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The Obsidian Legend, a story module

SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 70
edited January 17 in NWN:EE Modules
"This is a call for brave souls who will be greatly awarded should they be willing to aid in averting the impending doom of the free people of Mistledale."
- High Councilar Heresk Malorn of Ashabenford

In the idyllic town of Ashabenford in rural Mistledale, fear is spreading amongst the townsfolk, fear of the return of an ancient enemy, long thought extinct.
You find yourself embarking on a perilous quest, a journey of understanding why this is happening again and learning how and if this looming doom can be avoided at all.

I'm nearing the final steps of creating this adventure, which is based on a novel I wrote some years ago. I hope to release it on the NeverwinterVault and on Steam workshop.


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