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[v1.60] Vienxay, a Elven Shadowmage NPC for BG:EE + SoD and EET



  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    Feel free to share what the problem is here, I may be able to help irregardless of what the mod is.

  • StratosjStratosj Member Posts: 30
    edited January 7
    Thank you.

    I had a problem with text invalid strings which I solved. (It had to do with selecting default language as Korean in DLC Merger. When I changed game to Korean the strings were fine).

    Vienxay still has level 13 in both her classes though, even though her XP is around 500 (I'm taking her at level 1)
    Another issue is her spellbook. There is only one spell memorized and if I remove it, she does not have any slots to memorize spells.

    I tried to install another mod (Sirene) from different creator and the NPC level was also overblown. I believe it has to do with with SOD content merging?

    My installation progress:

    I had a clean install of BG:EE (Steam), then I merged the SOD DLC, and then installed Vienxay mod.

    Here's my WeiduLOG:
    // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods
    // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod
    // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version]
    ~DLCMERGER/SETUP-DLCMERGER.TP2~ #0 #1 // Merge DLC into game -> "Siege of Dragonspear" DLC: 1.2
    ~VIENXAY/VIENXAY.TP2~ #0 #0 // Vienxay NPC for BG1EE: 1.5
    ~SIRENE/SETUP-SIRENE.TP2~ #0 #0 // Sirene NPC for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition: v2.5

    Pretty sure I'm doing something wrong, but not sure which. I also tried to merge all DLCs after installing the mods (all of your NPCs), but that resulted in BG.exe crashing upon launch. I tried re-installing with the same result.

    Perhaps the other issues could be also related to the Korean language I used as default for DLC merger?
    Or, more likely, I'm doing this all wrong? :blush:

  • HenaniganHenanigan Member Posts: 29
    edited January 7
    Just a guess here, but since some of Vienxay's tra files are ANSI encoded, the mod may need to use HANDLE_CHARSETS (or UTF-8 throughout if EE only)?

    Post edited by Henanigan on
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    Let me look into it, I have two installations of Baldur's Gate so will toy with installation #2. But I'm pretty sure Vienxay's .tra's are actually UTF-8 encoded, or so notepad++ says, but I have DLC merge too so can take time to figuring it out as well.

  • StratosjStratosj Member Posts: 30
    edited January 8
    I tried uninstalling the game, wiping the game directory and re-installing the game.

    I continued the same way as I described in my last post above, except for choosing English in DLC Merger, so that hopefully any issues with Korean language wouldn't be present.

    The text strings are now fine by default in English language. :smiley:

    When I used an existing character (lvl 1 from a previous save) and went to Friendly Arm's Inn, Vienxay was still level 13 mage + level 13 thief (98 hp), and spellbook problem persisted. Her special ability was working fine (and looks fun) ^^.

    When I created a completely new character and went to get her, Vienxay was now level 1 and 1. :smiley:

    Unfortunately, spellbook problem is still there (unless she's supposed to start with 0 spells?):


    I should add that while I did try to wipe the game completely (delete entire steam directory), I previously tried to install SCS which didn't go well, and some other mods before. I have a spare "clean" laptop so I will try to install it there too (probably on friday), to see if it has something to do with my previous BG installs). Please don't waste too much of your precious time on it yet :wink:

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 8
    I've uploaded the fix for the zero spells, that was my fault. Old Vienxay incorrectly got an extra spell slot. I didn't realize I didn't need to account for it when I adjusted her multi-class.

    You can get a fresh Vienxay with the correct spell slot by:

    Using Console to type C:SetGlobal("X3VienInn","GLOBAL",0). Make sure the old one is out of the party, then you can initiate the level script by using C:SetGlobal("X3VienExperienceSet","GLOBAL",0).

    Or with a game that has never visited the Friendly Arm Inn after installing the updated download.

    Or Use EEKEEPER on your save and remove the effect that is adjusting her spell slots.

    I also took the time to actually update the area install part of the download to work correctly with EET. Should be no further need to install this before EET or run a patch or anything of the like.

    Sorry for the spell part of the error, but I'm glad you found it so I could diagnose it quickly.

  • StratosjStratosj Member Posts: 30
    That's great news, thanks for the quick fix :o:p

  • HenaniganHenanigan Member Posts: 29
    Skitia wrote: »
    I'm pretty sure Vienxay's .tra's are actually UTF-8 encoded, or so notepad++ says
    Ah, must be my editor acting up then. fz3abgzdt3o4.jpg Sorry about the false alarm :smile:

  • StratosjStratosj Member Posts: 30
    edited January 9
    Hi again, I finally had the opportunity to test again. The spellbook problem is now solved, kudos for that.

    However, I discovered that the bug I had with extra levels/hps is linked to difficulty setting.
    When I start a game with Legacy of Bhall, her starting levels are always 13/13 and 98 hp.
    When I start the game on other difficulties (I tested core and insane), levels are normal 1/1 and 6 hp.

    Could you maybe look into this, if it is an easy fix? I actually wanted to play on LoB :smile:

    Post edited by Stratosj on
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 9
    I will have it fixed in 12 hours, once I am home. I'm guessing Sirene has the same issue? If you let them know they'll probably perform the same update that is needed.

  • StratosjStratosj Member Posts: 30
    Skitia wrote: »
    I will have it fixed in 12 hours, once I am home. I'm guessing Sirene has the same issue? If you let them know they'll probably perform the same update that is needed.

    Thank you very much in advance. I will double check to confirm and report it there. Cheers

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 10
    Vienxay is now at 1.52:

    This will have the Legacy of Bhaal Mode fix, she won't jump to level 13 when she joins your party.

    P.S: Wow, Legacy of Bhaal is a *hard* difficulty. Bless whoever has the heart and courage to do it, even using it for five minutes of testing to see if the change worked was a struggle to survive one battle.

    Post edited by Skitia on
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 11
    Minor update for Vienxay, who is now at 1.53:

    -Changed the unique Shadowbolt spell Vienxay learns in SoD:
    *Casting Time increased to 3 from 2.
    *Saving Throw Removed.
    *Starts with the ability to fire three bolts, and gains one more bolt at level 8 and every level after up to 15, capping at eleven bolts. This will follow her highest class level, which will be her thief level gains.
    *Changed Sound for the spell.
    *Changed Spell Icon so it is more differentiated from magic missile.

    -Moved spell to her innate abilities and out of her spell book.
    *In BG2 and SoD she will have two castings of the spell per day.

    -Adjusted join dialogue slightly in SoD
    -Fixed bug where Vienxay would not be installed if Recorder was but Helga wasn't.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    Vienxay 1.54 minor update:
    -Vienxay now ignores reputation, she won't leave if you reach 20 reputation. While she's evil (Or at least starts that way), she's just not the sort to abandon over a heroic reputation, even if she finds being selfless a weakness.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 425

    According to the below EET compatibility list, some of your mods (Emily, Vienxay, Kale) say they must be patched by the Big World Setup program to work. How true is that nowadays?

    If this is no longer true, contact the list maintainer and have that part removed from the list.


  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    It's not true anymore post me updating area scripts, and in the second thread you linked, I've already mentioned as such. Thus it's really on the list maintainer's end to update it.

    If it doesn't work without being patched, then I would need to be notified. I assume it does though, as I haven't received any complaints otherwise (yet!)

  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,357
    A quick question about Kale. Sorry if the answer is already obvious but I'm a bear of little brain atm. If I choose Warden class, does he have restrictions on the armour he can wear?

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 26
    Warden doesn't have armor restrictions. This is mainly to balance the fact that while the spell Ward is not in use, they are basically inferior fighters with a little more hitpoints.

  • GnollGnoll Member Posts: 24
    Hi Skitia! Big fan of all your mods and planning a couple playthroughs with the characters.

    For alignment changes for Kale and Vienxay, does that only happen like for Viconia if they are romancing the player character? Or can it also happen without a romance, just by being friends or companions? Thanks!

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited January 31
    Vienxay's alignment change for BG1 doesn't require a romance. It just requires her quest to be complete and 18 reputation. Kale remains CN in BG1.

    In BG2 Vienxay's alignment change is dependent on a quest fork decision. Kale's also is dependent on a quest fork, so the style is more like Anomen rather than Viconia.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    Vienxay is now at 1.54:

    Mostly includes:
    -Some Spelling corrections/dialogue changes.
    -A combat check added to stop one of her dialogues from firing in combat.

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    I'm thinking of renaming Vienxay's multi-class from Shadow Mage to Talfirian Mage. It's a little fancier and elven sounding in title but is in essence the same thing and avoids the misreading of "She uses Shadow Weave" (Or so I hope).

    She'll probably also get a minor buff of +1 saves against Illusion, given the thematics with distractions and being unseen.

    I'll also revise her SoD "quest" in the coming weeks. Right now it isn't really a quest to begin with, and originally it was a conversation with a possibility to push her to use the shadow weave. But based on Vienxay's development in BG2:EE so far and her general character, it doesn't work to include a case where she did become a shadow adept. Originally I was going to have her be one by default when she joined in BG2, then include a redemption arc where she would lose access to all arcane magic permanently in a goodparty, but that would leave a very subpar thief in place, as cool as it sounded, and she already can't HIPS, so would be a far inferior psuedo-Shadowdancer.

    Her background however, of toying the line with study of shadow weave magic under her mentor will remain firmly intact.

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 155
    Just a small question : shadow jump at level 5... but she is a thief/mage for her shadowmage class, so it means twice the experience of a normal level 5 mage then ? It seems very distant, you reach that around level 6 for other characters then, which would be around the end of normal bg1 if you avoid tosc and any other quest... ! A little depressing when you are at the beginning of a game... !
    Oh well, I'll try to be patient, but I have this kind of hesitation again when I meet Xan and I wonder if I wouldn't try him this time... but I'd better keep Vienxay for now and see what is inside her quest and keep Xan for yet another playthrough then... !

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited April 20
    @zelurker Shadow Jump is based off of her thief level, not her mage level. She'll get it in half the time you have estimated, around 20,000 total experience versus your projected 40,000. I think that's a decent spot, since the cap is at 140,000 for BG:EE and that's about 1/7 of that.

    Still your feedback is quite invaluable. I think if I had based it off of her mage level I'd probably have moved it to her thief.

    Post edited by Skitia on
  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 155
    actually we are at the 2nd cloakwood zone (waterfall, where there are tons of spiders), we start to hear about her previous master and she still has 1800 xp to her 5th level... she'll probably reach it after the encounter with her master then, and I took the long road, but without installing any huge mod, I have Gavin in the party and one of the quests given by the temple sent us to the basiliks, which are a great source of experience points !
    Posted this by mistake to the emily thread, fixed now... you have so many mods at the same time ! :)

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 155
    Finally got it when fighting the queen of spiders... ! I tried to use it against her master but it didn't work, probably because of her invisibility. Quite a surprising fight for bg1, but manageable, well done.
    by the way you forgot the description to the new ability "shadow jump" when right clicking on it, but you can get the description from the class description anyway... I'll try it against daevorn then, the guy controlling the 2nd mine complex...

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    Hrm, I thought it would never show up so I didn't add it since it wasn't a spellbook spell. I'll add it in for the next update.

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 155
    After testing this famous shadow jump : well it could be useful if she already had a high sneak attack multiplier, as it is she has 1, and is very bad at melee, even with a strength spell she missed her attack against daevorn, so it's quite a disaster I would say ! Maybe there is some way to improve it with a better dagger, but it won't be spectacular anyway...
    Oh well, it was worth testing... !
    For Daevorn I used the good old cheesy technique of stinking cloud, it required 2 scrolls to make him unconscious... I wonder if they have an ai improvement to work around this in scs, but scs is so long to install that I didn't install it this time... anyway I am out of the subject here !

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 592
    edited April 22
    Unfortunate she missed!

    Shadowjump briefly adds 2 to her backstab multiplier, (She should have 2 at level 5 unless I screwed up and forgot to upload a file, I'll check later). So while it is active she should have x4 sneak attack multiplier at level 5. I might give her a brief temp thaco bonus, probably no more than +2, though a bad roll is still a bad roll.

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