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[v1.64] Emily, a Half-Elf* Archer for BG:EE + SoD and EET



  • TrancingBearTrancingBear Member Posts: 17
    That did the trick! Looking forward to playing these. Thanks!
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    Updated Emily to 1.4 (Along with the others!).

    This includes new crossmod with Sirene (1 Available, 1 commented out until approved), new crossmod with Recorder who will be released momentarily, bug fixes, some spelling error catches, and any other minor tweaks I forgot to note.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    Emily is now updated to 1.41
    Corrected a small error where she didn't have 10% magic cold resistance as intended due to spoiler reasons.
    Expanded a couple of talks.
    Spelling corrections.
    Adds in the originally commented out Sirene Banter to be read.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited December 2019
    Emily is now updated to 1.42
    This update mostly fixes a few bugs around her crafting system, and adds a feature to her arrow crafting/bow upgrading system so she alerts the player when she is done, rather than the player having to talk to her again after the timer expires. Also a minor addition to add Recorder and Helga to her BG:EE character opinion dialogue tree.
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 771
    edited December 2019
    Thank you very much for your efforts, I am really looking forward to giving your characters a full trilogy run through once they have BG2 content, especially Emily and Recorder (I’m a sucker for the goodies).
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    Thank you! It's exciting to start, though also enjoying cleaning up minor things while I play through BG1 and finally get to enjoy my work.

    As such, Emily is now updated to 1.43. This includes:
    * Minor change to her banter with Kale.
    * Minor fix to her comment of seeing Sirene.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited January 2020
    Emily is now updated to 1.5

    This includes:
    -Fix for Nightmare Mode.
    -Full compatibility for EET.
    -Adjustment of Emily's Crafting:
    *Craft of Arrows and Bolts is no longer via initiated dialogue, but via two Innate Abilities: Fletch Arrow and Fletch Bolt. These are gained after talk 5 in SoA, or via asking her about crafting in SoD if she was never in the party before. In BG2 she'll start with the ability from the start.
    ~Fletch Arrow/Bolt: Emily fletches five enchanted arrows/bolt for her personal use. Only she may make use of the ammunition, and she may only fletch them while not in combat.
    As she gains levels, her skill with enchanting and fletching increases, changing the arrows/bolts properties:

    Level 1: +1 Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire Damage (Save vs Spell for None).
    Level 6: +1 Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire Damage (Save vs Spell for None), +1 Thaco
    Level 12: +50% Movement Speed Penalty for one round and +1 Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire Damage (Save vs Spell for No Damage, no penalty), +1 Thaco
    Level 18: +50% Movement Speed Penalty for one round and +1 Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire Damage (Save vs Spell for No Damage, no penalty), +2 Thaco~
    *Upgrading of Bows/Crossbows is still done via Player Interactive Dialogue.

    Note in BG2 she will only be able to upgrade unique named bows with +1 Dexterity that Cespenar and Cromwell cannot craft/upgrade. She can also only ever do it once, just like in BG1/SoD through both SoA and ToB.
    -Adjustment of Talk Five in respect to these changes.
    - She can no longer craft basic ammunition.
    - STrength decreased to 13, Intelligence increased to 14 so all Emilies, Archer, Arcane Archer, or Arcane Archer - Mage, had the same stats.

    Note when the arrow or bolt upgrades a tier, it won't stack with ammunition of lower levels.

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  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 22
    just run into this error while trying to install Emily v1.5 on EET with project infinity:

    #ERROR: error loading [Emily/Scripts/BG3300.baf]
    #ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "Emily/Scripts/BG3300.baf")

    couldn't find that particular .baf file anywhere in the mod folder.
  • HenaniganHenanigan Member Posts: 38
    It installed fine for me once I moved the cpmvars for the area scripts (i.e. to ~%bg1_eet_symbol%3300.bcs~ ~Emily/Scripts/ar3300.baf~ and so on).
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited January 2020
    Yeah, I set them on the wrong side. I'll upload the fix for each now.

    So now:

    Emily 1.51:
    -Fix for EET installation error.
    -Adjusted SoD romance match requirement to match BG2: Any Gender, Non-Evil, 11 or greater reputation, tall race.
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  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 22
    Wow, that was quick. Now it installs without issues.
    Thank you very much for the support! I'll let you know if I spot any problems.
  • Davidws10Davidws10 Member Posts: 13
    edited January 2020
    Emily played great through BG:EE, but in Siege of Dragonspear, her name became that of an enchanted katana, including it's complete description and history. I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I deleted the Mod. Reinstalled and had the same problem. I downloaded the Mod 3 days ago so I am believing it is the most current version. I don't mean to sound harsh, but for an NPC with a fairly high Charisma score, her portrait doesn't do her justice.

    EDIT: I checked, I installed v.1.51
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  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited January 2020
    Is this happening in an imported save at the beginning of the chapter, when she rejoins in chapter 8, or is this a SoD only playthrough? If you can provide that information, that will make it easier for me to help you. Also what class is she?

    I did some mild guesswork and resolved what could potentially be a bug if it was an Emily of optional class choices, so try re-downloading it and see if it works. If that addresses it, then I'll update the version number to 1.52

    As for the portrait, I will try to address that by investing in an artist like I did with Recorder. I don't typically associate charisma too strongly with appearance, but Emily could use something to fit the appearance as I imagined her anyway, which was a different hair and eye color than provided.

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  • Davidws10Davidws10 Member Posts: 13
    @Skitia this issue began in the opening scene of SoD, following a perfectly clean play-through in BG:EE.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited February 2020
    Can you see if the new files correct it?

    If not, does a quick save/quick load after starting SoD possibly fix? I know the transition is imperfect for any mod NPC sometimes.

    If both fail, I will just put in a tiny bit of code to rename her Emily manually. When I tested it via import, I didn't get your result and it was working fine, but I haven't tried it via finishing BG1 and then the auto-transition.
  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 22
    Hi, just letting you know that my install was using a wrong stringref for emily's name:


    I'm using EET with Emily v.1.51.

    I was able to fix it by editing X3mily.cre in NI.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited February 2020

    That's what I fixed yesterday (It would only happen for the AA options). it /might/ also be David's issue, but I'm not 100% sure as I have yet to replicate it. I


    Let me know if the new upload or suggestions fixes your issue, else I will create a patch in her creature script to update her name since I can't get my game to replicate it.


    1.52: Fixes string name issue.
  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 22
    Cool. Just out of curiosity, what are AA options?

    Also, speaking fo portraits, how about this one?

    Or maybe this one, after adding a background?

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited February 2020
    gwaihir wrote: »
    Cool. Just out of curiosity, what are AA options?

    Arcane Archer Class Choices (Her Default is Ranger->Archer in case you don't have the Artisan Kitpack installed)

    The first portrait would work okay as an alternate (Maybe a bit on the youngside). The second one is good in the age criteria but Emily doesn't have scars when she's met.

    I did go ahead and reach out to an artist though, so I'll probably have a new official portrait in about six weeks.
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  • gwaihirgwaihir Member Posts: 22
    Great, thanks for the info.
  • Davidws10Davidws10 Member Posts: 13
    @Skitia I will check out everything later. I'm tied up with other stuff at the moment (I'm writing up a complete campaign idea set in the heartlands of Faerun shortly after the Baldur's Gate saga takes place. Although I'm almost 57 years old, I love D&D and love writing. I'm not sure, but if I can round up some players in my area, I will give my campaign a thorough play-thru and see what works and what doesn't.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited March 2020
    Emily is now at 1.53. This includes:

    -New Portrait: h2kwwt0cs0at.jpg
    * Her old portrait exists in the mod's portrait folder as OldM and OldL for any who want to switch back. Just rename it to EmilyM and EmilyL accordingly and drop into override.

    - Updated Creature Model:
    * Emily now has honey blonde hair and looks more Aasimar like, and other details you will notice on any save that Emily was not yet spawned in.

    -Added new Starting Equipment:
    * Emily's Winged Necklace: Remove Paralysis Once Per Day.
    * Emily's Silver Circlet: +5% Critical Chance with a Ranged Weapon, does not protect against critical hits.
    * Emily will part with neither item. Did I say I hate helmets? I love circlets because they don't hide the face but still add the detail of the circlet to the model. The 5% crit chance is small enough not to be broken but enhance Emily's chance of a great hit. On the other hand, she can also take a great hit, so this really stresses keeping her out of melee range, her 14 con is not adding any bonus hitpoints to her pool for her to endure damage. Her Remove Paraylsis Necklace can help a party get out of a sticky situation, if she's also not in that situation. Unfortunately in situations where that's not needed, the necklace offers nothing else.

    - Slight redo of Dialogue 4 and completely new talk five for BG:EE.

    -Removed Arrow Crafting.
    * It's really hard to balance crafting in general when it deals with non-one time usage of things. The other element is you don't want one character to do -too- many things and overshadow the other NPCs with sheer ability. This will also make not running out of arrows matter again. Also removed with it is bow enhancing. Saves prior to this will still have their bolts/arrows/any enhanced bows still in their game. Emily is already strong in the ranged compartment, and with her starting items something else had to give, and crafting was it.

    - Removed Fletching Conversations.
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 172
    Emily has a number of convo triggers that seem to fire at the wrong place. (So you met your mother came up very early in game. A banter with Ajantis was made with Imoen instead. A few other oddities I can quite remember.)

    However, more troublesome, her necklace came off when she died, and got stuck in my iventory
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited March 2020
    I just fixed the first two examples you mentioned, @rashkae, if you remember any others I'll take care of those too.

    The necklace one I can't replicate though, not through any type of murder I've tried, as weird as it is to say that!

    I'm going to reupload the item as I increase the version number and see if it's just a matter of weird thing I did on the current GitHub version. If it happens again let me know the circumstances of the death.
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  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 172
    edited March 2020
    Skitia wrote: »
    I did on the current GitHub version. If it happens again let me know the circumstances of the death.

    Backstabbed by ninjas. (I haven't redownloaded/restarted yet, but how often do you get to say that?

    Edit: Misplaced Strings:

    When Emily asks if she's told you about her necklace, 2nd response is "Is it buying out all of the stores?"
    In the next line:
    "Are you sure you thought this through, we don't have the supplies."
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  • DieuwtjinDieuwtjin Member Posts: 2
    First off, great NPC mod! IMO, Emily has a charming and slightly quirky personality along with an interesting background situation. She seems to have plenty of interjections with situations and other chraracters. Combined, it makes her feel fresh and real. As a bonus, she is a really competent archer without being overly dominating. I guess she has everything I would want from an NPC mod.

    If I may, I would like to ask a few questions. I was having a lot of dialogue with Emily in what I assumed was her romance track, but it seemingly stopped suddenly (as in, it used to trigger around every 45 minuted but there hasnt been one in like 9 hours). I think I was kind and understanding in the options I could find. I opened shadowkeeper and it says Emilytalk is at 11 with an emilytimer of 485000-ish (the last conversation I remember was about if skill can compensate for equipment, i think). I cannot find a variable that stands out denoting if the romance is still active or that I somehow messed up. Is it finished? Or did I simply run out of dialogues for this part of the game? I was going at it completionist style and went WAY off the beaten path, still in chapter 2 before the nashkel mines.

    One other thing I could think off is that the Dynaheir romance started some time during this pause. Does this starting deactivate Emily's talks from contiuing? There's hasn't been some sort of romance conflict dialogue.

    What happens to the emily romance, if it is active, if emily is temporarily removed from the party? Does it end immediately? Would it continue when reaching SoD or SoA? I am trying to make some room in the party to do a few other NPC's quests and I wonder if it would be safe to temporarily drop her for one, currently leabing against it.

    Finally, two bugs I encountered? If you talk to emily during I think the fourth or fifth talk and ask for her solution to an ammunition problem, the game crashes. Secondly, in the Minsc banther, it starts with 'boo really likes you', then emily continues as if talking to montaron (that she despises him). It was kind of funny but i'm assuming this isn't intended :)

    This might be related to using the EET tool to install all the mods, so im not sure if this is an issue with the mod itself or a conflict somewhere.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited March 2020
    I'm glad you like her. Emily and Vienxay have my favorite personalities.

    Emily's talks drop off until chapter 5. So for a completion style playthrough (I'm a completion style player too, so glad not to be alone!), you'll notice a pause until you get to Baldur's Gate in chapter 5. Whenever I finish developing of her BG2 content I may go back and add one more talk in to fill in that time-frame, or slightly elongate the earlier timers. But I wouldn't worry about a Dynaheir or any other BG1 conflict affecting anything.

    I know the latest version of Emily, since it doesn't have crafting arrows anymore, changes talks 4 slightly and talk 5 completely, so the solution may already be in the latest version. (Which might have also fixed some banter issues as well). If it still crashes, the dialogue option that crashes it would be good to know.

    There isn't a real romance in BG1:EE beyond some flirting here and there, you can be a jerk if you want and not break anything if you want to try to romance her in SoD. None of my romances will break if you drop them in any of the Baldur's Gate games.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,296
    Little nitpicking, but I think you should correct cropping a bit so it was more like with the original NPCs in the game + all versions of the portrait should be the same. Right now the cropping for big and medium portrait are different and that's not the rule in BG games (while it is for IWD EE).

    Actually, the cropping should be more or less like this (plus it's a tiny bit darker):

    Also, in the current zip the smallest version of the portrait is still the previous version of the image, not the new art. Thought you may want to know.

    Happy to see how you grow as a modder! Cheers! :)
  • DieuwtjinDieuwtjin Member Posts: 2
    @skitia thanks for the response! That's good to know.

    Oh yeah, speaking of the portrait, i really like it. I assume it was a custom commission? However, is is just me or is her left eye (right on the picture) a little skewed too far down? It seems to break the composition/symmetry. Only mentioning this as feedback, as it's probably the kind of thing that could be easily fixed with photoshop.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 910
    edited March 2020
    @LavaDelVortel I remember making the cropping like I did because I wanted the portrait to look nice in the medium setting, but the player to see the full art when they opened the character info screen, so went with Appearance over Law. I did similar for Recorder when I did her cropping. (So I guess like Icewind Dale style.) I don't have a problem keeping it to one crop though and can look at adjusting it for both of them if its desired by players; your cropping is a good middle ground that could work for both.

    @Dieuwtjin It is a custom comission, made by Nicole Cadet. You can see her full gallery here (Emily's not been added to it, but Recorder's portrait can be seen in it.)

    Assymetrical eyes are actually normal in humans. Ironically that would be better for Aasimar to be all symmetrical, though I think it is set that way for perspective and other artiness reasons I forgot about in my high school art classes.

    I don't have the skill to photoshop anyway, only cropping.
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