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Dizavid I am BEYOND pissed. I've been lugging the stupid golden pantaloons around since BG1. I just got silver pantaloons, and aside from Kangaxx, who's next on my itnerary, I'm ready to go to the finale against (...spoilers?......) Irenicus. Guess who has two thumbs, has barely avoided using the F word in this post, and just realized the gd gold pantaloons have vanished somewhere between leaving Athkatla, and returning.


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  • I can confirm STR does effect his combat. Going from a STR of 14 to 16 gave him a damage bonus of +1. The only other stat effected during this was CON, which I'd imagine isn't what made him go from +0 to +1 damage. Minor, but makes a difference i…
  • I just tried this out on my party. It does NOT increase AC (in this case, increase being bad). It did lower AC for people who could still benefit from Barkskins defense. In short, the only use here is free Barkskin....and then you need to be able…
  • Nvm I am a grand idiot. First of all shouldn't have included issue with post here, since off topic. Secondly....I failed to notice Shield of Balduran reduces STR by 1. Been running around killing Gauth for an hour and only just now noticed my red…
  • Ugh...can anyone tell me how to post my own discussion? I'm having a problem in BG2:EE for Android, but can only see other topics and post on them...can't find a way to create my own topic. I searched and can't seem to find any other topic on the …
  • Doing it now as I speak. Info panel says 20% done, play store says 13%. =/
  • I have a bit of a similar issue on Android, with Baldur's Gate:EE. I've now installed game twice, on third attempt now. First time wasn't paying attention to phone, recieved an error it couldn't download. Tried again, and noticed at end of downlo…