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  • Gate70 earned the Sixth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 6 years.
    July 4
  • Jaded10
    Hello, I realize long time has passed, but I am playing BG2EE with Mac and I also run into the same problem of the guys above. Garfunkel is invincible and I unfortunately have no previous separated saves. Plus.. I am using a Mac, so I am not sure if it makes everything more complicated.
    Do you guys think you can help me out here? I've been playing BG2 after several years, and I wouldn't like to play it again from the beginning..
    July 1
  • Elec93
    Hey, I made an attempt using your file to unzip with my baldurs gate but now I'm stuck with the black splash screen to startup my game. The bug I was trying to fix was the Phreya lich one and here's what I did.

    1. Download your file
    2. Zip it with baldurs gate main file with the patch
    3. Delete the original main file since another one popped up into a new folder with "main file" and patch in the same folder.
    4. Open app on android
    5. Stuck with "Starting..." splash screen.

    Could you please help me? Thank you.
    June 5
  • Surgical
    Could you please direct me to a section in the forums that will instruct me to transfer my Icewind dale save file from my steam version to my ipad version. I found the instructions for baldurs gate but i can't get this way to work with icewind dale.
    May 23