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Alright, looks like we're starting our game this Sunday! There'll be four adventurers to start out, and then another one the next week.


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  • Alright, looks like we're starting our game this Sunday! There'll be four adventurers to start out, and then another one the next week.
      At least for certain, I'm playing a Cleric. We've got people new to the game, and I don't want them feeling obligated to play something other than what they want to. I've been in the shoes of the involuntary support character, and they're not fun. Now, it's voluntary.
  • I bought the Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft cookbook, and there's a recipe named for Leeroy Jenkins. I've got to say, if my Warlock from vanilla WoW ( <3 ) had a recipe named after her, it'd have something to do with vicious forum trolling.
    November 9
    October 30

  • This guy is cooler than any Rangers you'll ever make.
    October 29
  • Heya! No promises, yet, but my sister's gonna be running a 5th Edition game soon, and is allowing me to transcribe our sessions.
    October 12
    • JuliusBorisov
      Sounds great!
      Yep. Her friend's been hankering for a taste of D&D for a while, and that panel I have yet to transcribe lit a fire in him that only an adventure around Toril or Nerath can quench.
      Looking solid so far... We're starting the 25th of November, 2017. Sister and her hubby have things they need to do, first.

      It's to take place in the Forgotten Realms.
      -While I suggested Nerath because it's sort of modular and the pantheon is simple (I like The Raven Queen! I hung out with goths in high school!), she said everyone knows FR either through cultural osmosis (HI DRIZZT AND MINSC!) or video games/other media, and it's pretty much the official setting for 5th Edition anyways. So, less mental gymnastics when it comes to adapting things to other settings.

      So far, we've got a Ranger or a Wizard, to be played by the friend of my sister's; we've also got a Cleric, which is to be played by me! Everyone else has yet to commit or come up with something, but we're going to have a "Session 0", which was suggested by the panelists (I ain't forgotten, none! Just busy.). We've got an appreciable amount of newcomers, and my sister's been in games where people have gone, "Hey, roll up a character."...in the middle of a game. To a newcomer. Who wasn't helped. Annnd we've all played with people who are less-than-considerate, so yeah. It's aaaaallllllllll us helping.
  • So, erm, I haven't been on the forums since between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas...but, there was a really interesting panel I attended at GeekGirlCon about making more inclusive gaming spaces for everyone. Like, gamers with disabilities, people who might have post-traumatic stress disorder triggers, people from cultures that are portrayed sort of offensively in media, and stuff like that.

    Would any of you like me to transcribe the advice into a thread? While I'm aware that some people might turn their noses up at the advice or offer "insights" of their own...well, being blunt, these people can go to another thread. This isn't for them.
    October 2
    • Skatan
      Do it! I hope we here can tick of a few of these boxes of what can be done, meaning that we are already fairly inclusive. But knowing even more is always better of course.
      Got it. I'm gonna work on my verbiage, because while I'm well-intentioned, I can come off as sort of hard-nosed and self-righteous nowadays...

      ETA: Sooner than my usual "soon"! Within the week? No. Within a couple of days? Yeah!
      ALSO! This is primarily for tabletop gamers and LARPers, but I guess you can translate them over to other stuff!
  • Hey, kids, SCARY_WIZARD is gonna be at Geek Girl Con this year! Look for someone with a cat on their shoulder, and a book at their hip.

    Why didn't I communicate this earlier? I was busy working.
    September 30