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Glam's NPC Pack for BG:EE, BGTutu and BGTrilogy! 4 new NPCs inside!



  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
    edited May 23
    Skitia wrote: »
    From reading it over, Vynd and Sandrah definitely knock boots, there's a fade to black execution right after that proposition.

    I don't want to knock on another modder, it takes a ton of work and there was a lot put in here, but it definitely could use some revising to remove some Mary Sue and classical bad fanfiction (modfiction?) elements.

    In regards to your own mod, I've spent some time reading over the lines and the characterization and personalities are awesome. I love the quips, quirks, and bounce of the lines, and the humor works. I thought Flara would be my least favorite with the red dragon claiming gig, but it pulls off well as an outrageous absurdity that adds humor and avoids the special snowflake trap. It looks like great work, and I hope to definitely play it once I am done with my SoD Modding, it's definitely taught me a thing or two about dialogue writing. Also really nice portraits, wherever they are from, they fit right in.

    Flara absolutely had to be bitter and childish and easily riled. Writing a special character can be fine as long as you take them down a peg every so often; when someone isn't willing to do that, it usually means they're too focused on "special" and not enough on "character."

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Isewein wrote: »
    Wow this is incredibly impressive! Always happy when new NPCs come with their own quests. How well do those lend themselves to being switched in and out of the party? There's just far too many interesting mod NPCs and not enough time, but I'd love to try them in my next playthrough.

    To my knowledge, swapping characters out shouldn't break anything, unless you actually tell them through dialogue to go and handle their own affairs. There is one potentially missable quest, though.
    Make sure you bring Littlun when you go into the Cloakwood.

  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 113
    edited May 25
    Thanks, sounds good then. I appreciate NPCs being coded to proceed in their quests and friendship paths despite alternating in and out of the party. It used to be that mod authors would get offended at the notion of someone not wanting to take their pet all the way through the game, and I could sort of see where they were coming from, but there's just too many interesting NPCs and too little time. :)

    Without wanting to spoil myself too much, dialogue seems to be on par with the excellent Vynd throughout. I want to echo Skitia's sentiment about the Dragon Disciple. I usually dislike these more-special-than-thou characters, but she seems like great fun without turning into a caricature.

    Would you recommend taking them all together for the most content or are they just released as one mod for convenience?

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  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
    There are some extra interactions here and there if you have them in the same party, but it's by no means required to use them all at once. They'll still banter with the main cast, have their full set of talks with the player, and the quests won't be affected.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,455
    @Glam_Vrock you just frustrated my intention of making a solo run.

    I hope you're happy.

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 109
    edited May 30
    Testing this mod : I took Moidre with me for this playthrough, what an interesting and mysterious character, but too bad there seems to be so little content for her, I had hoped to get something more after the nashkel mines since at first she joins for these mines, but nothing... too bad ! I just hope you'll be able to add something more for her later.
    In short for the others since I didn't keep them : Dave looks interesting, but I had to choose between him and Drake. Since Drake has a mod for himself alone there was probably more content for him, so it was Drake.
    For Flara, I met her before the nashkel mines as it's probably intended, but at this point she is extremely weak, sorcerers at low level are really a pain, and she doesn't even have any skill with a ranged weapon, so I decided to try Xan instead (with Tome and blood + more style for mages + might and guile + bg1npc which actually makes him really interesting in fact !).
    For your gnome ranger I was interested, but I didn't go to the gnoll fortress in this game since I had already a mage and Minsc was not in my party, and it was a long detour just to try her, so I tried Emily from another mod instead.
    For the drow, hum I can't trust him in this party.

    Anyway in short they all look very good, I just hope you'll be able to add some more content for them later, and congratulations for the work so far !

  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
    So wait, Moidre didn't talk at all after the Nashkel mines? Something's gone wrong there. What version of the game are you using?

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 109
    No, she talked, just to say that she can stay for more... no real reason except she likes staying, that makes a very strange mercenary !

  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
    That still shouldn't have been the last thing she said.
    Did you take her into the Cloakwood Mines? That area, and how you choose to deal with it, is an important moment for her.

  • zelurkerzelurker Member Posts: 109
    Not yet, sorry for the delay, been testing other mods at the same time, and encountered a few problems, some of them hard to fix, so I'll just start a new playthrough ! But thanks it's good to know there is more to come ! :)

  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
  • RythianRythian Member Posts: 3
    edited July 13
    I'm very impressed with the characters from what I've seen so far, but I hate having to abandon my characters when I move on to the expansion, or the sequel.

    Are there any plans to continue these characters into Siege of Dragonspear eventually? And maybe even Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal after that?

    Thank you!

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 852
    I will go a little further and tell that I would prefer content for SoA and ToB to be prioritized, rather than SoD.

  • Glam_VrockGlam_Vrock Member Posts: 262
    I did leave everyone with a few loose threads to allow for sequel potential, but it'll likely be BGII before anything else. I only played SoD recently, and it'll take time before I know it inside and out the way I do BGII. Also, depending on how everyone's stories go, it might not even make sense for them to be in SoD.

    In any case, BGII Vynd was always going to be a thing; I just wanted to finish this project first. After that, we'll see what happens. Maybe check back in another five years, by which time BG3 will be out and nobody will care about modding these games anymore!

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