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Member, BG:EE Beta


  • ajwz, Illydth, Searonix, Macona, Ronnaann and 2 others earned the Third Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    July 2015
  • WithinAmnesia
    Hello beautiful person, I do very much appreciate your content and compilation of hours plugging away on the forum. I am here for a somewhat selfish request for I am lazy and cheap (being honest rather than a 'bush beater'). May you kindly create an other fulfilling guide for the Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition New Items?

    I found that after creating a thread asking if there was an Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition New Items list [I copied the above name], And the community said that they found nothing for the Enhanced Edition. Thus I 'ring you up' for I seen that you did one out of er, 'passion' [yes, yes?] and thought that maybe if I asked you, maybe you would have the inspiration for another one.

    I hope my vulnerability and honesty reaches for I'm tired of typing one thing and feeling another. I thought that maybe if I just 'opened up' that it would find more respect and trust than just hiding behind calculated comments trying to show one thing and hide another. What do you say 'ajwz'?
    November 2014
    • bengoshi
      Check here:
    • WithinAmnesia
      Yes, Thank You very much Bengoshi and Elminster for showing me that new item guide!
    • bengoshi
      You're welcome :)
  • bengoshi
    I've just seen your guides on magical items didn't have a promote. I've fixed that!
    September 2014
    • ajwz
      thanks, they have proved pretty popular so far
  • meagloth
    You don't talk much anymore, do you?
    June 2014
    • ajwz
      I am still around but I lost my amulet of vocalisation
    • meagloth
      Yea, I know. I was going to ask why you disappeared, but then I saw that you had been active not but 10 minutes ago.
    • Quartz
      Never thought I'd see the day I'd pass up ajwz in points. He's gone lurker! Nothing wrong with that, I've slowed down posting as well.
  • Tresset
    Looks like your Hyper chicken broke.
    April 2014
    • ajwz
      Alas, I knew her well.
  • ajwz earned the 500 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 500 Insightfuls. Everyone agrees that you are wise beyond your years! Oghma is certainly proud, and I think the monks at Candlekeep want your autograph.
    November 2013
  • ajwz earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    May 2013
  • ajwz earned the 250 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 250 Insightfuls. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    February 2013
  • ajwz and HeroicSpur earned the 100 Insightfuls badge.
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    November 2012
  • ajwz earned the 1000 Comments badge.
    You’re practically family.
    November 2012
  • ajwz earned the 500 Agrees badge.
    You received 500 Agrees. People really agree with what you've posted - either you're as well liked as Elminster or as intimidating as Sarevok!
    November 2012
  • ajwz earned the 500 Likes badge.
    You received 500 Likes. You must have rolled an 18 on your Charisma!
    November 2012
  • ajwz earned the Hyper Chicken badge.
    Don't laugh at this one.
    October 2012
    • Quartz
  • ajwz earned the Beta Tester badge.
    You have been chosen.
    August 2012
  • Kitteh_On_A_Cloud
    I just wanted to say that your Laharl avatar made me remind the time I watched the anime Makai Senki Disgaea, based off of the game series. Even though I have never played the games, I really liked the anime and the characters Laharl, Etna and Flonne. Especially the art style appealed greatly to me. Too bad there aren't any Disgaea games for the PC, and even if there are, I still would have to buy them online and find an English version... :/
    August 2012
  • ajwz, Ravel, Dreadxsis, kulmer, AdaMangler and 33 others earned the First Comment badge.
    Commenting is the best way to get involved. Jump in the fray!
    July 2012