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  • Mirandel
    Personal question, if I may.
    You said once, you used to play BGT before EET appeared. And I am trying now to install it (don't ask - I have a collection of different installations). Looks, like it worked, however I am a bit lost with file structure. May I ask you for some help here?

    1. BGT did not create any icon on descktop and I am not sure which EXE file to start. There is bg-main.exe in BG2 folder (which sims to start BG2 only) and 2 exe files in BG1 folder - bg.exe and bg2.exe . How do I play BGT and not separate games?
    2. Can not find a folder for custom portraits. There is one in BG2 folder, but portraits from there do not appear in the game during character creation. Where should I place my custom portraits?
    3. EET is very strict about mod - you install first part of it, then mods, then final part of EET. BGT did not do anything like it. Does it mean I can freely add mods on top of configuration after BGT is installed?

    (Old things are no easier to operate than new one)
    October 8
    • PaulaMigrate
      Oh my...that was very long ago. Let's see if I remember.
      1. BGT starts from BGmain.exe in Bg2 You should get something that looks like BG2 screen but has options Baldurs Gate and Throne of Bhaal. Take BG. Take Single Player. You should see New Game and New BG2 Game among the options. With New Game you start character creation in Candlekeep and play all the way through.
      2. The folder you in BG2 is the right one. When you start character creation, after some steps there comes the portrait selection. There is a button below it *Custom*. In the old game it brings up a list with the names, you need to look at the files first to see what the name is and then select the matching pair of large and small. It's a bit cumbersome but it works.
      3. The best source of how to install BGT is the BWP manual.pdf. I think it's on Spellhold for download. http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/534-big-world-english/. There is stuff that goes before BGT and stuff that goes after, but everything is done in the BG2 folder. BG1 is just imported at one time by BGT.
      The early part of BGT install is VERY tricky and install order is essential. You must be very careful here. There is a tool BWP to do it but I can't seriously recommend it, it's not like the BWS and it's a pain to use, at least it was when I tried it last.
    • Mirandel
      A thousand thanks!!!
      Probably, the reason I do not see my portraits is the wrong format or something (will work on it).
      Modding does sound complicated but I will look through that manual, after all I can always re-install everything.

      Thanks again!
    • PaulaMigrate
      EET installation is a walk in the park in sunshine, BGT install is endless dungeon crawl with little hope to see the end of the tunnel - be warned. I found an old install and I could provide the weidu.log if you're interested. It is some years old but progress for BGT is not like in EET, most mods have not changed for years.
      I just can't see how to attach any files in this view here?
    • Mirandel
      Was not even aware you can attach any file here. Do not worry about it - I'll manage (or I do not deserve to play with mods :) )
      BGT is sort of a caprice for me, something to satisfy that need to have everything and remind myself about wonders of EE. I managed basic installation (at least I can run the game).

      Still did not beat that Custom Portraits problem, but I will. Thanks for all help!
    • Tresset
      You can attach files in PM if needed.
    • PaulaMigrate
      Thanks. Goot to know.