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  • imp51096454
    Hi, friend, I enjoy your skin mod very much, knowing that you have just obtained some bams from Gwendolyne, I wonder if you can update your skin mod, so that shadows will be applied to some bams which originally lack shadows? Currently I am also contacting Gwendolyne for some new bams that can be used in my own mod, but currently there is a issue that I want to consult you, I see that animations for barbarian will change as long as higher level armor is equipped, how can I realize that, in addition, when different weapon is equipped, there will be no changes in idle animation, altered weapon will be shown only when the character initiate an attack. It will be grateful if you can enlighten me the foregoing, thankyou.
    August 16
    • hanhwisoo
      I received your question well. :)

      In baldur's gate, there are separate character animations and weapon animations. When you equip another weapon, the weapon animation changes.

      But Diablo2's character animation is different from baldur's gate. so I used a Barbarian animation with a weapon.

      In simple words, It is similar to the monster animation in baldur's gate.
      the weapon animation is not available.

      It's a bit complicated. but
      (I see that animations for barbarian will change as long as higher level armor is equipped) i made this :)

      Thank you for using my work!
    • imp51096454
      Sorry for my delayed reply, haha, thankyou for your detailed information.

      According to the current information, perhaps there will be another alternative--extracting other D2 animations with different weapon combination, but keep the armor unchanged, in BG2, once a new weapon is equipped, change the whole creature animation to the newly extracted one, but I think it will take a lot of work, so please don't bother with it.

      Anyway, I am looking forward to your further update of the skin mod! It will be definitely exciting!
    • hanhwisoo
      thank you :)
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    August 2
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    August 2