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How can you make a summon follow you when changing areas?

Just wondering if there's something I can do. I'm planning to create a spell that summons a shadow permanently or until it dies, to mimic a Shadowdancer ability. I could make it castable at will to bypass the issue, but I don't like that solution. I have no knowledge of scripting, if that's necessary. Thanks


  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 245
    edited January 2020
    Not a modding solution (I'd imagine there is a complicated way to script summons to follow through ATs - now there's an idea for a mod), but an old trick that doesn't require any scripting/modding skills is to have the summoned critter attack one of your party members just before sending the party member through the area transition. That'll make the critter follow the party member to the new area. Once you are in the new area, you'll find the critter neutral rather than controlled, and still wanting to attack the party member. Quickly talk to the critter to get their 'attention' briefly; that'll make them stop attacking. Now save the game, then load the save. The critter will be back under your control rather than being neutral.

    This is arguably an exploit as summoned critters are clearly not designed to follow you to new areas by default; but then again it makes more sense from a gameworld POV than critters that for some mysterious reason can't use doors and exits.

    If you're interested in a mod solution, there may be a way to add a similar function via appending scripts for the summon.

    One other possibility to code the permanent shadow more like a familiar than a summoned critter. Familiars will follow the party through transitions; in fact there's an excellent mod that features an NPC companion that functions similarly - - might be worth asking the author for advice.

    StummvonBordwehr[Deleted User]
  • I did not know that trick, thanks very much.

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