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[Mod] Todd the Super Tester Guy, a new shop for BG2/BGT, BGEE/SOD, BG2EE, IWDEE and EET

deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 147
edited September 18 in General Modding
Todd is a dunmer merchant who sells 200+ items from Morrowind and Arcanum. You can install it in a ever started game.
You can find it in differents places depending on the game on which it is installed:

BGEE: on the docks on Baldu'rs Gate

SOD: in the "Three Old Kegs" tavern

BG2(EE): on the Docks

TOB: in the "Zakee's Tavern" in Amkethran

IWDEE: In the Kuldahar tavern

BGT and EET: in all these places except those of IWDEE (and SOD for BGT).

Black Pits I & II: in the merchants square.

Languages : french and english.

Download link for the last version, v9

List of the items:
Amulet of K'an-el
Amulet of N'tala
Dorian Amulet
"Dark Helm"
Medallion of Beauty
Necklace of Queen K'na S'ea
Medallion of Silence
Serpentine Necklace
Arcane Ring
Fated Ring
Ring of Influence
Arcane Helmet
Gloves of Dexterity
Arcane Gauntlets
Enchanted War Boots
Arcane Leather Armor
Red Barbarian Clothes
Dragon Skin Leather
Caladon Crusading Chainmail
Arcane Chainmail
Arcane Platemail
Venom-Shielded Garment
Arcane Traveler's Cloak
Arcane Robes
Arcane Shield
Shield of Strengh
Chill Shield
Arcane Dagger
Shocking Dagger
Witch's Dagger
Blade of Xerxes
Arcane Sword
Sword of Air
Black Stone Blade
Stillwater Blade
Sword of Defense
Filament Sword
Blade of Unholy Fire
Torian Kel's Ancestral Sword
The Bangellian Scourge
Screaming Scimitar
Arcane Great Sword
Sword of Sickness
Blade of the Malevolent Storm
Sword of Baltar
Arcane Mace
Crushing Hammer
Inferno Hammer
Arcane Axe
Axe of Strength
Axe of Lost Time
Axe of Dark electrical
Axe of Creeping Death
Fawn's Bow
Bow of the Chill Reaper
Bow of Damage
Blessed Bow
Ellumyn's Bow
Arcane Bow
Bow of Ecclesiastes
Bow of Terror
Hurtful Long Bow
Arcane Staff
Staff of Restoration
Staff of K'an T'au
Shaman's Staff
Staff of Xoranth
Azram's Star
Morgana's Tears
The Finger of Mannox
Pelojian's Amulet
Cassie's Necklace
Ring of Virility
Ring of Concealment
Trapmaker Spectacles
Tempered Sword
Kryggird's Falchion
Lloyd's Hammer
Almstead's Axe
Aerial Decapitator
Miracle Cure
Brain Builders
Muscle makers
Whysper's Gem
Magic beans
Mysterious Gem
Halfeling mage
Charged Rings
Goggled Helme
Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion
Mysterious Dwarven Gauntlets
Machined Gauntlets
Vendigrothian War Gauntlets
Mechanical Dagger
Envenomed Sword
Balanced Sword
Charged Sword
Iron Clan Hammer
Feather-Weight Axe
Charged Axe
Envenomed Axe
Pyrotechnic Axe
Power Axe
Tesla Rod
Pyrotechnic Bow
Envenomed Bow
Shocking Staff
Bronzed Plate
Dwarven Platemail
Elite Plate
Machined Platemail
Iron Clan Armor
Flow Disruptor
Mental Inhibitor
Knock Out Gas
Flash Grenade
Paralysis Grenade
Stun Grenade
Explosive Grenade
Hallucination Grenade
Mustard Gas Grenade

Staff of Magnus
Staff of Hasedoki
Trebonius' Staff
Silver Staff of War
Mace of Molag Bal
Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer
Fang of Haynekhtnamet
Mehrunes' Razor
Dagger of Symmachus
Black Hands Dagger
Ancient Silver Dagger
Steel Jinkblade of the Aegis
Stalhrim Longsword of Flame
Ice Blade of the Monarch
King's Oath
Nordic Silver Battleaxe
Spear of Bitter Mercy
Blessed Spear
Bow of Shadows
Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
Ebony Mail
Dragonbone cuirass
Lord's Mail
Soscean's Cuirass
Auriel's Shield
Eleidon's Ward
Goblin Buckler
Masque of Clavicus Vile
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
Bloodworm Helm
Fists of Randagulf
Boots of Blinding Speed
Belt of the Armor of God
Belt of the Hortator
Robe of the Lich
Royal Signet Ring
Ring of the Wind
Mentor's Ring
Denstagmer's Ring
Ring of Phynaster
Ring of Khajiit
Warlock's Ring
Sheogorath's Signet Ring
Hircine's Ring
Aesliip's Ring
Shashev's Ring
Barilzar's Mazed Band
Necromancer's Amulet
Amulet of Ashamanu
Amulet of Shadows
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole
Hunter's Amulet of Strength
Hunter's Amulet of Speed
The Skeleton Key
Potion of Heroism
Adamantium Helm of Tohan
The Icecap
Haakon's Lucky Break
Stendarr's Hammer
Daedric Dagger
War Axe of Airan Ammu
Auriel's Bow
Ward of Akavir
Deceit and Treachery
Aryon's Dominator and Helper
Left and Right Hands of Zenitha
Shoes of St. Rilms
Malipu-Ataman's Bel
Robe of the Drake's Pride
Flamemirror Robe
Shockmirror Robe
Frostmirror Robe
Ring of Equity
Caius' Ring
Vampiric Ring
Helseth's Collar
Gaenor's Amulet
Fine Spring Dart
Black Dart
Ebony Arrow of Slaying
PoisonGrip Arrow
Spell Breaker
Her Ebony Scimitar
Silver Staff of Paralysis
Elixir of the Imperfect
Ring of Raven Eye
Veloth's Judgement
Winterwound Dagger
Ring of Surroundings
Silver Sword of Paralysis
Spear of the Hunter

Note: Todd is destined to grow if I find another set full of compatible items to add to his inventory. For that i need:
1. Medieval (no laser, gun, computer technology, etc....)
2. BG2 compatible (no mana regeneration, area of effect increase, critical hit multiplier, etc)
3. A large database of at least 50 doable items.
If you have any ideas, don't hesitate.

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