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Reseting an Area

Let me start by saying I can script, but I typically have NO IDEA what I am doing when I do it. With Lots of trial and error a get stuff done ;)

So I have been wanting for a long while to enable the NESS Spawn System to handle Random Encounters. Loudent helped me do one for NWN2, but I have long lost that PW module. Not to mention it was a complex and clunky (though it was also pretty darn cool).

In NWNee using variables on spawn waypoints, I have been successful in getting this to work over server resets. The spawn script selects the Tag of the spawn point from strings on the waypoint its self, and then runs the spawn.

The issue is that the NESS system will "lock in" the creature type chosen on the first spawn and won't release it, so that the server MUST be reset for it to randomize it's choice again.

Is it possible to "reset an area to default" via scripting?

I do understand that this would also reset some things within the system as far as timers and what not. With a delay on the area reset, I think it would work fine though.

any help would be great!


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