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Do you know?

I'm a level 12 paladin and yet i have no been able to upgrade any stats... (i mean Strenght, dextery, etc).Why? There are no points to upgrade after levelling?


  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,477
    Not in the baldurs gate ruleset. You can only increase statistics via items or (rare) quests, but not via level ups.
  • masteralephmasteraleph Member Posts: 252
    That's a 3rd edition and later thing in D&D; Baldurs Gate/BG2 is based on 2nd edition. In BG1 there is one tome for each of Strength, Dex, Con, Int, and Cha that can increase your stats by one, and there are 3 for Wis (though one requires a bit of quest wrangling to acquire). BG2/ToB have an opportunity for each stat in Watchers Keep and also for one more depending on a particular item you can acquire there, and the finale of BG2 leading into ToB also has the potential to give you some bonuses/penalties depending on the paths you take.
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