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Finally finished SoD... don't know what to start next. continue into BGII:EE? PST:EE? Witcher Series? PoE? Tyranny? The Banner Saga? Man I am so behind in gaming...


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  • Finally finished SoD... don't know what to start next. continue into BGII:EE? PST:EE? Witcher Series? PoE? Tyranny? The Banner Saga? Man I am so behind in gaming...
    October 17
    • Skatan
      Both PoE and Tyranny are well worth a playthrough. Hard to rate them a part since they are quite alike, yet very different at the same time. I liked them both, but Tyranny was like IWD and PoE was like BG to me. In Tyranny I the story didn't really catch me at all and I ended up just min/maxing my team. It was fun and the magic system in that game is very, very intriguing. In PoE I just played the game without min/maxing and without reading up on builds etc beforehand and that was very enjoyable. In the end my char and team was too weak to take out the hardest enemy in the game, but it didn't matter since it's optional anyways.

      Personally I couldn't play Witcher 3 since it fell into the same category of games that I no longer have the effort to play, the category of "let's just add 50 bandit camps for completionists to kill to make the game feel larger and longer". But everyone else loves it, so it's gotta be me who's just weird apparently.

      Haven't tried Bannersaga but read a lot of good things about it! Have to buy that some day when/if it's on sale.
    • JuliusBorisov
      Will you share your thoughts about SoD, deltago? :)
    • deltago
      already have really. The game suffers from a lack of focus on its scope. The dungeons and quests were well designed and very enjoyable though, and the recruitable NPC writing was superb. The game also suffers from what I call "dead cat loot." Items that plug up your inventory that are useless, but you are afraid to drop or sell because they may be part of an unobtained encounter. The third issue of Wild Surge (www.wildsurge.ca/archive) has an great write up of SoD by semiticgod if you are looking for more. Shameless plug, but I agree with all the point Chris wrote in that piece, which convinced me to take M'Khiin on this play through even though Ithought she wouldn't fit in a party lead by an undead hunter.
  • 611 points more... >:)
    September 28
    • Tresset
      you realize I'm not far behind you, right?
    • deltago
      I'll race you to ten.
    • Tresset
      You are not going to win this race if you are never online. I am only 2 points behind you now.