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  • Endarire

    What's happening with the Baldur's Gate Emporium mod? Where's the GitHub repo for the latest stable version?

    July 23
    • WithinAmnesia
      I betrayed the modding community by being guilty of working on this and doing nothing to prevent its immature release https://baldursextendedworld.com/Baldurans-Sea-Tower/ . I felt pretty horrid after the hate that exploded upon myself immediately after this event. I walked away from Baldur's Gate as if I betrayed the people whom I most admired and such I am only now trying to understand where or who I am here. I do want to finish the Arms and Armour emporium but I find it more important currently to make an effort to heal what damage I did inflict to the modding community if that is even an option or if I am to be blacklisted from this forum forever. I have fallen from grace and I am seeking answers to why and if I can seek redemption. I hope I can move forward although we will see.
    • ThacoBell
      Hahaha, no. You directly used and modified other modders' work without their permission. So theft, basically.
    • WithinAmnesia
      Yeah you are right, I am definitely not in the right here for in the end I betrayed Jastey and the whole team. This exists https://baldursextendedworld.com/Baldurans-Sea-Tower/ and there is no mention of the original team. I hurt this whole modding community.

      I glued extra work to the original files and everything was published as a full release when it was not even an early alpha of a play test. I cannot fix it either, it is released to the public. I think it was over a decade of work leaked out of the blue and I am to blame for if I did not share all the files for a play test I would not have started the events that made everything leak and hurt the original team. Jastey pointed out I did not make enough effort to contact the team either while I was working on this abomination. I made many wrong actions towards my original intentions. I paved a metaphorical road to hell.

      I wanted to give the files when they were polished back to the team yet one bad judgement after the other on my part and in the end hurt everyone on the team. I fear that in truth I am the villain of the story and you should hate my guts for I leaked so much work. I am not going to write this off as I was stupid for that is too easy an answer. I was evil I think or perhaps I was duped. I would rather take responsibility even if I was not entirely guilty for I could have stopped this. I could have shared only my files. I could have stopped the release yet the damage is done. I did this damage to the community; all of it. For when one does nothing to stop evil, one creates evil.
    • AionZ
      Oh please. I refuse to believe anyone could be completely oblivious to why something they’re doing is wrong and just suddenly have an epiphany over it. You got called out and now are trying to cover your ass with your melodramatic nonsense.