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[Solved][TotM] Cannot mount or dismount manually

Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 241
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Attention: This thread contains spoilers.

I'm playing Tyrants of the Moonsea.

After I bought three horses in Thentia, I noticed that I cannot mount manually. The five buttons in the radial menu of Mount Actions are grayed out and their numbers show as 0 (please see the screenshot below).


Nevertheless, we went to the Scarred Lands on foot with our mounts following us. After we entered the Scarred Lands area, we were automatically mounted. But the issue persists and I cannot dismount manually.

I thought maybe that's because my Ride skill is 0, so I tested increasing my Ride skill to 2 by casting Cat's Grace on myself. But the issue still remains.


After letting the game developer diagnosing my savegame, it turned out that my character data is somehow corrupted. The developer has managed to fix my character.
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