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Concept art

zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 203
I am posting this so people can post concept art of things they would like to see made and added to neverwinter nights.
I am still a bit new to it all, but I know how to make a model, uv unwrap it, texture it... With textures made from scratch in substance soon hopefully and get it into the game. So for ALL the artists out there, the good one's and the not so great one's, let's see what you all can come up with.
I am currently working alot of hours at work so it may take some time.
Also this is a place for everyone not just me.

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  • DerpCityDerpCity Member, Moderator Posts: 280
    edited May 2018
    I have plenty of things I could post here, but lets go with something I have easy access to.

    Below is the Lord of the 7th of the 8 spheres of hell, the Grand Oculoid, leader of the Oculoid (no duh) and a petty tyrant who dominates an army of forty five octillion mind controlled demons, with which he overran Heaven and almost dominated the mind of one of the celestial goddesses.
    His body (meaning excluding the horns and hands) has a 40 foot diameter. He's dark green, his claws, horns and eye teeth are orange, and his eye is red. He floats above the ground, and his hands float independently of his body.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 203
    That's really cool, I would like to work on something like that one day. You need know how model, sculpt, texture and animate to really bring this to life.

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