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  • darkmoon500
    I need help with using eekeeper, I can see my saved games as soon as I click on "ok" to load it, eekeeper automatically crashes, I'm using vanilla bg2/ToB, also no matter what I set the directories to I never get an option to set the language C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII-SoA, is that right for the installation directory? I have the same set for user save data, I dunno what else to put for either, I don't have a numbered folder, adding data to the end of the line either doest work or it crashes, adding save to the line doesn't work or crashes, I dunno if I'm doing it backwards or missing something here
    August 30
  • flyingtoph
    I think you made the mod and i am worried the thread may be super inactive... don't know if this is still updated or not. Figured i'd send you this post personally so it may be more likely to be seen.

    It's not really a big deal; i can do things manually; it just disrupts the magic of getting stats in-game

    I used the EEkeeper to edit my savefile on planescape. Now when i level i don't get the option to increase base attributes and when i switch classes my level stays the same (it's supposed to revert to one). I also am not specializing at level 7

    I reproduced the base stat problem by giving a new character 20k experience. I tried to fix it by reinstalling, didn't change anything

    Also; for some reason my class was set to a thief dual classed to a fighter by eekeeper.
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    August 7
    • Troodon80
      I'm looking into it, and, yes, the topic and project are still active (more or less).