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Witcher 2 models

zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
So I have been learning blender and have substance painter as well. And I now have a good idea about just how much time and work go's into making game assets from scratch. how much? A LOT.....and I keep coming back to the reality of how much faster and easier it is to just take old content from a game and put it into this one. I have tested and I know it can be done.

why witcher 2 and not 3? Because witcher 3 uses PBR materials and you need a game engine that supports PBR to render them properly,NWNEE's engine will not.

Why witcher 2? the art style fits better with what nwnee is going for and it fits better with the old content better than realistic textures would. And the witcher 2 was a late gen non pbr game like nwnee, so the bit maps normal's and specular maps will port right over.

What I want to know is if this is something you guys would like to see happen. I know that I do not have the rights to use the content. There is that. but it will all be free, and I do not plan to take any creature or npc models.
Why? because they would not fit in with the old models, and they are a part of the witcher lore and not the forgotten realms and I think that is where they should stay.

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  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 328
    My understanding is that CD Projekt Red are probably willing to permit this, as long as you ask first (see this thread, for example).

    Bear in mind that there is some nervousness in the NWN author community at the moment, so it would be positively helpful to be seen to respect copyright (all other considerations aside).

    You might also like to know that a fair amount of Witcher material has already been converted for NWN.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    edited May 15
    I have reached out and asked permission on the cd projekt red support and mercin momot's email from the link you posted. That topic was from 2013 so I don't know if things have changed or not I will wait and see.
    And for all those that are wondering, I do have a legal 12 month license to substance painter.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    Ok, great news, after a couple of days of clarification, I was sent this email.

    I am sorry that you had to wait.

    You are welcome to use these models for the custom mod as long as our content in your mod will be non-commercial, meaning you can’t charge users to view/use your work nor can you sell or license it to others in exchange for any kind of payment.

    Please, also follow CD PROJEKT RED Video Policy

    Good luck and have fun with your mod!

    Best regards,
    Paweł from Dragon Mountains

    CD PROJEKT RED Video Policy

    We encourage everyone to create videos using content from our games. We think it’s awesome you guys make all those fantastic walkthrough/playthrough/Let’s Play movies, clips showing how to unlock certain achievements and video reviews of our games. We love seeing them all out there and in fact love watching them ourselves, so please feel free to publish and stream them live them on YouTube, Twitch and other video sharing websites. Please remember that the use of our content in your videos has to be non-commercial, meaning you can’t charge users to view your work nor can you sell or license it to others in exchange for any kind of payment.

    You can, however, become a part of the YouTube and Twitch partner program and monetize your videos with content from our games by participating in it or in similar partnership programs used by other video sharing sites.

    Other than that, all we have to say is: create, have fun and be awesome!

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    So it is a go! I will have a working model in game soon. now I have to go beat the witcher 2 from start to finish!

  • voidofopinionvoidofopinion Member, Moderator Posts: 673

    So it is a go! I will have a working model in game soon. now I have to go beat the witcher 2 from start to finish!

    It's a very short game.

    Almost Gears of War short.

    However, it has two distinct paths so the second have can be played twice for very different results.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    edited May 22
    I will have a hak and a module showcase soon guys. I just want to have a few different models to show what the engine can do. So far I am really impressed how good these models look in game. still trying to figure out these pink/purple textures.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    Taking a bit longer than I expected, I went back and added the hit/die animations and particle effects to the models I got in game. I did not know how to do that, so it took me some time. But now I know how to get the models in game, add pwk's, copy hit/die animations, particle effects and sound sets from other models. Tree's and foliage are on hold until I can find someone that can write a working vertex shader to make billboards work or until I can do it myself.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    So I have a pretty clear plan now. I am going to get all the objects in the red and black tent you start at in king foltest camp. And that will be my alpha. After that I will try to get everything in foltest camp for a full 1.0 release of the witcher 2 to nwn EE port. And whole areas at a time for 2.0, 3.0 ext.

  • dafenadafena Member Posts: 56
    Wait, are you going to export zones as... AxB tile groups? That's might be a waste of time if you wanna do something that you can use in something that's not a Witcher module.

    I'd recommend you to stick first to placeables and then going bigger with armor/heads/npcs. Porting areas, as I said, might be a waste of time.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    edited June 6
    At this time, all the models I am porting are going to be placeables. I did not ask for permission to use npc creatures or npc models. Areas would be tough sense witcher 2 does not use a tile system. Weapons, I may work on later.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    So I had to go back and fix the models I already ported. They had custom split vertex data applied, some vertex colors and some stuff that was made to work with the witcher 2's engine that would not work with nwn ee. I did know what any of that was until a couple of days ago. basically it was a bunch of stuff that I had to take out that changes the way the shading works on the models. all the models I am porting now use blenders auto smooth at 30 degree angle, that is blenders default normal setting in the object data tab. and now all the normal and spec maps are rendering right in nwn. They actually look even better now. I can not wait to get it all done, I just have been working 60 hours a week and there is just not a lot of time.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    edited June 15
    maybe some time during your adventures you will want to be able to walk inside of a object instead of using a door or area transition.Not to say that it has never been done, I'm sure it has.

  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 518
    It looks good, hopefully some others can get permissions to port other game assets over too.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    So I was looking at the models, and I knew something was missing, Portraits! So I am went back to learn how to add portraits to placeables and then used blender to render them. So in short, all the placeables in this mod will come with medium, small and tiny portraits just like the OC's placeables.

  • zordren3742zordren3742 Member Posts: 91
    Working on the 25th placeable tonight. It has been slow I know, still working a lot of hours at work. But I am still at it. before I eventually get to my first release, I would like to get some builders to test some of these out. I want these placebles to be as fully useable and feature full as the OC placeables. Kind of going with the "anything worth doing, is worth doing right" approach. things like making sure you can sit in the chair,maybe making it so the candle stand can be turned on and off. But I know I need some scripting to make those things happen.

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