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Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum of Restartitis."My 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"runs



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 4,140
    Nice little Watership Down reference there.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    edited December 2017
    @ThacoBell Heh, ya picked up on that. Thanks :) I never thought of using that with rabbit familiars til this run. Funny bit is it took a combination of Lovecraft and Adam's WD to kick in the imagination. ;) A partial Lapine dictionary and all. WD has does have some dark moments in it though, not the standard cute and fluffy bunny stuff for darn sure.
    Probably time for a 'no resurrection' talley of the dead folk so far.
    Ishlilka (Neira again )
    Khalid (ettercap surprise)
    Jaheira (wanted to take on a pack of flinds single handed)
    Tiax ( Sermons put Xzar right off)
    White (attacked one of the brethren after being warned- lost to the ghoul)
    Tenya (killed by the witch that took and used her bowl against her)
    Neera (blew herself up with a fireball wild surge at first meeting)

    HP's are being kind to me on this run. About all rolls have been above average at least.
    I have decided to rely only on undead summons as befits this characters background.
    NO ring of charisma/influence used. I see it's magic weaker than that of the death and the bodily changes that surround this character. Hocked it.
    Spell Revisions broadens the selection of spells. Sticking mainly with necromancy, cold, noxious/acidic like vapor spells, and spells that have a negative effect on mental capabilities (no charms, but confusion,despair, or feeblemind acceptable). No fire based spells as of yet.
    Uses wands of frost, fear, and paralyzation, not fire or summoning wands. Chemical fire bombs acceptable.

    I find that when I restrict things voluntarily, based on character background it forces me to try new spells and tactics, making the game seem a little fresher.

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    5. Zaghoul - Durlag's Tower, Following the Trails, Death is not the end

    Durlag's turned out to be more of a test than anything else. It seemed designed as if it was a game meant to destroy me.

    I met many of the brethren, fellow ghouls that had lost their sanity long ago, down in it's depths. I did happen upon one that I thought there was hope for, Grael. He at least spoke to me when I approached him but his as we talked he to let the taste of flesh get the better of him. Unfortunately I had to put him down like the rest of the brethren.

    By the time I met the demon knight at the bottom of the tower I'd had my fill of killing my fellow ghoul-kind. The demon seemed to think he could weld power over me by some magical mirror. I used it against him, summoning his twin, and mine as well. Death came to them both and it was time to leave the place. Maybe one day I could visit again and try to speak some sense to the ghouls that remained. This idea came after I read a book that I had found there, giving me a little more insight into how I might attempt such a task.

    The demon carried the dagger the dwarf from the Beard was wanting, and not seeing any other use for it I decided to head north and return it for the reward he promised. As soon as I got to Ulgoths Beard I was ambushed by a group that stole the dagger. They did not however steal my life that they attempted to take. For that they all paid for with their deaths. I tracked the group to a basement in one of the buildings where they used the dagger to summon their demon lord Aec'Letec. They learned the error of their ways, as did the demon. I had another of the protective scrolls that I had used to protect myself from the magic of the demon in Durlag's. As the last cultist fell I commanded that his bones arise, shed their flesh and fight the very creature he had summoned. It was then that I learned that my power to do this could pass through the magical barrier I had surrounded myself with.
    Again, the demon fell and I prevailed. My power was growing ever strong, my body becoming even more like the ghouls that I had first met in Candlekeep, and tough as bone itself.


    UNDEAD GRAFT: The pale master touches a target with a ghoulish hand. Target must save vs. death or be held for 5 rounds.
    - 10th level: Undead Graft saving throw at -1.
    - 12th level: Gains Tough as Bone.
    TOUGH AS BONE: The pale master becomes more and more like one of the implacable undead. Immunity to hold, stun and poison.


    Bummer, been trying out DSotSC and ran into a bunch of elves. On a whim I decided to keep exploring the area. They did not like me exploring the area for THAT long and peppered me with so many arrows I was dead before I could react.
    Somebody is gonna pay for that crap. :)
    May Mordiggian and the faithful take my body back into the great fold of Death.
    CHARNAME voice response was fitting for a palemaster.

    "Death is not the end".

    Tougher than all get out to roll characters for the challenge that have many or high minimums.

    What I really need is a program to drop in or change the ability score rolling process that changes the max total of ability scores to 75 but still keeps it random. On high minimum classes the 75's are fewer and easy to pass over.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    Starting a new run, finally. Going back to my humanoids again as I miss the thudding footsteps of my ogres and all round feeling of playing one of the 'bad monsters'. Shoot, humans win that contest hands down, TBH.
    A slight change to the challenge as the max I can have as an ogre is a 73 total (so it gives max in everything easily). Wisdom is normally 12 for other shamans but ogres are allowed to have a 9(their max) in order to be shamans in the Complete Book of Humanoids).
    Ogres also have slower movement rate like kobolds so is an additional challenge. He gets his base ac of 5 and +4 HP at starting lvl only.
    Max ogre stats
    Str 20
    Dex 8
    Con 20
    Int 8
    Wis 9
    Chr 8
    73 total

    Will be running a shaman I have only tried a little in the past and been meaning to give a better test. I like sitting out on the porch in storms watching the lightning and hearing the thunder so it's been calling me. Like the cold, it makes me feel more...alive I guess is the best way to put it, and focuses my attention.
    This time will be the Storm Caller.
    STORM CALLER: Unlike other shamans the Storm Caller focuses his attention on harnessing and mastering the powers of the storm. With their ability to conjure up terrible storms and call down lightning on their opponents these shamans make powerful foes and allies even though they are less versed in the ways of the spirit world than others of their kind.


    – May only wear leather, studded leather, and hide armor.
    – May not equip shields larger than bucklers.
    – May only use the following weapons: dagger, club, spear, axe, quarterstaff, dart, sling, and shortbow.
    – May only become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
    – May only become Proficient (one slot) in any fighting style.
    – May cast druidic spells.
    – Does not automatically learn all spells of a given level as Druids do. Instead, Shamans select new spells to learn at each level, which they can cast daily without memorization.
    – Does not gain immediate access to the following number of Shaman-specific spells: Spirit Ward, Spiritual Clarity, Spirit Fire, Recall Spirit, Spiritual Lock, and Ether Gate.
    – Gains immediate access to the following Shaman-specific spell, which can be cast like any other: Writhing Fog.
    – Gains use of the Detect Illusion skill with 20% points as a base and an 4 points per level, up to a maximum of 100% at level 20.
    – A Storm Caller's 'Shamanic Dance' does not summon spirits but instead calls down lightning strikes from the elemental plane of air on his opponents.

    SHAMANIC DANCE: Storm Callers can summon lightning storms from the elemental plane of air by performing a ritualistic dance. While dancing, the Shaman takes a -4 penalty to Armor Class and cannot move, attack, cast spells, use items and special abilities, or perform any other activity. Each round while the Storm Caller dances, opponents within a 30' radius have a 12% base chance plus 2% for each level of the Shaman to be struck by lightning, up to a maximum of 50% at level 20. The lightning strikes become more powerful as the Shaman gains additional levels:
    Level 1: 2d6 electrical damage
    Level 6: 4d6 electrical damage
    Level 12: 6d6 electrical damage
    Level 18: 8d6 electrical damage
    Level 24: 10d6 electrical damage

    – Gains 'Storm Aura' as a special ability at level 12.

    STORM AURA: Once a Storm Caller has become powerful enough he can conjure up a small storm on the spirit plane which follows him around and occasionally strikes out against the Shaman's opponents on the material plane. While Storm Aura is active opponents within a 30' radius have a 5% chance each round to be struck by lightning and take 10d6 electrical damage.

    – Can not be of lawful alignment.
    – Does not gain bonus spells per day from high Wisdom.
    – May not dual-class or multi-class.
    – Ineligible for any stronghold. (This affects only the Shadows of Amn campaign in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.)
    – Hit Dice: d8

    The kit comes with two unique HLAs (Lightning Master: +10% Elect. Resistance +5%Elect. Dmg, can be picked 5 times. Improved Storm Aura: Hit chance increased to 20%.) which replace Globe of Blades and Aura of Flaming Death. The other HLAs are the vanilla shaman ones.

    This kit does not get Recall Spirit so fits nice with the No Resurrection part of the challenge.
    Spell revisions will boost the weather related spells I will focus on.

  • RangeltoftRangeltoft Member Posts: 67
    Been following this thread will workng my nightshifts, very good stuff!

    Now to my question, where can i find that shaman kit?! Sounds perfect for my next round ( was considering a Storm Drummer from Bardic Wonders, but since im currently running a Dirgesinger from S&S i might need a bard break)

    /Cheers Rangeltoft

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    1. Voltog - Storm Caller. An Ogre in Candlekeep.

    The calm of the storm. For me, however, the calm means the strike of lightning, booming thunder, and the howl of the wind that is the storm. It is when everyone else goes indoors to get away from the most beautiful displays I could ever imagine. Storms gave me my alone time more than anything else. I would climb to the top of Candlekeep's walls and contemplate the mysteries of lightning. Those in Candlekeep seemed to think there was more lightning in the sky whenever they saw me outside during a storm. Perhaps there was.

    Where did it come from? The gods, nature, or something else? I did not fear it, but embraced it. The only things I feared was sickness or becoming weak, well, other than the Destroyer, the god of all ogres.
    Some of the monks were a little more accepting of me as I craved knowledge about the things outside of Candlekeep. As I had never learned to read I listened to their stories intently. I think they enjoyed having an eight foot tall ogre that was wider than the door frames sit and listen to anything they cared to tell me about. They told me about an ogre kingdom that used to exist maybe a thousand years ago in far away Thar. Gorion had told me that my mother was an ogre shaman from the borders of Thar, also known as the Great Gray Land, a rocky, broken moor stretching for hundreds of miles with a harsh climate north of the Moonsea.

    He said they were friends but from all I was told about my kin that would be highly unusual, but then again, an ogre living within the great library fortress of Candlekeep was probably even more unusual. He never offered more information than that and said nothing of my father.
    I suppose it was natural that people looked at me differently. I was 8 feet tall, a little shorter than most ogres of the area as I understood, but the strongest, and tallest by far of my home in the library. My skin, instead of being the dead yellow of most, was a lighter blackish brown, with hair a dark blackish blue, eyes of purple with white pupils, and teeth and nails of obsidian black. Although most ogres have a scent similar to curdled milk, over time I seemed to loose that and have an odor closer to that of the scent of a thunderstorm after a lightning strike (ozone). It crinkled a few noses for certain.

    Yes, I stood apart and at most times, alone, other than a few of the monks and scribes that read me stories. I was usually given chores that included loading and unloading wagons or moving equipment, but my favorite thing was helping the scribes retrieve books or moving library furniture about. It gave me the chance to see all of the pictures and drawings they made, even if I could not read them. One of the scribes, Camryn, had been trying to teach me to read but I just couldn't quite grasp the skill, at least not yet anyway.
    I grew up in Candlekeep knowing I was different because everyone made sure I never forgot that I was different, that I was an ogre, and they were not. These humans are strange creatures. They can act friendly and have a look of fear and hatred at the same time.
    Once, a barbarian shaman visited the keep, taught me her ways, and helped me develop what she said was an usual power. Although I could only barely sense invisible spirits as most shamans do, I seemed to have a highly developed ability to attract lightning from the elemental plane of air, as she called it. If I wanted to it would appear without a storm and even inside. As my power grew I could often be seen outside in the storms, calling to the lightning, making more than normal appear and having it 'dance' for me, as I thought of it. Even when the harshest storms blew in from the sea, with wind that gave most humans in the keep trouble just standing upright in it, I stood firm and unmoving, facing the storms without fear.

    This did not do much for my relations to the others in the keep, especially the guards and priests, even though they still tolerated me. I often heard it whispered that the Gods of Fury must be watching me, Umberlee, Auril, Malar, and most especially, Talos. Although I have heard of them from the stories read to me, and from the pictures I have seen in books, I do not think so.
    There always seemed to be something just behind the lightning, but I could not ever seem to make out what it was (or who it was). I have kept calling lightning and looking but as of yet am still unsure as to what this means.
    This morning I awoke to Gorion telling me we were leaving Candlekeep, but he would not say where. He gave me a little gold to get what I would need for a journey. I started to make my way about the keep when I was attacked twice. Both men seemed to think they would be rewarded for the deed. Nether succeeded, as I bashed them both in the head with the large club I always kept with me. I made it from a tree that was stuck by lightning just outside the keep. Nothing like a nice piece of hickory.

    I met Camryn again in the way up to the library steps to meet Gorion. He gave me some quills, ink, and parchment to practice my letters with in the future. He also gifted me with a special book bag as he knew I liked to collect books. Maybe even one day I could learn to read. Maybe, but there is no time for that now, Candlekeep has become too dangerous. The last thing I got was a few old books that had long been forgotten about on the shelves in the lowest level of the library. The pictures on the outside cover had caught my attention. I doubt they would be missed.
    As we left, Gorion told me to head to the Friendly Arm Inn if we became separated. I guess I trusted him enough, he at least, had always treated me fairly.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943

    Been following this thread will workng my nightshifts, very good stuff!

    Now to my question, where can i find that shaman kit?! Sounds perfect for my next round ( was considering a Storm Drummer from Bardic Wonders, but since im currently running a Dirgesinger from S&S i might need a bard break)

    /Cheers Rangeltoft

    @Rangeltoft Thanks :) Storm Caller is here:
    Hard for me to go the same class twice in a row myself. Dirgesinger is a nice kit, especially with what @Tresset has done with override dropin song radius tweaks. B)

  • RangeltoftRangeltoft Member Posts: 67
    Thanks for the link :)
    Will check it out when I get home from work.

    oh, an song radius tweak? must look into that aswell.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    Good stuff here, and simple over ride fixes. Bard song is one.

    @Artemius_I has another version of the dirgesinger as well, The Nightsinger. Devoted to Shar and her Shadow Weave magic, and has a song similar to the one on S&S. I have not run that bard as it is fairly new but played a Shadow Adept and found the magic to be quite an interesting change from the regular arcane magic.

  • RangeltoftRangeltoft Member Posts: 67
    @Zaghoul cheers for the link :) Aye, that Bard looks interesting, would also be nice to try out some new spells.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,943
    Well that figgers...
    That run didn't last long. Death at 1st lvl from one hit by that punk Greywolf. Shoot. Can't do the same type character again for a bit as it put me right off. That slow movement did me in again as I took off running.

    Back to the drawing board again but I have had something in the back of my mind (or out of mind?) I have been trying to develop over the last week. I think I have it sorted now. B)
    Back to my favorite bard, the gypsy. Ran one before but not in the 75total/no reload/no res. challenge I seem to be addicted to now. None of that 99 plus score crap like before. Spell revisions will help again, as usual. RR is installed 2nd so ifin I ever get there the revised bard HLA will be from that.
    Tougher to get unedited scores for a bard 75er but came across a set I think will fit in. Never run a bard with lower str, int, con, and wis (lore will be zippo for a while) but should be ok.
    Gypsy bard:
    GYPSY: Gypsies are often called "travelling people" or "forest nomads," typically wandering the lands in caravans comprising of brightly painted carts or wagons. These people are well-known for their strange music and dances, typically surviving in their wandering lifestyle by entertaining villagers and folk in the places they roam. Gypsies wander the land, experiencing life as they go. They travel until they find something of interest, where they establish a temporary camp and remain until the urge to see more of the world overpowers their desire to stay. Adventuring gypsies may be on a personal quest to locate some unique place or thing or may simply be out to experience the great wonders that appear along the adventuring path.

    Gypsies are often misunderstood by others, who classify them as thieves, beggars, carnival people, nomads, or any number of other erroneous names. They are also very open and welcoming to those who seek to learn their ways and join them in their wandering, garnering for them a reputation for stealing children in the night and then spiriting them off into the wilderness. It should be noted that not all Gypsies are bards or have bardic abilities; Gypsy bards, known among Gypsy clans as "rawuns," function as the chief storytellers, lore-keepers, fortune tellers, and spiritual advisers of their Gypsy clans.

    - Song charms enemies unless they save vs. spells at +2, with a -1 penalty per 5 levels of the bard
    - Has a +1 bonus to saves vs. spells per 8 levels
    - Can cast Curse once per day. The opposite of a Bless spell, this gives foes a -1 penalty to THAC0 and saves

    - Cannot learn mage spells from the schools of Conjuration, Invocation or Transmutation


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