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Michael 'Cthulhu', a big sword maker, Buster swords, Aegis Fang, etc.

ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,130
Michael 'Cthulhu': Big sword maker.
Anybody ever watch this guy on YouTube? He is 'riveting' to watch, especially at the end of each build where he has a thing for fiery test targets and such to check the blades effectiveness, awesome,heh. ;) I was never much for the oversized weapons in tv and films, but this stuff is great. Buster swords,

,Pyramid Head's sword from Silent Hill, etc.
Even Aegis Fang.

I used to tinker around with the grinders, flame throwers for brush n briars, and big vices on the farm growing up, making all sorts of things and modifying scythes and machetes, makin maces and spiked clubs with 10" spike nails, torches, caltrops, washroom and poolroom chemicals n stuff, etc. so maybe just was me thinking back a bit. If I d only had a blow torch as well...B) Just a quiet, introverted D&D nerd of a loner I was on the farm I reckon.
Got in trouble 'one time' as a kid, for making lil pit traps, covered with leaves and sticks.
It seems mean ol bullying cousins don't take to kindly to stepping on half buried rusty caltrops and the ensuing tetanus shots. ;)
Anyway, not sure if this dude is up there with the BG's Taerom Thunderhammer, but dang. Nice, fun stuff. :)



  • SquireSquire Member Posts: 512
    - I remember this video from ages ago, where he tests one of his Buster swords... funny!

    So we have the weapon, now all we need is for our homes to be destroyed and then to find out we are actually the Chosen One, because despite our (obviously forged) birth certificates we are actually the children of a great god of light, shiney things, and general goodness, with a destiny to find pieces of something scattered all across the globe, in a cave in the forests near Normantown, a troll-infested ice-dungeon near Vikingheim, a disused mine in Shogunitsu (used by evil ninjas as a secret base), and the Ancient Temple of Ancientlizardmanuvia that was once a great hive of an ancient civilisation long forgotten, in order to build a Great Weapon that can defeat the Great Evil from 999 years ago, and we can be heroes!

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,130
    @Squire Hehheh, I'm thinkin there's a good reason for minimum strength scores on weapons to be effective with them. B)

  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 514
    lol seen videos on this guy, he's awesome

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