my head was on fire and my butt was catchin. But they could not find me. They did find Mur'Neth though, who luckily took his real jelly like form and brushed off all their magic, long enough for me to come to. after that it was hide in seek, seek and destroy, which we did, one by one as they had scattered trying to chace after Fay, but were just to slow to catch her in that maze.
    We finnaly made it out, finding references to one Saervok, the one behind all this mess. I could not find Arkanis and Deder but did not find their bodies either. They did say they had to stay to continue to help though, so hopefuly they were ok. We left the underground and arose outside CK's walls.
    Jin even invited Mur into the lamp with me, and he seemed quite impressed by it.
    That first night out I had a dream and a recieved a newly gifted power as well.

    More anti ogre propaganda it was, the lil kobolds as well. A weak lil creatures but they were as tenacious and cunning as ogres were strong and fierce. Humans were a fearful lot, and would rather kill something first, and ask questions later, or just for sport, thinking us lesser beings. Maybe it was the humans that made my kind, and the kobolds as well hate them so. I at least at been brought up with humans as friends, but learned many were not.

    And more:

    Soo, I had prevailed huh. Yes I had, the power would be used not for myself, not for bhaal, but for the use to serve the one I feared and respected, the Black Goat, Shub=Niggurath himself. That is what the power would be used for.

    Fay agin mention her and our size difference, she wanted more than just what her dreams between us could provide. Maybe one day.

    Before returning to BG, we travel south, to see if we could pick up some cannon fodder and take on Bane's group, intent on finding the Stone of Askavar. Our contact told us the enclave could be found near the bandit camp. Knowin t it would be tough we decided to get all the help we could.

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    BG Assassins and the Stone of Askavar:

    As usual, I was lead astray from my first plan. I returned to BG, just to get a feel for what was going on. First thing I know I get arrested. Well, that figgers, an ogre walks in and he's got to be bad, right? Seems, though, they had heard of some of adventures in CK and wanted to hang me still. Damn that Ulraunt, must have sent word.
    Angelo seemed to be in charge now. I had heard on the way to the FFHeadquarters that Scar had been killed by Shadow Thieves, some buncha cutthroats to the saouth, and the Duke sick was some nasty disease. That was a troublesome, thought, but at least I had my talisman for disease. Still, though, something might always reach out and bite me, some tiny lil bug that was resistant to the talisman.

    So I told this Angelo punk, looking him straight in his eyes, that I was going to rip off his arms and legs and let him cry like a lil baby, I even through in a lil laugh at the end. He musta thought me a bit mad, so he just chucked me right in the jail. Some lil gnome in there, one that liked havin his way with kids helped me escape. Any port in the storm at this point.

    I was curious as to the duke's disease, even if a bit fearful, so went back in to see. Some fool doppie was there causin probs. He went down. I later took off to the Iron Throne building and found one of Saervok's followers. The fact she had hired a couple of the brothu's, the ogres Arggg and Uggg, didnt put me in a
    good mood to start with. The kitty cats, nymphs, hamadryads and myself soon put them all to rest.

    I then tracked down a couple of assassins in underneath the city. The male did not much care for my fire wand or a critical hit to the jaw from my enchanted and barbed hickory switch of a club.
    Hi lady however, was a bit trickier. Mur"Neth was with me at the time, so transformed to his natural jelly self and squidged his way over to where she might be. As she showed herself and summoned up a big cloud of mustard gas, I took a deep breath, uttered a prayer , huffed n puffed and was able to blow it all away. After that called out Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! The truth would appear to that assassin in the form of tooth and nail, with a well placed slice of what musta been ALL my claws at once. :*

    Oh, right before that I ran into some fool I had met at the Thieves House that apparently was only playing the fool. He was really an agent of the Shadow Thieves, and as he appeared with a buncha his crew in tow, outa nowhere, I told him to go scratch, and did exactly that to them all. If I meet more of them in the future I will be more careful of their deceptive little games they seem to enjoy playing.

    Well, I found some more info on Saervok, but as usual, my attention turned elsewhere. Back to the followers of Bane and the Stone of Askavar.
    I had decided to take the dwarf boys Kagan and Yeslick, and the barbarian White with me. They were pretty tough.
    We found the entrance to their underground lair near some ruins around the old bandit camp from earlier.
    Knowing it was going to be rough, from what I had seen at the Watchtower before, we prepped as well as possible.
    I told them the plan would be for me to run straight through em if possible and provide support, while they all stood their ground. Im not sure which they thought was the crazier suggestion but grunted their OK's.
    Shadow would wait outside in case anymore came against us. What we found was this. A stairway leading right smack dab into the middle of a group of filthy mages, dangerous archers, two handed swordsmen in full plate, and some of the stone men golems as well.

    Well, we stuck to the plan and I gulped a potion, disappeared and ran through the lot of them. The boys meanwhile lit the end off a molitov cocktail and lobbed it at the others. They didn't ppreciate that too much, I can tell you, and in return, proceeded to rain fists, swords and spells upon White and the dwarfs.
    I meanwhile, at the other end, was summoning up the girls and a bunch-o-kitty cats. One Nymph did the same. Good thing too, as one of the stone men and a warrior had followed lil fay, who always followed me.

    We gave em the treatment but darnit, these guys were tough. One fool mage summoned up some real deal skeletal warriors as well. I heard the the rest of my crew dying from way back where, although I heard Kagan makin his last stand, cussin' to the very end. I think the last words I heard him utter were 'welcome to the bbq boys!' and a loud explosion. He must have dropped a firebead bomb right at his feet afore they got him. The dwarf boys would not go down alone. Both reminded me of Arkanis back at CK, in some way or other.

    Things were not looking good for me, but as I had downed a few potions to resist magic, it was the physical I had to worry about the most. They were chopin up the cats and the archer girls like they were makin a samich.
    That was enough, Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth!, If you want me dead than bring it own. The Yak joined ,and transformed me then, and we fought horn and hoof to beat those fools.
    Eventually, somehow, having taken quite a few wounds, I was standing alone, with Fay near my ear. The yak was just too much beast for them in the end

    I gathered up the Stone that I had found, with no clue to how it worked, everything I found, and all my dead crew as well. I musta looked site if any had seen me, carrying three dead folk along. I started back to CK where I had to make a choice on who to revive. It was that hard as I was kinda fond of dwarfs and White could get straight up buck wild in a fight, bout like me, when joined with the spirits inside.

    So I recalled all their spirits myself. It figgers the first thing they do is start arguing about bad breath, whose was worse, and if it was even ok to say it was bad in the first place. Jeeze.

    I would drop them off, and delaying my time still with tracking down my apparent half- brother, I gathered Mur'Neth and we decided to delve into the depths of Durlags Tower. I wanted to see what kinda ghosts were left by dwarfs, and what if anything they could tell me of the Black Goat, if indeed the place went far under the surface.

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    Durlags Tower and Cultists for Aec'Letec:

    Mur'Neth and I finally made it through the many traps of the tower, and somehow, we made it to the lower lvl. I met a woman outside a chamber that held a demon, or so I was told. She wanted me to break some mirror and let him fight himself. Bahhh, strength is the way for an ogre. I did send Mur'Neth on back. I did not want to have him around me getting in the way. There was no talking Fay out if it though, but I told her to keep to running as far away as possible from the fight.
    I was really glad now I had learned to read, as one of the scrolls I had found had to be read by the one protected by it, protected from the foul tint of the arcane. I had planned to fight with the spirits in me but when I got in I was in for a surprise.
    I met this beast, and ego he did have. I told him to go scratch. Why do they never like that approach. His foul little magics were useless, but the problem was I did not have enough time to call down a spirit to join within me. he would be right up on me, cutting at me before I could. I chucked a few javelins at him, getting a lucky strike in a time or two. That weaken him a little, but not much. I FINALLY got far enough away tht I had time to call for aid Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Let this.. and he was on me again, but not before the Yak bonded with me, doubling my strength. I charged, retreated, and charged again. This guy was tough, but finally he fell to the power of the Black Goat. Whewww. I was ready to gather up Mur and leave this place.

    Mur and I got back to BG and I hocked a few things from the Tower, then dropped off Mur before I returned to Ulgoths Beard with the Soul Dagger for the ol Dwarf.
    Soon as I get though, some buncha fool humans jump me, but not before I hardened my skin first. A good thing as a couple tried to stab me in the back. I took off as fast as my weasel boots would take me, unti I had time to summon the girls for help, with their summoning of leopards as well. I burned the assassins with fire, the nymph hit with charms. After the first couple that had followed me fell, I summon more leopards myself. So me and a whole dad burn buncha cats took on the rest. That did not take long.
    The ol dwarf said they had taken the dagger for some summoning ritual for a demon. These humans dont learn with their petty little demons, but the would learn the power of the Black Goat.
    The guard at the door didnt know what hit em, as I fiigered he would only try and bar my way regardless of what I said. I had a group of cats and archers at the ready if I needed to make a hasty retreat.

    I uttered a quick prayer and asked for sanctuary. At the same time as I offered my prayer to the Black Goat I felt an itching in my hands. I brushed it off for the moment though. As I entered unnoticed I saw quite a group, and out of the corner of my eye the tail tail signs of a few that thought they were unseen. With the power I had now, illusions were useless against me.

    I first released a cold of the spirit fog to keep them steppin and fetchin, as they closed upon me I again asked for sanctuary. The itchin in my hand became a burnin, my hands hurt terribly. I called out for help. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! What have I done? Before I knew it the pain instensified even more, and as I looked at my hands, a toothy jaw ripped open in the middle of my palms, followed by a buzzing drone like sound. All of a sudden, thousands of biting flies, wasps, maggots, beetles, and what all else I did not know, spewed forth from my body, exploding outward and covering all else in the room.

    I felt a relief come over me, as if I had about been ready to burst. As the enemy swatted and jumped around,I ran to the other side of the room. I covered the whole area in poisonous vines and thorns, whereby after that I laid into them hand to hand, right on the edge of my poisonous briars. They fell, I did not.

    So, the Black Goat had gifted me with another of his powers of creation. It would be useful.

    I knew what laid in wait down the stairs would not be good. I used another of my precious scrolls that would would protect me from any filthy ungodlike magic from below.
    I went down the stairs into a summoning chamber, and as I did the head cultist broke the gem in the dagger and called forth there petty little demon friend.
    Well, I say petty but he was immune to most thing but my javelin that Ishlilka had given me when last we parted. I cleansed all the cultists in a purification of fire, running from corner to corner to evade the beast's claws.
    This demon, like the last, was hard to evade, making it tough to call upon the spirits.I one day vowed to be powerful enough that they would be a part of me forever, but that was not now. I just could not stay away from him. The hits he did land were massive slashes.
    Then it hit me, what lil Deder had said to me once when I could never catch him. "Kamog, sometimes running and hiding is the strongest weapon of all, and when you do dont ever come out until your ready, no matter how long it takes". Yes, that was it, I dont now why I had not thought of it before. While the scroll was in effect, my spells were useless but my potion of invisibility was not. I ran fast to the far side, out of the demons sight, and downed the potion. he did not follow. This was it, my chance, Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth. Let me show this demon the real truth, and the real power.
    The great yak joined me within, stronger than ever now. I charged the beast head on, he slashed at me, again and again, but I gored and kicked back at him with everything I had, until finally he fell.
    Deder had it right, hopefully he and Arkanis were ok back at CK.

    Onward, to where I would not know until the thought hit me, and those thoughts were changing often as of late.

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    The restartitis is currently dormant, but I can feel it strengthening, got to finish and bout there.

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    The Isle of Balduran-and,Cats vs Dogs:

    Soo, after little thought, the wind blew Mur'Neth and myself onto a ship in hunt for the famed treasures of Balduran, for some scholar in Ulgoth's Beard.
    Although Mur got on my nerves at time with this Guanadaur stuff, I still was unsure as to Ghaunadaur's part in banishing the primordials and others. The Black Goat being the main deity in question of course.
    Regardless, I had come to enjoy having the use of his roguish skills.

    Our bout crashed and we were left stranded but made it to the island at least. There were people here although I sensed something unusual about them, although, after meeting with their leader, a human woman named Gan, I decided I would help them if it helped me to get back to the mainland.
    We headed north from the village. We were met on the way with these wolfmen we had been warned against. I left Mur for a time a the village but I had the cats and the girls with me.
    One fool tried to trick me, but the trick turn against him as called for help Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Let me fight with my cats as one!
    We tore into them with a ferocity worthy of any fight amongst those with more conventional weapons. Our claws and teeth prevailed.

    We met an elf, a little off his rocker it would seem, but understandable in his situation. In exchange for his help he would help us somehow in return.

    I cleared the first couple of lvls myself, with both the purification of fire and the aid of a staff I had found earlier in my travels.

    Mur Found a dagger on the way up to the top of the ship that seemed quite effective against these beasts as well.
    We met the leader, and even tried to bargain with, offering to join them, as I had found them to be worthy opponents. Not to be. He attacked us, and as before, Mur and I both laid into them with fire. I took the lead however, reaching inside and bringing forth a part of my divine essence, strengthing my allread strong ogre self.

    The leader fell to my staff, with not much trouble at that. I was gaining strength more and more.

    We made it back to the village where Gan had betrayed us, leaving for her own ship that was hidden. We raced to find her, and perhaps without the aid of the elf from before, might not have found the way to her ship.
    She had no intention of allowing us passage back, even when I said I would help her back on the mainland.
    So be it,once again another of these leaders of the island fell.

    As we left on the way back I saw strange fish like men, just offshore from the island as we left, seeming watching me from a distance but never attacking.

    We took the ship for ourselves, and guided somehow made it back to the main land. Once I thought I saw more disturbing sights underneath us, but we were not attacked. I had the feeling that my mind was being read somehow. At first I thought perhaps it was the Black Goat himself, but it was not, although the strangeness of that connection was not totlally unfamiliar. As I had seen the great Shub-Niggurath himself, Ia!, I was no more frightened of that than of my own deity. I had found a few books back at CK on my last return, and one mentioned that there were more beings from far space and the elemental plane of Chaos than just Shub-Niggurath, Ia!. The Truth.

    We made it finally and met by an unfriendly man, apparently a servant of the scholar Mendas that had sent us. We had been deceived in our purpose for going there and apparently would be rewarded for such with death.
    Ok, then, dogmen, you want me, then you shall, but death will come with me, and not with you.
    I summoned the girls, and they in turned summoned the cats.
    But I, in my newfound powers after having return from that island summoned something much more powerful.
    As I said a prayer to the Black Goat, the earth itself bgan to take shape, forming vaguely humanoid like beings, even larger than myself. From the earth I could now give life itself to the very rock. and dirt itself.

    I walked first inside myself, to at least give the man a chance at listening to me, but he would not.
    I did not even bother calling the others or going outside, they both fell to the great swings from my staff. Some strange angelic creature appeared, and helped me, it did not speak but just fought. i did not know if this was a gift from Jini or not, but regardless, Mendas fell by my hand.

    My powers as a dark shaman of the Black Goat, one of the favored of Shub-Niggurath, Ia! or " Gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath" were growing.

    I think it was about time I met my half brother, and explain to him the error of his ways. Maybe...

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    One of my books I had brought back from CK,The Book Of Eibon, a very old book I had found in the lower tombs in CK,mentioned an explorer, known by Ashton(CASmith), and something he had found. He wrote following that I found most interesting:
    ...[H]e described a sort of pool with a margin of mud that was marled with obscene offal; and in the pool a grayish, horrid mass that nearly choked it from rim to rim... Here, it seemed, was the ultimate source of all miscreation and abomination. For the gray mass quobbed and quivered, and swelled perpetually; and from it, in manifold fission, were spawned the anatomies that crept away on every side through the grotto. There were things like bodiless legs or arms that flailed in the slime, or heads that rolled, or floundering bellies with fishes' fins; and all manner of things malformed and monstrous, that grew in size as they departed from the neighborhood of Abhoth. And those that swam not swiftly ashore when they fell into the pool from Abhoth, were devoured by mouths that gaped in the parent bulk.

    ("The Source of Uncleanliness") resides in the cavern of Y'quaa beneath Mount Voormithadreth. It is a horrid, dark gray protean mass and is said to be the ultimate source of all miscreation and abomination.

    Was this Abhoth really another name for the Black Goat, Shub-Niggurath? Ia!. It sounded so very similar to my dreams. Or something different, I knew not at the moment. So, a cavern in some mountain that I knew not where it was. The Black Goat was said I knew already from my dreams to dwell in dark cavern known as the Dark Woods, a place with strange and unusual growth in the life there. I must find it. Perhaps there was another worshiper, another dark druid, I could find, one perhaps already working at creating new life, that did not correspond to the usual plant, animal, fungi, etc. etc. categories.

    (perfect spot for this in SoD, perfect)

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    Saervok and the end:
    And so it is time to finish this constant hounding by this human who is apparently my half-brother. I had no brother, not of my kind at least. I did not yet know what I would say to him, as our last meeting at the ducal palace did not go well. The Black Goat perhaps would show me a sign.
    I gathered a few of my companions. Mur'Neth would go for sure, as I needed to keep an eye out for him and his ramblings about his god. Well that and he is a good crook. I asked Ishlilka the H/O slayer of arcane as well. Perhaps she might be persuaded to even one day given homage to the Black Goat. Verr'Sza the rakshasa would go with me as well, He could fit in with me and the cats perhaps.
    THe rest could find their own way to do whatever they wanted, I cared not. I did give the two dwarfs some goodies to tide them over, and the same for Alora. I was a bit fond of the small folk. I started to thank Monty for his services but he had already taken off for parts unknown with his human partner Xzar.

    So be it.
    We traversed the maze beneath the thieves house. Mur took care of several traps while I took care of anything else. At one point Mur's scouting revealed undead and various other unfriendly creatures. I rummaged about my backpack and found what might help. A scroll that would hide me from the walking dead folks about. It sure is nice to read finally. I can hardly get enough.
    The maze we passed though, and entered into a tremendous underground city. The place was crawling with the undead but were no match for my protections I had read earlier.

    Mur'Neth had something more to say about his god, the elder deity Ghuanadaur. We shall see Mur, we shall see. Ans as to whether you are approved of by the Black Goat, only time would tell.

    In my scouting, which I asked the Black Goat for sanctuary I happened a band of mercenaries. I decided then and there I would leave the others and finish this myself, as I was most comfortable that way.
    With poisonous vines, and a cold spirit fog combined with fire eventually dropped them all.
    All except for the ogre in their employ, Gorf. I gave him one one more chance to change his mind. He would not listen. He had no choice but to fall. All of these ogres and not one a friend, amazing.

    As I picked over their bodies for anything of interest as to who they were, I noticed they were not the only ones that died in the cold, fiery mix of the of the spirit ethers, and the poisonous embrace of the thorns.

    Isklilka and Mur'Neth had come looking for me, thinking I had abandoned them. I suppose they wanted to stay by my side. I had no idea they would walk through the mercenaries to reach me.
    It looks like the Black Goat did not approve after all Mur.
    Hmm, I wondered how I felt about this, but it was not long before something else caught my attention.
    It was the catman Verr. He had apparently escaped being caught in that fight and wanted to join me again.

    As we scouted out the dark temple there, where Saervok most likely was I met a strange phantasm, obviously real to some extent as I could see through all illusion with ease.
    It spoke of joining me, giving me power. It spoke of the Black Ram and the Deadly Crane. What was this that spoke of such things. I took the phantasm up on the offer and it disappeared within me. I did not feel any different though. Maybe it felt or saw something else within me that did not agree with it, or else my own self took it and used it for whatever it was worth.

    I entered the temple with Verr, ready for this meeting with Saervok to take place. It was a huge complex and, as usual, I prayed to divine the makings of all of the huge building. Saervok was at the far end, apparently alone.

    I summoned some help from the Black Goat, the girls, cats, and the elemental men I had learned to call from the very ground itself.

    Verr and I approached Saervok, leaving the others behind for backup if needed. Saervok saw and approached me. He would not listen as I suspected. He was mistaken as to who would have the others essence however.

    I backed slowly away, leading him to his own little surprise, my backup. What I did not know was that he had his as well.
    He had some filthy mages with him, it figures. They were not so much trouble thou after I dispelled their petty protections though.
    One turned Verr against me but the Nymph turned him again back to himself.
    It was then that Verr fell though, while I had been protected from their magics by two old potions I had saved, he was not. He did get a lucky shot in and killed one of the mages. The elementals finished another. The other elemental fell to Saervok deep slashing wounds. I really did not fancy that for myself.
    I took off to the other end, thinking to draw the spirits within me, but before I did the half-ogre Tazok ambushed me. Eventually he fell to the flame.
    I returned to the girls to find they had been slaughtered by Saervok. I decided then I would finish him as one joined to the spirits.
    I ran to the far end and called out while he was still catching up to me, Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Show this fool the truth. And I would show him the truth, and that truth would be his death. Just as I felt the Yak bonding within me, I saw Saervok approach from the far end.
    The fool!, either he stepped on one of his own traps, or an arrow shot from a far corner by a dying hamadryad killed him before we even joined battle. I knew the elementals had hurt him but did not realize how much.
    No matter, I was the only one left standing, well, except for Fay, and Shadow who just then flew down from high in the rafters.

    I did not get the answers I sought, a way to reach the Dark Woods Of Shub-Niggurath, but I did gain one thing, another day to do so. I left the temple and return to see what waited me back in the city. Maybe I would get a reward for saving them, although that had never been my intent in the first place.
    I wondered again at the thanks I might get, as an ogre, as the boogyman of children's dreams.

    Maybe though they should fear after all. What was coming might be called an abomination by some, and drive others mad with incomprehension. But for myself "Gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath", although I had fear as well, I knew that I was favored, having been swallowed whole by my god in my dreams, and sent back out into this world to help prepare.
    The Dark Young would multiply by my hand, multiply until the land was ready for his return.

    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth!

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    So, another run til the end of BG. Maybe I am making headway into the restartitis, at least I continue til the finale of BG.
    This spiritwalker is pretty darn powerful, at lvl 12 the Yaks (HP +150% extra is massive. The tigers is transforming into some kind of animal kensai and tears through mages. They both are hitting as +3 weapons now.
    Spell revisions is just plain awesome, with so many more selections and ones reworked fit better.

    I will just have to wait and see.
    I have three waiting in SoD now:
    Horshack, the ogre wizard slayer, more of a plain ogre kinda run,
    Kamog, ogre spiritwalker of Shub-Niggurath,
    and Velnarin, the Gypsy bard, being led to Im not sure where, other than to the side of Azathoth, as his half insane master flautist.

    I have been thinking (yeah restartitis) of a different take on things though, traversing dimension, plane, and time, something truly suited to the chaotic mindset of the Old Ones, their servants, and those that seek them. We'll see. B)
    Fun, fun, fun.

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    Soth Whateley, the beginning.( and the past,( or future?))
    -Chaos Sorcerer- b>

    Old Whateley set out from his farmhouse late one evening. He was headed to the old stone altar not far from his home. No one knew how long the altar had been there or who erected it, so long ago it was. One of the first Whateley's to live there perhaps. He lived on a hillside with his wife, an albino woman rarely seen, about four miles outside a small village named Dunwich. Frightful tales of magic had always been whispered in the village about him, and about all Whateley's that had come before him. He sought power, he sought the power to travel to any place, and any time, stars far and distant, past and present. Tonight he would make the attempt. But as to the cost, it would be great, as it possibly meant his death, or at the very least, some of his sanity. It would also mean sacrifice, but it would be worth it to know, worth everything. He would dare to summon one of the Old Ones.

    It was the winter solstice, the time when all Whateley's before him tried to connect to something far distant, a being that could be anywhere, anytime, at the same time, or in many times at once.
    For long he had searched for this power and had himself amassed a large collection of rotting ancient books and parts of books which he inherited through two centuries of Whateley's before him. All before him had done the same and failed. No Whateley had ever succeeded in garnering such power. Many had tried before him, but they tried and died, or at least he thought, leaving it to their heirs to continue the search, having instructed them from birth as best they could before each fated winter solstice.

    Old Whateley, strange as he was, seemed stranger still after that, some said he was half mad after that night, having found and feared at the same time what he sought. It was mentioned that old Whateley could see beyond the stars now, see into place where they dared not even imagine for fear of going mad. The villagers never again saw his wife again after that night they heard that strange name echoing through the hills on that night. Whateley never himself said what had happened to her but when asked, he often had a pained look on his face.
    Dunwich gossips recall that the hills shook that night, the dogs barked incessantly at some unknown sight. They said Old Whateley shrieked that dreadful sounding name in a harsh language on that stone altar up in the hills, one of the old books of his ancestors open in his arms before him.

    What they heard was Yog-Sothoth, and it was year 1890, Dunwich Massachusetts.

    My dreams have become strange of late. I see into places almost to indescribable to describe. Of swirling colors, horrible ever changing amorphous shapes reaching for me, ever changing landscapes, dreams that never seem to end. Never was one the same as the other. Part of me was frightened but a part was also curious. Over time I became accustomed to such things in my dreams. Many times I would will myself to go deeper within this curious world of chaos the strain tugging at my very sanity, but I held firm and went ever further into this world that played itself out in my mind.

    I want power, and I would have it, at any cost, even that of my own sanity. I always had wanted this, the power to travel to any place, any time, any plane, to stars far and distant, both past and present. I wanted to look behind the veils of chaos and find myself already there, looking back at me.
    I had garnered some magical learning from my stepfather Gorion, a kind but doting old man, afraid to look into the void of chaos for fear of what might notice him from within. I had no such fear, and would risk all to learn such powers. I took to searching and reading anything of importance to me in the old library of my home, Candlekeep. The monks there minded to their business of copying scrolls, books, and the oldest of tomes. I was often seen by the watchers, wandering the library at night, searching for anything new I might not yet have seen. It was not hard given the the whiteness of my skin and hair, a trait most likely I got from my mother, an albino like myself, or so Gorion had said.

    I would learn magic on my own from now on, and draw my power from the chaotic planes of existence I knew in my mind and from that same plane I knew was real, that which I had gleaned some knowledge from in Candlekeep, the Elemental Plane of Chaos. Not much is know about it anymore it would seem, but I would learn.

    The dream again, those ever changing amorphous 'demons' in the night, with shapes even upon waking I sometimes think I see out of the corner of my eye, but are not really there (or are they?).

    I am by the sea below Candlekeep's walls. A large humanoid like shape appears to me over the waters in the sky, it's face veiled behind clouds and fading light. In voice that is both loud and sounding as if whispered at the same time "I am Umr At-Tawil, The Guide. All you need know is that I am the keeper of the gate to all, find me and you will find all. I have a message for you, to be granted you from beyond YOUR all, a different time and place.

    "On my deathbed I have been given the chance, finally to speak to you in a way, and told that you are indeed alive. somewhere, in some time. You must continue what I could not see to completion, though I have seen it grow, but perhaps your sister Lavinia's son Wilbur and his 'brother' (growing ever larger each day, might, although you will never meet. I opened the way and provided passage through a life dear to me. I have given you up to be placed out among the stars in another time and place by Umr At-Tawil. that you may live and possibly do what all before you have not. I only asked that you at least be taken far away, out of my time and place. That was part of the price I had to pay for what I had been given the power to learn, to loose you, my son.

    I have since come to the conclusion that, sometimes, in order to protect one you care about you must be as a stranger to them.
    Your mother 'disappeared' after your sister, your elder by minutes, was born. I never got the chance to see you, but I knew you were there. You are a Whateley, your mother my first cousin, and most likely have the mark to prove it, we all do. Continue our traditions, for to learn the power of chaos is the only way to survive and be accepted at The Return. Look into that which others cannot, see how even in the deepest chaos their is a meaning and a path through. It is the year 1924, some 30 plus years since I knew you were taken, although time I know has no bearing on your place or age at this moment, and this date will most likely mean nothing to you. It most certainly does not to one such as the great Yog-Sothoth, who can be anywhere, anytime. I hear the whippoorwills now, my death is near, they have gathered outside the house. As to their decision after my passing, only others will know. Farewell."

    I asked the veiled figure if I would meet him again and he replied that I already had, somewhere, some time, some other place, and would do so again. I am that which you seek, and that of which your relative found. In this form I am safe for you to look upon, until you are mentally strong enough to see my true form.

    I do indeed have the mark, I do not know how I never noticed it before. It seems to be the form of some small letter, with a strange blackish green coloration, covered over by the thick snow white hair on my head.

    Eventually I happened upon what I thought perhaps was new insight into what I sought.
    Hidden behind the oldest books in the library, I found a crumbling old tome. I could not seem to make my hands reach for it. Behind it I saw a symbol unfamiliar to me, a light from it that seemed old and weak, at least as far as the whole of Candlekeep that I knew.

    Then, as I uttered something, not even sure what it was I said, that the veiled figure in the dream had said to me. The symbol faded for a brief time and I was able to grab the book, then the symbol brightened again. A ward of some sort perhaps? Strange symbols adored the cover of the book, and as I picked it up and looked at it in detail, a greenish mist emanated from it.

    The author was one named Abdul Alhazred. Parts of rituals only half described in detail had survived. Many passages in the book were illegible. One such passage I could make out near the end and was as follows:

    "Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread". The scribe had signed only his initials, HPL. The name again, as in my dream.
    The Book was named Necronomicon. I needed to find more of this,in a copy made here or somewhere else, or perhaps mention in another work.
    I took it for myself and would never mention it to old Gorion. I would learn of this gateway to Chaos, and find the way. One day I would learn, and open it without hesitation or fear (at whatever cost to my mind).
    It is morning, I am half asleep, and someone has entered my room. From the sound of his gate and the breathing it must be one of the monks, the scribe Camryn. A nice enough fellow that often got me access to books I was not normally allowed access to(other than the one I was found on my own, hidden). He took care not to touch me, as the few times I had been awakened in such a way I would alswys wake with a start, flailing my arms wildly to some perceived threat. Such was an effect of the dreams and my magic perhaps.
    "Soth, get up youngun, Gorion says you are to leave Candlekeep today, gather your things".

    So be it. A Whateley I am, from some far away time or land. I shall indeed adopt the surname as my own. I need to get outside this library and continue my search for power and the gate to chaos, the gate to Yog-Sothoth and possibly the others, the 'Old Ones'. I feel my mind being stretched, similar to what the cooks do with dough when making bread in the kitchens. But my mind is clear now, even if a bit focused on my magics and less on the rest of the world around me. To be expected I suppose, but I know I will grow more in tune with chaos, in time.

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    slight delay as I had to re-verify the game and get my downloads/mods in again.
    Plus the class got an update to some issues I found.
    I also found that the exotic items option in Tweaks does not cause probs IF any extra items are add to the game BEFORE Tweaks is added. I wanted to get the ioun stone vs charm mod that ol Thall can make ya from a pearl.
    So, still on the this but slightly delayed. new mods have some bugs sometimes.

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    Soth Whateley: Leaving Candlekeep, Gorion passes, walkabout


    Before I got the chance to gather all that I needed and a little extra, I was attacked by assassins. How they got in I do not know. I slew them both with a special dagger one of the watchers gave me for helping him out. They did seem all that experienced so I wonder how they got the entrance fee.
    The blood on my hands seemed just a prelude to more. I knew there would be more, both mine and others.
    It doesn't bother me, but neither do I seek it. I think perhaps it will seek me regardless of what I do or go.

    I saw the monk Camryn before leaving and listen to his tale of heartbreak over his lover from over 20 years ago,Tamah. She had left CK while he could not. He gave me book bag that seemed quite unusual before he left, it holding more books than one might think.
    Imoen to I saw and she thought she could come with away with myself and Gorion, not to happen though.

    Gorion and I left CK, headed for where I did not know. I think to myself as we travel this woods in darkness, me a step behind this man, this guide, that as a guide he has always and only replied with partial and incomplete answers to my questions. He is hiding something, I know about my mother, and me as well. A shame he dare not look where I do now, into chaos, into the place where few mages dare.

    Something startles me out of my reverie, it is Gorion: "Prepare yourself child, we are in an ambush". A large menacing figure with a retinue of thugs approaches us and demands that Gorion had me over to them. An arrow catches me in the shoulders, "Run child, get out of here". I do run, but it is not fear, something else compels me to stay alive. I hear sounds behind me of a massive release of magical energy, sounds of death, of burning men. Gorion may be a doting old man but hi is not without skill.
    As the branches and brambles catch at my face and clothes, stinging, tearing, I can hear Gorion cry out in pain. I can hear the satisfied laugh of the one that killed him.
    I am alone now, no way back to CK. I will try fir the Friendly Arm Inn as Gorion had last said if we became separated. That we were now, that we were.

    I hear little Imoen call out to me, she was had been following us. I feel little relief in seeing her as our connection had lessened as of late. She to no longer held much interest to me, only my practice at manipulating the power I drew from the plane of chaos did.
    We met some old man on the way to the FAI. I dod not care for his questioning my mental state, none of his concern was it. Making it to the FAI, I met a warrior, Ishlilka, that I enlisted as a bodyguard. Of orcish blood I knew she most likely had strength, but If I had known what she was I might not have.

    Another assassin, a mage this time tried to kill me. He did not.
    I met Khalid and Jaheira. Jaheira immediately made some remark as to my appearance and mannerism that I did not care for. I left them as they still spoke. Forget them. I would travel south myself, to Nashkel, as rumors were about of some crisis regarding iron. Maybe my hunters were involves with that somehow. Seemed a long shot but why not? I would at least get Immy to a place of safety and drop her off. I still felt a kind of care for her. From there I would just have to see. The three of us set out from the FAI, heading south.

    Imoen was cut down by bandits although Ishlilka and I escaped. After Hiding out for a time we returned gathered up Immy and went to a temple near Beregost where the priest returned her to life. I am not sure why at the time but I laughed a little as she woke up from death. It may be some thought in my mind that has yet to show itself as of yet, I do not know. We made it to Nashkel where I told Immy it was time to part ways.

    I traveled about a bit, doing odds and ends, basically just getting to know this world I am in know, different and more dangerous than all the years spent in CK, sheltered from the outside. One of the first things I had taught myself was to open a small gate of sorts, through my power emanating from the plane of Chaos, and to draw creatures to my aid. The first creatures that answered my call were gibberlings, mad lil beasts rumored to have come originally from the far realm, a realm of reputed madness. It could very well be were some of the Old Ones, like Yog Sothoth and others were from.
    Ishlilka got to see this first hand during an encounter we had with unfriendly 'travelers'

    I found out she was a warrior trained to kill users of the arcane, someone I felt extremely uncomfortable having near. Fortunately or not through she fell to an enemy a little later.

    I decided to travel to a mages tower to the east, as I heard he often traded with those that had gold enough to satisfy his greed. It was there I met a rather serious looking elf by the name of Kivan, out looking for revenge. By this time however my ability to gate in help had strengthened and now I had managed to bring green slime under my power. My powers of perception also grew from being in contact with chaos.

    We happened upon a malenti, a sharkman that appears as a sea elf. As she needed help and I was intrigued we followed but were attacked by the sharkmen before I get the chance to talk with them.
    On our travels in this area he to met his end by a neriad, a creature I knew to be quite dangerous but was no match for the slimes.

    I finally decided to leave the remnants of both Kivan and Ishlilka by the sea, to be used by whatever else lurked near the waters there, including a few sirines that also fell to the slimes.

    More travels and I happened upon a bounty hunter, who was no match for yet another increase in my skill, as spiders also answered my calls for aid.

    Deciding to rest for a bit a the Nashkel faire, which had become a base of sorts, I partook of the lotus leaf a merchant was selling and had some strange dreams. Dreams of Yog Sothoth. In these dreams I also looked into the realm of Chaos and at the end of the dream before waking heard myself reciting an invocation.

    To what I know not but when I later awoke a companion had come through a gate and decided to take up travel with me. A rather unusual hairless cat with piercing eyes. Eyes that seemed to hold wisdom behind them. Eyes that had seen more than one world.

    After this experience I travel north, south, east, and west, from Durlag's Tower all the way to Ulgoths Beard. It was there a mage sent me on an journey to retrieve a cloak. Dangerous, but no match for me as now hobgoblins and their shaman also answered my calls and stepped through a gateway I opened.

    I helped a young girl named Tenya, whose little body held great power,a priestess of Umberlee the Sea Queen as well, even traveling with her for a time.

    I also met a barbarian warrior, raised by a Naga that worshiped Grumbar, one of the elder elemental deities that had stayed out of the war among the elder gods and the primordials of the Chaos realm and the Far Realm.

    I fought many an ankheg in their underground tunnels, amassing more power to control my powers I sought from the plane of Chaos, everyday.

    I decided it was finally time to start looking into those assassins that had plagued me, and traveled to the mines of Nashkel, alone, except for my companions, my feline familiar Sabeth, and Fay, a will-o-wisp, that had joined me. She was a ward of the Djinn lady Jini, whom I held the lamp of. I had freed Jini from her long curse by a necromancer that tied her to the lamp. She later decided to stay with me as a friend afterwards. Being able to stop time for moments while she and I relaxed in her lamp was quite interesting. Another gate of sorts that I was becoming more and more familiar with.
    My power had grown greatly sense leaving CK, and I would soon be ready to open a gate directly to the Elemental plane of Chaos to bring forth an elemental being at my command.

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    I am enjoying this Chaos Sorcerer quite a bit. After my last run as a shaman, having all spells available is the only way for me to go now (cept for a bard which I make more use of the gypsy songs and instruments than spells)

    No major problems with surges as of yet. The surge control spell at first lvl is helpful, and now at 10th lvl, I always cast that (raises chances of throwing off a surge if it occurs (10% + 1%/lvl 5rd duration) and Chaos Shield, which at 10th lvl adds +20 and +1%/lvl to the wild surge table.
    Will be trying the new Chaotic Weave (similar to NRD for wild mages) spell as well, just needed to get a lil more exp. before I did.

    I am taking a somewhat different approach to spells, being that Soth is a worshiper of Yog Sothoth. I am focusing mainly on spells involving (based on various books I have):

    Chaos (feeblemind (plays in with sanity, heh,and is next on my list but not til 11th as I wanted the new shadow door)
    Divination (clairvoyance SR version is 2turns backstab protection!)
    Luck ( I have Unluck for enemies as well)
    Protection (5turns dur. on most protection spells)
    Summoning (gibberlings, slimes hobgoblins and shaman, spiders and the biggie is next, a chaos elemental ;)
    Travel (dimension door and shadow door in SR are GREAT- Shadow door opens a gateway that draws creatures in and can trap them for 4 rounds while I boogie on off invisible!)).

    Not the normal, 'Ya gotta take this and this' , I wanted something different as befits the RP aspect and my view on that. So far so good.
    Again, Spell Revisions is just plain awesome and part of the reason I wanted to test this class and idea.

    Plenty of wands of more offense and the various creatures wear down plain jane arcane mages.
    So far the class has added +1 to dex and for being exposed to chaos, so far: +5%MR and +2 vs spells ST.

    Find familiar in SR basically starts them at BG2 lvls, so is nice. My cat has 50% MR, -4 AC, 3att/rd, 99% stealth, and backstabs for up to 20 on a crit I have seen. (he stays out of the pack more than in, as I am RPing the heck outa this run).

    For those interesting in Yog Sothoth, he controls gateways of all sorts, can be all places, planes, and times, at once, or simultaneously (hence the intro background), a good choice for a sorcerer I think to worship (well me anyway, hehheh.)Just seems a good tie in with the the FR's Elemental Realm of Chaos, of madness, the Far Realms. The old battle between the Elder gods and the promordials I am tying in as the Old Ones being pushed away to the Far Realms and the Elemental Realm of Chaos. A few of the elder elementals stayed out of this war, Grumbar, Kossuth and others, and remained neutral.

    ***Bhaal , the manipulating ol dude that he is/was will be tied in as well (stewin on it).

    I do like the road less traveled, might be tougher spell wise, if I got to BG2 but who knows, always the chance. Taking some getting used to being a human again after all the ogres. ;)
    Less strength for sure at 16max for the class (16con max as well so probably no Claw of Kasgor. this time round).

    Bout time to settle down with some companions I think, I'll see. Chaotic something most definitely. Tiax and Xzar fit the madness/ sanity aspect the most, with Mur'Neth and White being tied to two older deities in a way I like. I travel solo often (just me and the summons) but like and often miss the interaction greatly, esp with BGNPCproject.
    Thinking mightily on including Neera, and her standard Weave derived wild magic (as opposed to mine emanating from the Elemental Plane of Chaos), just for mass...something, hehheh, even if she has ended few runs for me in the past. Might be a hoot anyway.

    Staff of Withering is awesome again to be using, as well as the Herbs n Potions Mod (all sorts of goodies from various potions and special mixtures to a random powered dagger n staff (poison or fire related)

    A short 3min intro on him, who he is and a little on the Whateley's, who Soth is connected to (more on that later to come I think) across time and space, pretty cool, I think the Call of Cthulhu game did much to flesh out such things for RPing, hehheh: Never played it myself but have the references. Nothing can compare to reading the works first hand though, AND for the first time. Amazing for stuff written back since the 1920's, even being picked up and added to by various other authors since then.

    A couple movies I have are on my watch list after this, The Dunwich Horror(older), and Picksmans Muse(newer), based on HPL's Haunter of the Dark. Well see how they go. Not everyone gets the ideas of HPL to come across on screen that well over the years, Dagon was a good one based on Shadow over Innsmouth. Actually that story I suspect had some influence on the Kraken Society in FR lore RP games in the 80's. I remember that from some of the old Savage Frontier/ Pool of Radiance type games We'll see about these other two.

    Onward to the Nashkel Minds (lawd, did I just write that instead of mines?).


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    Soth Whateley: Mines of Nashkel and a Durlag's Tower

    The mines of Nashkel were less trouble than I thought. The miners spoke of demons but in reality they were just kobolds. Sabeth, my familiar disarmed the few traps he noticed. I met a strange 'man', I suppose, in the mines, Mur'Neth. He spoke of being a Ghaunadauran, formed from the very ooze of Ghaunadaur himself. I had read of this god, an elder god, old before Ao himself most likely.
    I think perhaps he was involved in the war with the primordials, and perhaps the Old Ones themselves. I would not trust him but I needed to know what he and perhaps his god did. I decided to let him travel with me for the time being, and put his roguish talents to good use.

    We met the master of the mine, Mulahey, a worshiper of Cyric, the mad god. When pushed he mentioned someone name Tazok that really pulled the strings there. After that he took offense and we easily put him down. I also released an elf named Xan, a mage that specialized in controlling and manipulating minds. Possible of use in the the future but I dropped him off at the faire for the present.

    I wanted to return to Durlag's tower and delve a little deeper into it's secrets. It was here that I found I had gained the power to open a gate directly to the Plane of Chaos itself, and summon forth an elemental. To control one I had to focus my mind on bending it to my will. I would use the words I had pieced together in my old copy of the Necronomicon I brought from CK that would call forth this being:

    Success at last! A true minion of Chaos to do my bidding:

    I made it past the warders with the help of my slime creatures
    and a chaos elemental
    The second lvl I used the same tactics, my summoned allies and my wands of frost and fire. 'Freezer Burn' I would call the tactic, and it proved successful.
    To the third lvl we progressed, where I battled a group of BIG wyverns. As I was about to continue Mur' Neth met his end here. A large furnace blast caught him moving a little too slow and incinerated the poor fellow.
    Too bad, I was just getting used to him and his gurgling like voice.

    To continue or not. I thought for a moment and decided not. A rogue was proving useful to having around. I stashed all of Mur'Neth's things in a chest and travel back up to search for another.
    And that I did, in Beregost, a lil gnome who thought himself to be a true follower of Cyric, the Mad God. Heh, his mind might indeed prove useful in resisting the powers of chaos my magic exposed me to.
    I would just have to see. The lil fellow was quite amusing to have around, esp when he spoke of world domination. Too bad he would not, as my plans to bring about the return of Yog-Sothoth and the Old Ones would eventually overrule any other such gods.
    For now though, a useful fellow I think. Perhaps I would introduce him to Xzar as well, who also seemed suited to seeing into chaos.
    I think I had a few short swords stashed away somewhere for him to use.

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    Last update Soth:Chaos Sorcerer
    Dad burn restartitis is getting me hard. I am having a harder time connecting again with the arcane. Too many druid, shamans and their type of magic, plus the divine connection. Just ain't there otherwise, it seems. So am going back to make a another go at a similar run with a dark druid run n ol Shub again(suits them) most likely. I think I have figured out it will go better with SRevisions and a particular problem that is no longer a problem.

    Just some final notes on the chaos sorcerer for those that might be thinking on it.
    Chaotic Weave spell, the 1st lvl spell similar to the wild mage spell. The main difference is that it gives a random selection of many spells the caster both has and does not have, with choices going up per lvl.
    At 11th lvl I have access up to 8th lvl spells.
    Got a horrid wilting spell to suceessfully go off in the iron throne that wrecked havok on them.

    ANother time I got a surge chaotic weave 'oops' while trying to get stoneskin and it gated in a greater chaos elemental that was a barn wrecker on the some of the party.


    The loss of Mur'Neth bugged me as well, AND Faldorn.
    So a good test of this new class overall, but arcane just does not seem to be my cup-o-er-coffee.
    End of BG runs lately have been one bard, and the rest shamans and druids, so must be something to it I like more.
    Will save the game just on the 1 in a large number of going back to it, but usually I loose interest in ever going back to a previous run after starting another.

    Getting a flu shot this weekend. I wonder what the pharmacist would say if I asked him if it worked vs the restartitis virus? ;)

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    S'lozano'dad: Half-drow Dark Druid (Oozemaster). Candlekeep.

    Seeping out of every crack and crevice in the lower sections of the library and various other areas around Candlekeep, is some monochromatic substance that the monks wish wasn't there. Just when they get around to cleaning up the yellow mold, green fungal spores drop from the ceiling. Quite often, my flock well up naturally by themselves, but occasionally they are placed by my more deliberate hand. I have delighted in seeing my little molds grow and multiply among the books of the library, esp. the parts less visited.
    It is hard to keep my little toadstool rings growing, as Winthrop has taken to picking them and serving them up in his inn for the monks and other guests. One day I will grow some a little more 'unforgiving' to their stomachs, just for committing such sacrilege.
    I relate one-on-one better with things that relate to nothing at all. Unlike the kindred creatures of most druids (or so Gorion says), my charges have nothing to say. No one that I know has yet developed a Speak with Ooze spell--or if someone has, the oozes haven't responded. I shall find a way though, I will. Given that I exude everything but confidence, I have developed few relationships among the sentient beings of Candlekeep, and keep to myself for the most part. I am told by others that I have tendency to gibber and talk to myself a lot.

    As my powers develop I find myself taking on many of the characteristics of my favored creatures, I am becoming increasingly alien of mindset and finding it harder to relate to others. I don't see this as a disadvantage, but of purposeful growth. When I look at others, people, it seems as if I am seeing them through some strange lenses. Something seems 'off' with their form and being. It may just be that I spend so much time tending my 'flock', but maybe it is something else as well. I do not know.

    Change is coming for me, I can feel it. My body, my features, my mind. I am becoming as nature often is impersonal, unforgiving, and indifferent.
    There were books in CK library, hidden books I was led to by I know not what, other than vague memories of strange dreams. These books spoke of creatures from other realms and other planes of existence, creatures of madness and visages too horrible for the mind to comprehend. They spoke of the Old Ones, a loose grouping of gods from beyond, once worshipped by pre-human races but pushed to that beyond by Elder Gods of this realm. some of these Old Ones have servants that still exist here and now, but largely forgotten. Some of the Old Ones visit us already, while some lie sleeping beneath the waves.

    Shub-Niggurath,The Great Mother, the embodiment of the horrible fecundity of life, which festers and grows in every possible environment, is one of these Old Ones, and probably the most worshipped in the past.

    My beautiful molds, my toadstools, I shall miss them as I am told I have to leave CK. I shall start again somewhere more hospitable though, without cleaning hands and hungry innkeepers. A dark sheltered forest grove or a small cave shall be my home, as it is with Shub-Niggurath in her Dark Woods, a cavern complex with life of varied sources. Their I shall foster new growth and develop new life. There is no reason that I see that says life has to contain one particular type of material. There should be no rule that says the organizational principles that divide plants, animals, fungi, molds, slimes, and oozes have to belong to separate kingdoms.
    Intelligent fungi, oozes, and molds shall be what I seek to develop, I know it can be done. Perhaps if I put my own mind into that thought process I shall find the answers I seek. Shub-Niggurath , the Great Mother shall provide and I shall be the sculptor.
    Gorion calls now, and we must leave. He has always been vague as regards my past. Their is according to him no mention of my father. As to my mother, his answers have also been vague. I do know she had some partial drow ancestry as I do, passed down from her.
    I have been attacked here in CK, a place I thought would always be safe. To where we are going Gorion has no answer other than to seek some friends of his at the Friendly Arm Inn if we become separated. At least I managed to gather up some of my different fungal spores I have developed over the years to bring with me on our journey.

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    S'lozano'dad, Gorion passes and my journey onwards

    Not long after leaving CK Gorion and I were ambushed during the night, and by the sound of it, they wanted me dead. I took off through the woods as Gorion said to run. I could hear him putting up a good fight, but as I kept running I eventually heard him cry out in pain.
    Morning eventually came and I found myself near the road to CK again. Imoen, ever the little sneak, had apparently followed us. I felt I should at least get her to a place of safety if nothing else. We tried to get back into CK but the strict draconian entrance requirements forbid it. The gatewarden did give us a little gold to help with however.
    We made our way back to the ambush site where I got what belongings were left off of Gorion's mangled body. It was too bad he dies but that is life and death, the strongest survive. Maybe he had been cooped up in that library too long.

    We made for the Friendly Arm Inn. We made it without too much trouble but along the way were harassed by some old man asking about my mental state. Thinking him a bit to concerned about me we pushed on.
    Upon arriving we met a warrior by the name of Ishlilka, and, needing the protection for the time being I asked her to join.

    It was a good thing she joined me as at the entrance I was attacked again, and this time by a mage. He was not successful, and I found Ishlilka to be quite effective against a mage. She was from a line of wizard hunters, a product of two half-orcs, her father a hunter like herself and her mother a priestess of Luthic, the Cave Mother, an orcish fertility goddess. This was of interest to me, my own Shub-Niggurath and I decided that this Ishlilka might be a helpful companion.
    I guess she did not mind my appearance that much but another in the inn did, some little fool of a dwarf. Maybe it was my collection of fungus, or perhaps it was just me.

    I met with Jaheira and Khalid, Gorions friends bout found jaheira to be a bit too judgemental as regards to my person, so left my own. Perhaps they would be of use in the future.

    From rumors and Jaheira I learned of some trouble with the iron to the south. Without much else in mind we headed that way, making Beregost without much trouble. It was hear that I learned of a place called Firewine ruins, madmen and mages to the west, and, after returning a statue to life near the town's temple to Lathanderr, about basilisks to the east. The place was full of rumors for sure.

    We traveled even farther south, finally making it to Nashkel. Another assassin was at the inn. Someone has definitely taken an issue with me. It was here that I remembered the old lamp some young lady gave me before leaving CK. As I attempted to clean it a little I was surprised to learn that it housed a dijinn. She called herself Jini and told me that I was now her new owner. Quite useful she could be I thought.
    We found just outside the tavern where the assassin attacked us a man poisoned, by someone named Seniyad. As he quickly died I decided to make use of the big stock of herbs he had stolen from that Seniyad.
    As their happened to be an herbalist in town they would prove to be quite useful.

    I dropped Imoen off at the faire nearby, so maybe she would be safe there for a time. I travel around a little getting the lay of the land, with Ish along with me. At one point I was drawn into a strange dream with Jini, and another night I had dreams even stranger, finding I had the power to heal with a touch after.
    Shub-Niggurath perhaps?
    I dropped off Ish at the faire for a while. She had taken a liking to me, Jini, as well. For that matter, Jini asked me to look after a lil fairy girl named Fay (Jini had taken me INTO her lamp- quite a frisky lil dijinn she was at that). Fay turned out in reality to be a will-o-the-wisp that had forsaken her kind's ways of leading strangers to their deaths in the swamps. Even SHE had taken a liking to me.
    May my fungus collection had some strange effect on females. Well, the Great Mother provides, and I suppose, fit the idea of the fecundity of life. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! (The Truth! Shub-Niggurath!).

    As all this attention felt kinda weird after being used to keeping to myself I took off on my own for a bit.
    I met and battled with quite a few things, including the basilisks. These were not so much trouble as a ghoul in the area proved friendly and helpful, and Fay was not affected by their gaze either. I was growing more powerful, and the Great Mother had granted me the power to summon other creatures to my aid. I found myself growing more and more detached from the people in the area. I was more at home with the animals and my personal favorites, the slimes, molds, and fungi.

    It then that I met Alora, a lil halfing girl that thought herself an adventurer of sorts.

    Happy as can be all the time she was, and as to adventuring, was into adventuring into other peoples pockets and houses more than anything else. Not that I minded, could be quite useful I thought. I thought perhaps with her help we might explore a little of that Durlag's Tower I had heard about. What I found was quite a dangerous place, undead, basilisks, and even a demon lady (who I helped out-seemed she too took a liking to me) Heh, Alora kept herself busy with traps and looking into everything she could, curious she was for sure. She even stole from the demon lady, a nice staff and some boots that I found quite useful, from weasels perhaps they were magicked (aided my quickness).

    Durlag's was getting too dangerous, too fast, so we left. I dropped Alora at the faire and headed west by myself. I was again becoming more detached from people, not that it mattered, as I had my own company and interests to keep me occupied. Many a toadstool I did see in my travels. I usually gathered a little here and there to add to my growing collection of spores.
    I came upon what I thought was an abandoned lighthouse. It was here that not long after my life would truly change for the better.
    The place had in residence some old man that said he worked at helping ships bring cargo in nearby. He also said I should be weary of sirines in the area. I left, met a few of them, and indeed were quite aggressive. Their habit of targeting Fay with their magic's proved useless, although their arrows did carry a bit of poison. The poison I found to be useless against me, as my metabolism seemed to absorb it in a fashion that makes it harmless to me anymore.

    I did meet the head sirine of the area, Sil, who told me that the men in the lighthouse had hunted them and were after their pearls. Feeling these creatures to be more in tune with nature than the men I decided to help. The men tried to offer me money for killing Sil, so they could get to some treasure cave. I decided I would have their money and their treasure.
    A few cats and a couple of hamadryads I summoned to aid me. The battle did not last long.

    I return to Sil, who rewarded me with a silken white cloak and permission to enter the cave they were guarding. This cave had some giant flesh golems inside, but Fay tripping all the traps and my darts, they soon fell. The place had the right working to be a nice home. Moss, mold, fungus, everything I could ask for just about. A place that I could help foster the current life within and perhaps even grow some of my spores I had brought from CK. It even had a little pool inside.
    After all the fighting I laid down and decided to sleep for a bit.
    It was then that the dreams came...

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    S'lozano'dad: The dreams and transformations

    I know I am dreaming, it is the same dream I have had many a time. I see one of the Dark Young, Shub-Niggurath's special children approaching me, back in the grounds of Candlekeep. It always just stands and watches me from a distance, and then leaves again.

    But this time it speaks, with a sound I cannot precisely reproduce.
    "E hu shub niggur ath n gaa ryula neb shoggoth."
    That's as close as I can come. The mouths were like leaves and the whole thing was like a tree in the wind, a black tree with lots of branches trailing to the ground, and a whole lot of roots ending in hoofs. And that green slime dribbling out of the mouths and down the legs was like sap!... (RB)

    No, something seems off, this is not right, the dream is changing, it is approaching me with what I know is malicious intent. I try and will myself to wake up. I cannot wake up...
    I am in the cavern I just found and fell asleep in. It is lit by phosphorescence, glow worms, algae, and mushrooms.

    It is crawling through the cavern, getting ever closer to me., and it was the same black thing of my dreams-that black ropy, slimy, jelly tree-thing out of the woods. It crawled up and it flowed up on its hoofs and mouths and snaky arms. I can feel my heels on the edge of that dark pool in my cavern, I cannot back up. It is still coming for me.

    Where is Fay, she should be near, she is always near. It reaches out with one of it's snaky like tentacle branches and hits me hard against my side, knocking me back into the pool.

    The water is cold and feels, thick. The Dark Young looks down at me, as if waiting for something. For what I do not know, only that I would rather be in the pool, as strange as the water feels than out of it with the Dark Young.
    Then I feel it, the water feels like it is pulling me under. I reach out to grab hold of the rocky edge of the pool just before I go under. The Dark Speaks again, the same words:" "E hu shub niggur ath n gaa ryula neb shoggoth."
    It turns and leaves, the scent of death in it's wake. Suddenly, just as I am about to climb out, something clamps down around the whole lower have of my body. As I look down I can see I am the mouth of something big, teeth biting into me, swallowing me whole. I hear someone screaming loudly in agony nearby, but it is only me. The pain... too intense... the last thing I see before blackness, before the gnawing, chewing, and grinding, is the glow from the cavern.

    I am awake again, I must be, I see Fay above me with a disturbed look on her tiny face, tears rolling down her cheeks. I feel, different. I feel fluid like but not fluid. I have no arms, no legs, no head, just a blob like pool of jelly. Can I move? Yes. Slowing, I can slide across the cavern floor. I think of grabbing something and a mass of jelly forms into an arm like appendage. Can I rise, yes, somewhat, like a wave forming in the sea outside the cavern.
    This is me now, or what I can shape myself into, a sort of mustard color jelly like creature. As I lay there quietly for a bit, I feel a slight pain as a spider crawls out from my jelly like body, quickly growing as large as some I have seen in the forests. I know what this is, I remember thinking of the little spiders in the cave before going to sleep, of how a companion might be helpful.

    Again, the Dark Young Approaches, but his time I feel no fear. It speaks again "Gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath", and I understand. I know what happened. The Dark Young called the Great Mother, and I was found worth of rebirth into something new. But should not there have been a sacrifice?
    As I rise up my jelly like body to the level of the alien like creature in front of me I look down and see it. A human, dead right in front of me.

    Was this my doing? To tell the truth I am not sure it even matters, I have my flock to tend to, and now, more like them than ever before.
    I think of my self as I was before, I will myself to take shape as I was again. It happens in mere moments, but just before the change completes I notice my reflection in the pool.

    Fay flies down and lands on my shoulder, although somewhat timidly. The spider walks up on it's eight legs, watching me with curiosity. "Shadow I shall name you, do you like that my friend?" Shadow raises herself up and down in a kind of bouncy like movement I take for approval.
    I think it is time to leave the cave and continue on.
    As I brush the last bit of water from me I notice something different. My bones feels somewhat softer, my ribs and insides do not have quite the same feeling as before. It is if things were moved around inside, but I feel strong, tougher than ever before.

    As I leave, I sprinkle some of my special fungal spores upon the body of the dead human. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Shub-Niggurath!
    Let him become food for my flock, and as their protector, I will try, no, I shall, provide.

    I am now a"Gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath", a favored of Shub-Niggurath, swallowed whole, reborn and made anew.

    Time to go.

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    So, on a whim I downloaded and added the newest version of the Chaos Sorcerer V2.1 (now 2.2) up from my 1.1. As I had that as my last mod, it did not cause any probs that I can see )usually does not and I always keep a mod class that I am testing in last to update if needed. The new changes got added add Soth got the same 'everything' back as normal, including class. So will keep trying it out a bit along with my current run with S'lozano'dad the oozemaster, as I am still interested in learning more of the chaotic arcane skill. Not sure how much story will get updated as it sometimes gets confusing but will see. Will give me more practice with Neera's similar wild magic as well, as I will be adding her for a bit into S'lozano'dad's group probably.

    Heh, at least the sanity/insanity won't be too different in each run, Shub-Niggurath vs. Yog Sothoth. Same mythos at least. just the dark druid is more a true priestly like class and the other just 'goes to church on Sunday's', hehheh.

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    S'loszano'dad- Durlag's Tower, demons, and the jellies march on.
    (my little theme music for this update)

    I left the cave at night, walking out onto the shore in the light of the stars, it was illuminated by creatures and algae not unlike my own charges. It seems the seems the sea itself needs to be considered as a potential area needing protection.

    I left not for the Nashkel Mines but for Durlag's Tower,as I was curious as to what lay in it's depths. I left alone but for Fay and Shadow, my spider companion. A fitting creature she was, as I think my own internal make up was fast altering, bones, organs. Becoming less humanoid.

    Alora had traveled with me on my first visit to the tower, scouting out the basement lvl. I would see more.
    I knew there were key item scattered about the basement, and that ghost like creatures and even rubbery dopplegangers guarded some, or so she said after scouting various rooms. The dopplegangers held the first key I thought, and I knew right where they were.

    I had the power to summon creatures to my aid from the Great Mother. hamadryads, wolves, cats. They would protect me as I guided them in the background, using a special wand I had discovered that brought fire down upon my enemies.
    Beat them I did, but afterwards I could feel something changing inside me, like my organs and even my mind was being rearanged. It hurt somewhat but was not the first time it had happened. Every since leaving CK I have felt small changes, a result of becoming more like that of my flock, oozes, jellies, slimes.
    This time my very mind twisted inside, and when the pain was over I looked at everything around me in a different way, from a viewpoint of something more alien than the half-drowish blood I carried within me.

    Even still, I do not believe the change is complete, perhaps when my powers are greater the final change will take place.

    Before the gate to the 2nd lvl I prepared myself, as everything about this place was a trap of some sort or had guards on every level, as above.
    I summoned an elemental from the very rocks and dirt this place was built upon, hamadryads and nymphs, that bought there own summons along with them, the great cats. I am beginning to see these creatures, while having there place, to be lesser beings to what I will eventually become.
    The great rock elemental crushed the puny defenders of this place, and I, once again, went deeper down.

    The next lvl proved quite different and more dangerous. The traps lasted beyond tripping them, the dopplegangers more numerous. Running though them, attacking from around corners, and with the help of some fire protective draughts the herbalist in Nashkel had made me I progressed again to the next lvl down, in which I was faced with giant wyverns and ghouls stronger than any I had met before. These two fell, cleansed by my fire I rained upon them with the sacred fire from my special wand. Surely it had been left for me to find by the Great Mother, as even she sees the need to cleanse the old in order that the new may grow and flourish. Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Great Mother!.
    I shall cleanse the way for new life to flourish here.
    I finally decided that before continuing I might recruit a rogue of sorts to deal with these ever more dangerous traps, and left.

    I traveled a bit more. At one point I was beset by numerous ogres, the great beasts descending upon me in a pack. As I saw they happened to be trampling a nice lil faery ring that had come up naturally, I felt a rage growing in me.

    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Let these lowly creatures feel your wrath.
    As I did I felt my insides churnin, my chest swell up almost to bursting. The next thing I knew I was vomiting forth every crawly, flying, and hopping insect possible, engulfing the ogres,biting, stinging, and eating them right down to the bone.

    The Great Mother is endowing me with more creative powers to aid my flock and even myself, as a favored of hers.
    I left a marker signifying my protection over the area.

    I met a young half-elven woman in Beregost that drew me into a fight with some fool mages dressed all in red. I had no choice really but to subdue them. Neera, she called herself, and one trying to learn how to control chaotic magic. I was intrigued at the audacity she had in thinking she could control such magic, it was not even powered from one of the Great Mother's domains the Elemental Plane of Chaos.
    Perhaps she would be useful. Regardless she seemed to be interested in talking to me, which many were not lately.
    I decided it was time to investigate the Nashkel Mines and see what I could learn. Possible their were members of my flock there, slimes, fungi, or oozes, that needed tending to. I met an usual being there, human like, but most certainly NOT human at all. Mur'Neth.

    He said he was a Ghaunadauran, a race favored and given human shape by hos god Ghaunadaur, an elder deity of slimes and oozes. He was investigating the poisoned iron ore that was killing the slimes and oozes of the mines, It had to be stopped by any means possible.
    Now this was most intriguing, and the first being I had ever met that cared for those of my charges in the way that I did. I asked him to join and he readily agreed to help in this investigation into the mines.
    He had some interesting observations that I found quote refreshing to hear regarding the REAL food chain. I agreed.

    Secure we would be one day, for certain. These kobolds were ruining a good breeding ground for my... my kindred, as I see saw them now. Whoever was responsible would pay with their lives.
    We did find the one responsible, an humanoid named Mulahey. We found the poison he was using as well. When confronted he admitted to getting his orders from another named Tazok. This Tazok would be made to answer for his crimes against the kindred, and answer dearly.
    For Mulahey, Mur'Neth and I both transformed into our true selves and sent him to join the rest of his cohorts, his blood being used to feed the flock.

    On the way out we were attacked by two Oozes, which I thought strange given the presence of Mur"Neth. He explained to me that they were not like us, and still mindless. He still hurt me to have to do so regardless. I must learn to communicate with them somehow.

    I traveled a bit more after that with Mur'Neth and Neera, even helping her meet another wild mage such as herself. I also helped Ish again, the wizard slayer complete her mission against some fool gnome mage. The gnome died but so did Ish. She had shown some interest in me personally, I asked the Great Mother as to what I should do. My answer formed in my mind even before I got an answer, or maybe it was just me and my new way of viewing nature. I dropped her off in some trees, sprinkled some of my fungal spores upon her body. She would be reborn into true life now, ad sprout into true beauty.
    I left another sign here. Beware.

    I, Mur'Neth, and Neera returned to Durlag's Tower. May now with Mur's skill at traps I could go deeper down into the place. Deeper down we did go, finally meeting a rather unfriendly demon. If nothing else his power and influence was corrupting the place as a potential breeding ground for the kindred. He had to be dealt with and was.

    We then traveled to the camp of this Tazok fellow. He left before I could question him, but his lackeys proved no match for little team. We fond messages leading us deeper into the Cloakwood Forest. Now this sounded like a grand idea to me. Even Neera like the idea of returning to a forest for a time.
    Before we left however, I wanted to take the ol dwarf's dagger we found on the demon back to Ulgoth's beard for a just reward for my services.
    Upon arriving we were ambushed, Neera fell to an assassin before we could help. The assassin's paid with their life with the help from some hamadryads I summoned.
    Neera was another I had found to take an interest in me and I debated for a short time on what to do with her. I decided to follow nature;s example and return her to the earth to be reborn again. I sprinkled the spores upon her body and laid her to rest in back of a garden near Ulgoths Beard. Another sign was left, signifying my protection of my flock that would rise there from the nourishment they would recieve from her body. I doubt she would have ever become a true follower of the Great Mother.

    Mur and myself decided to put the torch to this cult that had taken the dagger. With help from a few of my summoned helpers we did. It was finally time to meet the cult;s leader. We descended the stairs, with myself protected from a the arcane by a scroll lil Alora had stolen from some fool worshiper of Ilmater.

    The beast fell but unfortunately so did Mur'Neth.

    Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Truth! Guide me with this dilemma. Mur'Neth was deemed acceptable, given his true form an acceptance of mine. I called upon powers of life and death granted me, and returned him to life. Only true brethren would I do this for, as I had done with Shadow when I visited a strange island of ice not long ago. Shadow had been born from my flesh and was a gift from the Great Mother.

    The two of us had yet more to investigate. To the Dark Cloakwood Forest we would travel, and meet this master that had been the source behind the poison that had hurt my charges in the Nashkel Mines.

    I was becoming just as impersonal, indifferent, and unforgiving as nature itself. To everything there is a season to die and t live, but for Mur'Neth, this was not that season to die.
    To Cloakwood we go.

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    Well, that's it for the oozemaster. Might have been one of those unexplained insta-death scenario's I have run into quite a few times, as there is no damage I received. But the great doppy was casting the new Shadow door spell from SR, which has a chance of drawing the enemy into a trapped space for 4 rds. So that MIGHT cause death running solo. Other than those two possibilites nothing else exists.
    Regardless, being a hard core -no-reloader, my interest just got blown. My charisma got down to 2 as planned, but the new contagion spell from SR would probably kill at that. WOuld have gone down to 1 at lvl 15 to mark his more alien mindset.
    I kinda miss the awesome melee power of my ogre SpiritWalker that made it to SoD.

    On another note, Soth the Chaos Sorcerer is terribly dangerous. Just hit 12th lvl and can us Chaotic Weave to shape 9th lvl spells. Relatively few surges that hurt. One cow, and another 4 roller:

    Oh, with classic movies restored, adding the wyvern carrying off a cow movie, that plays when the cow drops from a surge, kinda cool. I guess he is flying overhead somewhere and looses his grip on the poor beastie.

    Strong on spell for sure but I do miss the melee power for when I get the urge to crap it out. He can weave Tensors Transformation though.
    Decisions, decisions.

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    Soth Whateley: SoD
    Soth quite easily ran through everything in BG and made a successful no reload run to SoD.
    Unfortunately I got the bug again and want to try something else now. Figgers. ;) B)

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    Furyan: Alchemist. Leaving Candlekeep

    (a little mood music for my reading pleasure)

    It seems my life is just about ready to get interesting. I have been told that I am to leave with Gorion later today, just as soon as I can gather my things.
    I have learned quite a few skills in CK, particularly with regards to pottery and glass blowing. The monks often come to me when they want or need specialty inkwells for their work as scribes. They seem to think I have a real knack and skill for the art. For me, it is a way containing mixture for the various alchemy projects that I am involved in. I was even given a special room after some of my first attempt resulted in highly combustible and acidic concoctions. Some of my stronger pottery jars I use for little grenades. I finally came across the right combination of materials to make them fairly stable for travel.
    One of my favorites is an acidic combination of 'sludge', I call it, that uses whatever leftovers I have on hand.

    I tell, ya, the critters around CK give me a wild eyed look when I approach. Gorion has chided me several times about 'testing' my concoctions around the keep. But, hey, if I don't test I don't know what the results are. I am becoming more resistant to fire and acid as a result, and my tolerance for poisons is pretty much tip top. I have even learned to coat my little darts with it so that it sticks long enough to be of use in... what ever comes to mind.

    I am told I need to be a little less chaotic in my experiments, but hey, where;s the fun in that?
    I like to to see my acids eat and corrode things, and fire burn. Not sure why, it's part fascination and part sheer enjoyment. Regardless, I'm hooked, the bigger the explosion or corrosive power the better. Nothing better than the smell of chemicals and fire at work.
    I work on magic some as well. mostly I enjoy the power of alterations like the true Transmuter's do, but it is more a side at growing my alchemical expertise more. as yet I have not learned to weave any spells so far. I will get their in time though.

    I have delighted in looking in on the apothecary at CK. I beg, borrow, or steal whatever I need for testing purposes. Some of my ingredients are a little harder to come but when someone dies, or an animal is killed for food, I am usually on hand to snatch a little brain tissue or liver, whatever I think is needed. Doesn't really matter to me, my work is more important than any other consideration.

    I have read as much as I can on the subject of alchemy in the library.It actually does a have a pretty good collection of books on the subject. The biggest issue I find is that most are hesitant to use unusual or living ingredients to better the knowledge on the subject. Pheh, what do they know, as long as I get something to work, who cares.
    I did come across one book in particular though that I found a compelling read. Hidden beneath large stacks in the basement.

    It spoke of a little known cult, and of a being from the outer planes called, dare I say it even now.. Hastur, 'He who must not be named'. The cult is, or at least was trying to build up an army to help Hastur defeat his half-brother Cthulhu, whom he hates. Both are trapped though, partly in our material plane, and for Hastur, partly in the Elemental plane of Air. Apparently he is held captive in some alien like city named Carcosa (no reference to where that is that I could find), by one of the Elder Signs., a powerful protective ward placed by the Elder Gods of our realm.
    The Cult seeks ways to destroy these signs to allow Hastur to break free and rule again while at the same time destroying his half brother.
    It sounded like something I might could develop a concoction for, with enough experience in my art. I imagined this cult would welcome a skilled alchemist to help where magic alone had failed.
    The book also had hidden under the back cover an amulet, which I took to wearing.

    It became obvious no one in CK recognized it, or at least said nothing.

    It was known as the Yellow Sign and would signify other cult members. Member's identified themselves by asking the question: "Tell me, have you seen the yellow sign?"
    One must be careful of naming 'Him who must not be named, lest he send one of his servant the Byakee, to destroy them for their arrogance.

    Ha, chances were not foreign to my nature, in fact, I relished them. What is life with out taking chances. What is life without a little chaos sowed here and there? Not exciting, that;s what.
    The last night before we were to leave I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I am not sure if it was a dream or not, it has been harder to tell since reading that book 'The King in Yellow'(signed only by someone named 'Chambers', srtange name for a monk around here. But then again the book was very old.
    I also found some old piece of parchment at he back of the book, with a half scribbled phrase that scrolled of into gibberish, 'The rumors of this book and madness might be right, I must warn others, not to read this, I can feel my sanity fading, must warn.....'.
    Pheh, the ramblings of a weak mind, I have no such fears.

    This is who, or what I saw:
    Were those tentacles? That piercing gaze, boring into my mind...

    I took to wearing yellow after that. I had even developed a special muslin cloth for my face, for some of my stronger fumes from my little room. Looked good enough to me, and even helped that delightful scent of fire and acid linger a little more when I was out of my room. I get strange looks, but who cares, I don't. My business and nobody else had the right to say otherwise.

    Afterward I could feel my mind... reworking itself, is maybe the right feeling. Who cares, I want to find this cult, and see if I can perfect my craft enough to change something. Maybe even to find what I have always thought about, to find the recipe of the Elixer of Immortality itself.
    Time to go now, Gorion grows impatient. One of the monks, Camryn, gave me a special satchel for my book collections. I gathered all of my tools, mixtures, and special ingredients I could carry (with a few darts for my little poisons), and off we went, leaving CK behind.

    As we left, I wondered if I had turn off the heat on a new acidic- fire grenade mixture I was working on in my little lab room... meh, probably, who cares now? I was getting tired of all the rules at CK anyway. Nobody has the right to tell me what I can and cannot do.


    For inquiring minds about this class by @semiticgod Alchemists are Transmuters who dedicate their lives to the study of chemistry and potionmaking. Some use their talents to sell potions and tonics, some turn their skills to adventuring, and others are motivated solely by the pursuit of truth. Alchemists are always searching for new ingredients to fuel their businesses and laboratories, and when the local economy falls short of their expectations, the Alchemist must set out on foot. Alchemists excel at making valuable brews and dangerous explosives out of whatever ingredients they can cobble together.


    Alchemical Genius:
    - Can create potions and grenades at any time outside combat. Alchemists get additional benefits from their own potions.
    - Can use Poison Weapon once per day at level 1. Gains an additional use of Poison Weapon every 4 levels after.

    Alchemical Resilience:
    - Immunity to poison
    - 10% acid resistance per level
    - 5% fire resistance per level
    - Gains 1d6 hit points per level
    - +1 to save vs. death and polymorph every 3 levels

    - Can memorize 1 fewer spell per spell level compared to a generalist mage (an Alchemist cannot cast spells until level 2)
    - -1 penalty to casting time
    - -2 penalty to caster level
    - Cannot gain most normal mage High-Level Abilities

    CONCOCTIONS: Given the right ingredients, an Alchemist can concoct any manner of potions and brews. The Alchemist can buy pure ingredients, or simply recycle them from previous concoctions. The process is similar to purchasing goods at a store, but the Alchemist can manage ingredients much more efficiently, making his or her concoctions much less expensive than a conventional apothecary's.

    More experienced Alchemists can brew a broader variety of potions and manufacture stronger explosives. There is no limit on how many potions and grenades an Alchemist can create, provided he or she has the resources to make them.

    POISON WEAPON: The same skills the Alchemist uses to create potions to soothe pain can also be used to inflict it. The Alchemist can apply a thin coating of poison to a weapon, directly injecting the toxin into the victim's bloodstream. Multiple strikes can further poison the target, but only one dose of poison can be applied to the weapon. Alchemists can develop deadlier poisons as they become more experienced.

    For the next 2 rounds after using this ability, any creature the Alchemist attacks must make a saving throw or suffer poison damage for the next 5 rounds. The effects stack and vary based on level:

    Level 1: 1d2 poison damage, plus 1 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +4.
    Level 4: 1d3 poison damage, plus 2 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +3.
    Level 7: 1d4 poison damage, plus 3 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +2.
    Level 10: 1d6 poison damage, plus 4 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +1.
    Level 13: 1d8 poison damage, plus 5 damage per round on a failed save vs. death.
    Level 16: 1d10 poison damage, plus 6 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at -1.
    Level 19: 1d12 poison damage, plus 6 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at -2.

    The poison cannot be applied to a grenade.

    High-Level Abilities:
    - Use Any Item
    - Regeneration
    - Resist Magic
    - Purity of Body
    - Business Connections
    - Extra Level 6 Spell
    - Extra Level 7 Spell
    - Extra Level 8 Spell

    - Hit Die: d6

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    Alchemist is quite interesting with all the potions, grenades and such, but again my interest has turned back to my humanoids again.
    This time I think it will be the lil kobold, and as they like traps and ambushes in particular I am thinking rogue of some type for sure. Will have Weasel mod in as well for particular items, as they like and train them as a race.
    Been stewing on an idea for one and when that happens the current run loses alot of interest for me, so off I go again. Opposite to my big ogres, and as kobolds are the ultimate survivors I want to see what I can do with one.
    Using my complete book of Humanoids for stats, superstitions, and such, as per usual with my humanoids.
    BG has just got too much good kobold involvement to pass up, kinda like ogres.
    Edit: Hmm, I have been trying to figure out how to make a witchdoctor kobold as well. They are shamans with the addition of only one school of arcane magic. The Witchlight Shaman I have played does this with access to some of (and only) the necromancy arcane spells. Might do the trick nicely and adds more weasel use stuff and a burrowing animal companion- not weasel but a groundhog that warns of backstab attempts, rabbits confuse a target, and several other choices. Decisions.
    Plus , when I find good art like by this Lucus Parolin, it is to tempting to pass up. Good artwork leads to new ideas that just HAVE to be played at least a little.

    It is harder to find the old school mammal leaning look compared to 5th editions funky draconic look but this guy has old school and 2nd edition down pretty good.

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    Tucker's Kobolds. A fun and great little read I found in one the old Dragon magazines. These be some mean kobolds for sure, heh.
    Tucker's kobolds

    This month's editorial is about Tucker's kobolds. We get letters on occasion asking for advice on creating high-level AD&D game adventures, and Tucker's kobolds seem to fit the bill.

    Many high-level characters have little to do because they're not challenged. They yawn at tarrasques and must be forcibly kept awake when a lich appears. The DMs involved don't know what to do, so they stop dealing with the problem and the characters go into Character Limbo. Getting to high level is hard, but doing anything once you get there is worse.
    One of the key problems in adventure design lies in creating opponents who can challenge powerful characters. Singular monsters like tarrasques and liches are easy to gang up on; the party can concentrate its firepower on the target until the target falls down dead and wiggles its little feet in the air.

    Designing monsters more powerful than a tarrasque is self-defeating; if the group kills your super-monster, what will you do next, send in its mother? That didn't work on Beowulf, and it probably won't work here. Worse yet, singular super-monsters rarely have to think. They just use their trusty, predictable claw/claw/bite. This shouldn't be the measure of a campaign. These games fall apart because there ís no challenge to them, no mental stimulation and no danger.

    In all the games that I've seen, the worst, most horrible, most awful-beyond-comparison opponents ever seen were often weaker than the characters who fought them. They were simply well-armed and intelligent beings who were played by the DM to be utterly ruthless and clever. Tucker's kobolds were like that.

    Tucker ran an incredibly dangerous dungeon in the days I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. This dungeon had corridors that changed all of your donkeys into huge flaming demons or dropped the whole party into acid baths, but the demon were wienies compared to the kobolds on Level One. These kobolds were just regular kobolds, with 1-4 hp and all that, but they were mean. When I say they were mean, I mean they were bad, Jim. They graduated magna cum laude from the Sauron Institute for the Criminally Vicious.

    When I joined the gaming group, some of the PCs had already met Tucker's kobolds, and they were not eager to repeat the experience. The party leader went over the penciled map of the dungeon and tried to find ways to avoid the little critters, but it was not possible. The group resigned itself to making a run for it through Level One to get to the elevators, where we could go down to Level Ten and fight 'okay' monsters like huge flaming demons. It didn't work. The kobolds caught us about 60' into the dungeon and locked the door behind us and barred it. Then they set the corridor on fire, while we were still in it.
    'NOOOOOO!!!' screamed the party leader. 'It's THEM! Run!!!'

    Thus encouraged, our party scrambled down a side passage, only to be ambushed by more kobolds firing with light crossbows through murder holes in the walls and ceilings. Kobolds with metal armor and shields flung Molotov cocktails at us from the other sides of huge piles of flaming debris, which other kobolds pushed ahead of their formation using long metal poles like broom- sticks. There was no mistake about it. These kobolds were bad.

    We turned to our group leader for advice. 'AAAAAAGH!!!' he cried, hands clasped over his face to shut out the tactical situation. We abandoned most of our carried items and donkeys to speed our flight toward the elevators, but we were cut off by kobold snipers who could split -move and fire, ducking back behind stones and corners after launching steel-tipped bolts and arrows, javelins, hand axes, and more flaming oil bottles. We ran into an unexplored section of Level One,
    taking damage all the time. It was then we discovered that these kobolds had honeycombed the first level with small tunnels to speed their movements. Kobold commandos were everywhere. All of our hirelings died. Most of our henchmen followed. We were next.

    I recall we had a 12th-level magic-user with us, and we asked him to throw a spell or something. 'Blast em!' we yelled as we ran. 'Fireball em! Get those little @#+$%*&;!!' 'What, in these narrow corridors?' he yelled back. 'You want I should burn us all up instead of them?' Our panicked flight suddenly took us to a dead-end corridor, where a giant air shaft dropped straight down into unspeakable darkness, far past Level Ten. Here we hastily pounded spikes into the floors and walls, flung ropes over the ledge, and climbed straight down into that unspeakable darkness, because anything we met down there was sure to be better than those kobolds.

    We escaped, met some huge flaming demons on Level Ten, and even managed to kill one after about an hour of combat and the lives of half the group. We felt pretty good but the group leader could not be cheered up. 'We still have to go out the way we came in,' he said as he gloomily prepared to divide up the treasure.

    Tucker's kobolds were the worst things we could imagine. They ate all our donkeys and took our treasure and did everything they could to make us miserable, but they had style and brains and tenacity and courage. We respected them and loved them, sort of, because they were never boring. If kobolds could do this to a group of PCs from 6th to 12th level, picture what a few orcs and some low-level NPCs could do to a12th-16th level group, or a gang of mid-level NPCs and monsters to groups of up to 20th level. Then give it a try.
    Sometimes,it's the little things used well that count.

    by Roger Moore(editor) The Dragon #127 (November 1987).

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    Yes! I remember stumbling across this article sometime in the past. Never forgot it.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,085
    @ThacoBell Heh, good example of smarter but not stronger creatures. Might be why I like BG alot, cause of the lower lvl creatures that cause real problems starting out.

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    Hey man, I don't want to ruin the flow of this, but I need to say, it's 12:30 right now, for the last ten minutes or so now I've been reading some more of this, and let me tell you... I absolutely love it! And now I sit here waiting for more to come... keep up the good work man.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,085
    @Stupid_Puns Thanks :) That gives me the little push I needed to keep on writing with another run. The story approach helps me immerse myself in the characters a little more.

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    This is another great find that never made it into The Dragon:The Unpublished Ecology of the Kobold by Johnathan Richards. The post from EN World was back in 2005 ( I like it because it is done based on 2nd edition AD&D, as BG was.

    I put it in a Word doc as well, it reads better and I just did not want to see something this good disappear (like Tucker's Kobolds). A longer read but keeps the interest pretty good I think.
    I pretty sure where my next BG run is headed after this find.

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