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    April 19
  • You know you have played too much BG when your trilogy runs are so pre planned you create items and npcs- just for this one run- to help "flesh out their motivations and personality"

    Gods help me
    April 16
  • Wise_Grimwald
    Re your Ishlilkamod.
    Since you have said that this is your first mod I wondered if I may make some suggestions.
    That is to put a readme file together with all your other files except your main exe file into a single folder called Ishlilkamod. When people are installing a lot of mods, that sort of packaging is important. If you need help in knowing how to do that, subtledoctor is very good at packaging his mods to make them easy to use. I realise that this is only the beta version, but a readme really is needed. It doesn't have to be very long, just enough so that the computer illiterate know what to do to install and uninstall your mod. I hope that you find these suggestions helpful.
    March 26
    • WarChiefZeke
      I agree there (after getting a lot of messages asking for help with basic setup instructions) so in my next non-beta release of the mod i'll have a readme with instructions and tips on what content is included. Hopefully within the week :)
  • I like to mod as I go enjoy the game. If I find an area my NPC would comment on, or a dialogue she would interject in, code it up, maybe re-install to test it, and continue on.
    March 21
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    March 18
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    March 8
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    March 2
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    March 2