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I see life through many shades of greys and blacks. It takes another dog to be able to hear my silent screams.


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  • I see life through many shades of greys and blacks. It takes another dog to be able to hear my silent screams.
    January 24
  • I can reach out with my art and find help as an artist.
    I can even reach out financially and get assistance from family.
    So why is it when I reach out emotionally, I just get the cold touch of emptiness. Is that all my heart really deserve?
    January 22
  • Wrote a note said be back in a minute
    Bought a bullet and got my name engraved in it.
    Don't think anybody going to miss me anyway.
    Time to go a permanent vacation.
    Hearing a bang is my only medication.
    Fighting my condition but lifw saying it ain't ever going to go away.
    January 6
  • Wish I could put the world away for a minutes.
    Pretend I dont live in it.
    Had see love but I lost it.
    She got too close so I fought her.
    Now I'm lost in a world trying to find me a better way.
    January 6
  • This pressure I'm feeling on my shoulders, it only gets worse and I'm only getting older.
    December 2019
  • You and me can look alike, the distinction is the skill difference.
    December 2019
  • I tried to be everything you wanted
    And all you did was laugh at me
    And tell me I'm not what you want
    And you don't think you'll come back to me
    That's so ugly
    To think it'd come from a masterpiece
    I chase you so much that my physique is that of an athlete
    November 2019