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Portraits for your Game - Will Update w/date when more added! - 5/2/18 UPDATE

blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
edited May 2018 in Fan Creations
**Sorry for the semi-inconsistent style, one day I'll go back through and put them through the same 'treatment' as the newer versions!**

So I mentioned a while back I was making some custom portraits -- I've made a handful, and figured I'd share what I have, full image and sized images. All will be linked in the spoiler below!

As far as my process, I matte paint these images together, so it's a collection of other people's resources and my own artistic skills. Therefore, they're free to use and do with as you please, and I hope you enjoy them! Most of them have their own personal names (as i've used them for specific characters in my own games) but you can obviously rename them whatever way you want to fit you way of organizing portraits!

I'm also a bit of an elf lover, so if there's an abundance of elves, I acknowledge that but will not apologize, haha. I do intend to make more human / dwarvish looking characters however.

**Pack Contains 2 Male / 8 Female Character Portraits**

4-19-2018 : There are 7 Portraits, 6 Unique Characters!
Please Enjoy!

4-27-2018 : One additional character added, elven female character w/warpaint.

4-30-2018 : Two additional characters added, human female character in heavy furs, human female in snow and chestplate, + One extra portrait of existing char

5-2-2018 : One additional character added, elven female in leathers. Two alternate versions of a previous char.

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  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,375
    Great pics! Awesome work!

    For ease of downloading, could you post a .zip archive?

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    edited April 2018
    yep, lemme get to work on that real quick!

    Files are now available in zip format! Enjoy!

  • Smoke_JaguarSmoke_Jaguar Member Posts: 19
    these are great! hope you make more!

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    @Smoke_Jaguar Thank you so much! I definitely plan on it, especially making more men. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see more of in the pack?

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    @Smoke_Jaguar I agree! That's definitely a good choice, thank you for the input!

  • Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 36
    These look really good, i'm trying to figure out how to do this even now. Needless to say it was not quite as simple as I'd initially thought.

  • Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 36
    So I'm definitely doing something wrong. I've changed the naming convention of my images to be less than 8 characters, and i'm also edited them to be a .BMP file of 210x330 pixels as the onscreen instructions tell me to. However I still cant see my pics, nor the ones in you zip file either (which I extracted into the portraits folder of course).

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    @Lazlo_Arcadia Hmm... That's strange because they run fine in my game. Let me take a closer look. I'll unzip my pack and place it directly in my current portrait folder and see if something's wrong.

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    @Lazlo_Arcadia Alright well, I removed my own personal portrait pack and unzipped this one and loaded up a fresh game and all my portraits loaded up with no issue... It has to be an issue on your end, but I'd like to help if at all possible. Are you changing the BMP depth? It needs to be saved at 24 -- if you change that, I seem to recall having issues.

  • Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 36
    Yeah, one of the issues I found was if there are too many images they tend to bug out and BG cant handle them. The other thing I tried was adding S, M, or L to the end of the naming convention and that seemed to allow them to recognize (especially when I reduced the number of images down to under 50). Still buggy as hell for what will / wont display however, and I've no idea why.

  • blinkdogblinkdog Member Posts: 15
    edited May 2018
    @Lazlo_Arcadia Well I don't have a ton of portraits so I can't speak for that, and you're supposed to have L, M, and S respectively at the end of images with the correct naming format, ie., 1aL, 1aM, 1aS. As for why it won't display, I can't think of anything else other than is your portraits folder, named Portraits, in your My Documents baldur's gate folder as opposed to your steam version's folder?

  • Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 36
    Actually I have a portrait folder in both locations, since i could not figure out what was supposed to do what I just mirrored the two folders so the contents are identical. Seemed to take out a lot of the guess work.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,110
    @Lazlo_Arcadia, I was having problems earlier with the naming convention. A mixed use of caps and lowercase upset the cookie cart, so I standardised the method. Well, I actually have two naming standards for each of the custom images I use. One for Vanilla UI and one for the Lefreut-UI mod which allows for separation of Male and Female based on the name of the files.

    Here is what I use for Vanilla UI:
    - Naming convention = xxxxxxxM.bmp (up to 7 characters, all lowercase, for the name with either a capital M or L at the end for Medium or Large)
    - Must be 24b BMP
    - Image size:
    L = 420 x 660
    M = 210 x 330
    S = 169 x 266 (I don't use S any more)
    (Lefreut-UI uses the same images but a different name (eg: f#xxxxxM.bmp for female medium)).

    For me, the custom images always go into (meaning I don't use the portraits folder hanging off the game folder):
    ..\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\portraits (for BG:EE obviously)

    I always have both L and M file even if they are the same image. No reason other than keeping the standard...

    To make things more difficult (or easy depending on the way you look at it), you can put them into the override folder and use the M_PORT.lua as discussed here, which by the way works perfectly and separates characters by sex, but I prefer to keep the custom images in the 'portraits' folder so they don't get lost.

    If you are still having difficulties, I can attach a pair of portraits that I know work for me and you can try with them just to make sure you are setting the right image bit (24b) size and type, as well as naming convention (which are the two most common errors).


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