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This world tried to bring me down, but I refuse to die. This world tried to give me angel wings, but I refuse to fly.


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  • This world tried to bring me down, but I refuse to die.
    This world tried to give me angel wings, but I refuse to fly.
    September 13
  • Read boring art history book or draw.
    Read boring art history book or procrastinate.
    Read boring art history book or do laundry.
    September 10
    • Tresset
      Must be really boring if you would rather do laundry...
    • Shandyr
      No, no, no DO the laundry, please. Don't underestimate such housework tasks. If you don't do it and you run out of fresh clothes, man, things can get ugly.
    • Skatan
      If you turn your underwear inside-out then they work for another couple of days, no biggy.
  • You know how you know that you're burnt out? When you just stare at a blank sheet of paper for nearly an hour and see that you've marked and erased the same spot throughout that entire time.
    August 23
    • typo_tilly
      I did that last night when I had my first free hours in a long time. Felt terrible to waste it. In school we had mandatory free writing for 10 minutes where we had to write something down on the page. Is free drawing a thing? Drawing warm-up? *-) It could help. :)
  • When I die I'm going out as the underdog who never lost hope.
    September 5
  • So who should i draw when I get off work;
    Viccy, Dynaheir, Imoen, Jaheira, Shar-Teel Dosan, Safana, Neera, Nalia de'Arnise, Hexxat, Clara, or Aerie?
    August 14
    • Aedan
      My vote is for Shar-Teel!
    • ThacoBell
    • Tresset
      I vote for Clara.
  • ...I love this phone, I just looked at the picture I posted yesterday on my PC...holy *beep* that's huge. I have a 16 inch monitor and its even stretching that xD
    August 12
  • OMG, people spoke to me! Um...um... I don't know what to say, now I'm embarrassed!
    August 10
    • lolien
      Peaple spoke to me too. Also i used to spoke them too. But they threw rocks at me.
    • Rik_Kirtaniya
      Why would you be embarrassed? Aren't you a dragon? ;)
    • Tresset
      Maybe he is a brass dragon. They like to talk. A speechless brass dragon would be considered very odd. That's probably why he is embarrassed.
    • Rik_Kirtaniya
      Oh, don't be embarrassed at all! We are all friendly folks here. :D

      And we will not cast Lower Resistance + Harm + Magic Missile on you, so there is nothing to worry about. ;)
    • mlnevese
      *quickly hides his DragonSlayer Two-Handed Sword in a bag of holding*Yeap we're all friendly here :)
    • ThacoBell
      Aw crap, I'm awkward at actualy conversation too. I guess we can awkwardly stutter at each other.
    • Skatan
      An embarressed brass dragin is a embrassdragon.

    • Skatan
      Gaah, why can't we edit posts in the activity page! Dang spelling-error.
    • Nimran
      Hello again.
    • mashedtaters
      What’s to be worried about? The worst that could happen is that you make a total fool of yourself, and somehow it gets around to all your friends, who think it’s so horrible that they abandon you to the wilds to live on your own among savage animals. No sweat.
    • Nimran
      You can be a druid!
  • So, im currently at six flags, (been here since 11am), went to one of the caricature booths and jokingly ask how much would it cost for me to do some drawings. They actually let me draw for a few seconds, unfortunately my gf isn't as obsessed with drawing and coloring as i am and i couldn't get her to sit still. My point, six flags employees are pretty cool for letting me do it at all. This was about 25-30 seconds.

    August 11
    • ThacoBell
      You, uh, might wanna try posting that again. I don't know what it looks like on your end, but on my screen, its literally too big to see.