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  • Ravandel
    Hey, I was recently checking mods and I tried your HoF mod for IWD. It looks cool but there is a problem. After some time, the game started crashing on load/moving items/changing location, until it was 100% crash always.

    I uninstalled most of the other mods I was using, but still nothing have changed. I tried to load saved games on 100% unmodded version of the game and there was still a crash.

    I tried exporting / import characters to new game and crash was still present on import screen, so I assume there is a problem with something attached to the characters. I checked save file in EEKeeper, and I found out that basically all characters got tons of stacking effect called "Graphic: Disable Permanent Death [295]." It looks like more I play, more the same effects like this one is added to each of the characters.

    I am not sure 100% if this is a problem, but I wanted to ask you since you are great with modding if you can help/check it. https://imgur.com/8Q8pGog
    August 21
    • OlvynChuru
      @Ravendel That's weird. I added a script that applies a Disable Permanent Death effect to each party member who isn't immune to permanent death. But it looks like on your end the script doesn't realize the party members are already immune to permanent death, so it keeps applying the effect over and over again.

      I could make it so the script will only apply the effect to each player character once no matter what. I'll see if I can get Version 3.5 released today or tomorrow.